Making the most of online social networks


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  • Thanks Eric Qualman. That video came to me via my online network. Why’s it so important to be networked in business?
  • The starfish is a networked creature. If it looses a leg, the starfish will continue to function normally. The starfish is a model for sustainable business.
  • In business we must leave an adequate trail of information.
  • To benefit the community as a whole.
  • And enable everyone to learn from each other. So the business can prosper.
  • When information moves at the speed of light, well-functioning networks are increasingly important. Here are 5 golden rules to get the most from your online networks.
  • Don’t just get in touch when you want something, build relationships over time.
  • Use hashtags to follow topics of interest, and join the conversation.
  • Use tags to bookmark articles you read on Delicious etc – others can search your bookmarks
  • Or share the links directly on Twitter – and get retweeted.
  • You can tag your friends in photos on Facebook, but you can also tag your photos on Flickr. And contribute to Flickr’s library of sharable shots. That’s where I got mine.
  • Or share a personal observation. Again, if it resonates with others, you’ll get re-tweeted.
  • Social networks are all about being open, honest and truthful
  • Stephen Fry is one of the most famous people on Twitter – because he’s being himself.
  • I started following Edward Borasky because I liked his bio. The quirkier, the better…
  • This the room at Pepsico where they monitor mentions of Gatorade There’s a host of monitoring tools out there: Radian6, Brandseye, Market Sentinel Alternatively – just set up a free google alert
  • Amidst all that monitoring, don’t forget to post a response: Luis Suarez blog: I found out he was talking about me, so I could add my POV. But also, look how Luis responds to everyone.
  • You can tell the keen social media players by the fact their blogs are littered with comments, and their Twitter updates frequently start with an @
  • Making the most of online social networks

    1. 1. Making the most of online social networks TFPL, Monday 20 June 2011 Jemima Gibbons / @JemimaG
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    8. 8. 1 Map your network
    9. 12. 2 Identify influencers
    10. 16. 3 Share stuff
    11. 22. 4 Find your story
    12. 26. 5 Listen
    13. 31. 1. Map your network 2. Identify influencers 4. Find your story 3. Share stuff 5. Listen
    14. 32. Thank you! Jemima Gibbons @JemimaG