We’re already seeing how the furlough may affect our schools at Defense Information School. DINFOS has a plan toreduce som...
What does this mean to you? The Navy is selecting a new MC Master Chief this year. Advancements this year andnext should b...
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Mc Update April 2013


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Mc Update April 2013

  1. 1. CHIEF OF INFORMATIONSENIOR ENLISTED LEADER1200 NAVY PENTAGONROOM 4B463WASHINGTON, DC 20350-1200All,Greetings to everyone. With so much going on in the Navy and within our community, I wanted to send you all anupdate.The Budget and Sequester Big PictureThis year has been filled with a lot of uncertainty on how the sequester and the military budget are going to effectthe Navy. The Navy released its Fiscal Year 2014 budget plan to Congress earlier this month and the focus was onpeople, platforms, power and partnerships. The budget request doesn’t change the course our Navy’s been on butit does adapt to new budget constraints.I think one of the benefits of being a sea-going service is it’s natural for us to adapt to changing tides or currentswhile still achieving our mission. This is what your Navy leadership is doing now with the current budgetconstraints. Keep reading, All Hands Magazine and the NavyLive Blog for the latest.So what does this all mean to our MC community?We need to keep up on the latest budget news and identify ways we can help Sailors, Navy civilians and theirfamilies understand how any changes could affect them. It is our obligation to inform and explain how budgetdecisions are being made, what Navy leadership priorities are and what those priorities mean for the future.We also need to continue to tell and share the Navy story. We should be finding stories that illustrate, providecontext and support the CNO’s tenants of Warfighting First, Operate Forward and Be Ready. In times wherebudgets get tighter, it’s important to be able to show and explain the Navy’s role and contributions to NationalSecurity. If you haven’t read the CNO’s Sailing Directions, Navigation Plan, or the CNO Blog, I’d encourage each ofyou to take a look and see how your unit is carrying out or supporting the Navy’s mission and CNO’s vision. Storiesthat illustrate those concepts are valuable to us and we’re looking for you to tell them.The Sequester/Budget and ManningI’ve been asked by some Sailors if the budget or sequester will impact the MC community. The budget uncertaintydoesn’t affect our rating end-strength. No one is talking about our community taking any personnel cuts. In fact,no one is talking about the Navy taking personnel cuts; instead, the Navy is asking to grow some 900 Sailors overthe next couple of years.The sequester could result in furloughs, which will affect our DoN and DoD civilians - a vital part of our team.Furloughs mean our civilian counterparts could lose a set number of work days and pay. This is still a moving plan –but it could affect your mission. If furloughs happen, look for ways to support your command and be mindful thatthese furloughs can make things financially tight for our civilian counterparts.
  2. 2. We’re already seeing how the furlough may affect our schools at Defense Information School. DINFOS has a plan toreduce some courses if the furloughs happen. If you’re scheduling ‘C’ Schools or are scheduled to attend a ‘C’School, check with the Detailer, [ / (901) 874-3689], Lt. Cmdr. Steve Thompson at CHINFO[ / (703) 695-1888] or on the DINFOS Course Listings page at October Basic MC Course not being conductedDINFOS will not be conducting the first iteration of the Basic MC Course starting in October. The first Basic MCCourse of FY14 will instead be offered in December. This means we will only have six iterations of the Basic MCCourse vice the normal seven. The October course is not being conducted due to Navy instructor manningshortfalls and the scope of work required to rewrite, retrain and qualify instructors on a new Basic MC Course.The new Basic MC Course has been in the works for more than a year and will eliminate redundancies found in thecurrent course. It will put cameras in students hands earlier and the cameras will remain with the students longer.The new course will also weave the various functional areas throughout the course to help students keep theirskills sharp in all the areas, with added emphasis on maintaining writing proficiency throughout.I’m personally very excited about the changes in our MC course. Our talented DINFOS instructors are writing thelesson plans now, and from discussions I’ve had with them, this is going to make an already strong course evenstronger.New Writing Style to be taught at DINFOS, NPASEIn addition to the MC ‘A’ School changes talked about above, the instructors are revamping the writing portion ofthe course so our MCs will write news the way the rest of the industry writes news. Hard news and press releaseswill be expected to be written using the inverted pyramid style and other news stories will be expected to bewritten using what’s called the Wall Street Journal style or Kabob style of writing. This writing style will help ourMCs organize their stories to provide better context and a format that lends itself to telling more compellingstories.I’ve also asked the Navy Public Affairs Support Element to update their Writing Course to align with what we’ll beteaching at DINFOS. We’re also working closely with CHINFO’s Navy Media Content Services (OI-2) and the DefenseMedia Activity to align our expectations at and All Hands Magazine to this way of telling Navy stories.Manning and AdvancementsThe MC rating is currently slightly overmanned. This means we’re not accepting any conversions into thecommunity right now. Additionally, the detailers are experiencing a shortage of billets for E5 shore duty and E4/E3sea and shore billets. An internal rating review has been ordered and should prompt the opening of more billets inthe coming months. Please be patient as MCC Davis and MCCS Smithyman work through this issue. Ensure yourcareer counselors and senior leadership are communicating with the detailers about Sailors waiting for orders.We created a new MCCM billet at NPASE West. This billet provides an MC Master Chief billet on the West Coastand helps stabilize advancement opportunity in the community. With the creation of the new billet, Master ChiefHoulihan’s selection into the CMC program and a couple of upcoming MCCM retirements, our MC Master Chiefcommunity will become properly manned at 100% this summer vice the 175% manning it’s previously been.
  3. 3. What does this mean to you? The Navy is selecting a new MC Master Chief this year. Advancements this year andnext should be stable – maybe not as high as last year – but stable. In the Navy, we promote to vacancies and Iexpect our MCCS advancement quotas to be good, which means our MCC quotas should be good as well. Goodadvancements at the CPO level mean fairly consistent opportunities at the E4 to E6 level.NPASE Receives New Live TV VanNPASE East now has a live satellite television van. This is an industry-standard, high-definition TV live van and I’mexcited to hear what the MCs in the Norfolk area think of it after they learn how to use it and have a couple ofevents under their belts.The live truck will be able to schedule and conduct live broadcast interviews between Sailors on the waterfrontand their hometowns on live news programs. These types of broadcasts could significantly enhance our outreachto parts of America that don’t have an opportunity to see the Navy.Once live truck training and operational tests are completed, I expect there be an increased importance placed onlive news hits in towns where we had to cancel previously-scheduled Navy Weeks, Fleet Weeks and 50/50 visits.With limitations on travel due to the budget constraints, we still need to offer and provide a way to explain ourNavy to hometown America and the live truck will help us do that.New Detailers SelectedCongratulations to MCCS Tom Jones for his selection to become our new Senior MC Detailer. He’ll be reportingaboard this summer and will initially take over for MCC Denise Davis as the E5 and below MC Detailer. Later thisyear, MCC Jennifer Villalovos will arrive at Millington and will take over as the E5 and below detailer and MCCSJones will become the E6 and above detailer. We’ve been fortunate to have such a great team with SeniorSmithyman and Chief Davis at the helm in our detailing shop and I know Senior Jones and Chief Villalovos willcontinue to provide superior support to our community as they take over duties there.An incredible time to be an MCThis is an incredible time to be in our community. As Navy programs and policies change, it’s our role to inform,educate and help explain it to our shipmates and families. Our role is even more vital now in these complex times.Please feel free to email me at with your thoughts, questions or concerns. Keep up thegreat work.Vr/ Master ChiefMCCM(SW/AW/EXW) Jon McMillanSenior Enlisted Leader, Navy Chief of Information