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CAREER NAVIGATOR 101:In partnership with the MCPON’s office, the Fleet and your feedback, we have developeda new career ma...
• All eligible and command-approved E-6 Sailors will be approved for reenlistment ontheir first request (within approximat...
• Commanding Officers will continue to endorse the Sailors they recommend for reenlistment.	  For those eligible Sailors w...
AC/FTS reenlistment process updates:In response to fleet feedback, we dismantled PTS and created a reenlistment process th...
Career Counselor using Career Waypoints. This career “check-in” will happen 13 months inadvance of the Sailor’s end of enl...
(4) August 2014 or later: submit initial application no later than the last day of the month13 months prior to SEAOS.g. Re...
c. PACT Sailors are encouraged to research and review gapped billets on board theircommand and apply for ratings with gaps...
formatted templates from the CNRFC Reserve Enlisted incentives (N112) website at:
(5) RC2AC/FTS applications due no later than 2359 central time, the last calendar day ofeach month. Application processing...
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Career Navigator 101


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Fleet Master Chief Beldo sent an email to Navy Command Career Counselors and Command Master Chief's explaining the Navy's new Career Navigator program.

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Career Navigator 101

  1. 1. CAREER NAVIGATOR 101:In partnership with the MCPON’s office, the Fleet and your feedback, we have developeda new career management framework called the Career Navigator Program that goes into effecton 3 June. This new program changes how we do business in enlisted career management—putting Sailors at the helm to navigate their careers.A two-part NAVADMIN has been released announcing Career Navigator.Part One: Two: first message explains the Career Navigator Program and outline futureimprovements. Part two provides details on the major changes, upgrades, initiatives andexecution.Both NAVADMINs should be read in their entirety, considered one source document andkept readily available for use by All Hands. This note serves as a prelude to those messages, andhopefully will prepare you for questions you may be asked.The goal of Career Navigator is to help Sailors make informed decisions about theirpersonal and professional career opportunities by placing the power of Navy career managementsystems at their fingertips. This is a major shift from how we’ve done business in the past; itopens new doors and opportunities for our Sailors.Based on Sailor feedback, the entire career management process continuum has beenreviewed and improved in lots of areas. This change affects both Active Component (AC) andReserve Component (RC) Sailors, and increases Sailors opportunities across the entirecontinuum of Active and Reserve Service. Under Career Navigator, all Enlisted AC and RCcareer management policies, processes and information technology (IT) support systems arebeing organized into one overarching program, including all career events such as reenlisting,changing ratings, choosing orders, and transitioning between AC and RC (and back again).We dismantled PTS and created a reenlistment process that is more advantageous forSailors. The new process is simpler, provides responses sooner, and returns reenlistment powerback to the Commanding Officer. Commanding Officer input is key to ensuring the right Sailorsare retained in the Navy. Sailors will continue to indicate their intention to reenlist or separatewith you. Knowing Sailors’ intentions is critical to accurately predicting the number of SailorsNavy will have in each skill set, rate, and pay grade going forward. In addition, we updated theProfessional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) designation process, and added new processesfor Reservists to convert ratings or transition to AC. We are also implementing a new careerfeedback survey in Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS), and adding Sailoronline access in the near future.What is different:
  2. 2. • All eligible and command-approved E-6 Sailors will be approved for reenlistment ontheir first request (within approximately 30 days). In the near future (early Fall 2013),these Sailors will receive real-time confirmation to reenlist.• Additionally, for all E-5 and below Sailors, we have developed categories of skill sets tostreamline processing of reenlistment requests. Sailors in skills that are in the openreenlistment category will be approved on their first applications. Sailors that are in skillsthat are balanced will be screened according to their year group manning, so some will beapproved on their first application and others may have to apply more than once. Sailorsthat are in skills that are in the competitive reenlistment category or that have specialrequirements will all be screened, but will still receive results sooner. This means that allSailors will know the results of their reenlistment requests sooner. Approximately 75% ofSailors requesting reenlistment will receive approval on their first application and allSailors will know at least 10 months from the end of their contract whether they will beable to reenlist in their current rate.• The reenlistment screening process is simplified to be based on rank, performanceevaluations and critical NECs.• Sailors will check-in with their career counselors 13 months before the end of theirenlistment contract - one month earlier than before - to indicate their intentions to reenlistor separate. Sailors can still change their minds after this initial check-in. We encourageSailors to let their career counselors know as soon as possible.• Sailors will have time to convert to another rating if there is no room in their currentrating.• The reenlistment request process has been aligned with orders negotiation through CMS-ID so Sailors will have more time to apply for the orders they want.• In the near future, Sailors will have online access to view their information and conducttheir own career research. This is meant to supplement, not change the role of CareerCounselors or the Leadership Team in advising Sailors.• PACT Designation applications will be partially filled out with corporate data as soon asSailors become eligible to strike.• To provide more opportunities and visibility to our Sailors, RC to AC transition requestsare being automated.• RC rating conversion requests are being automated so Sailors can more easily move fromovermanned to undermanned ratings.• The Career Viewpoint Survey will be available in NSIPS by the end of the summer soSailors can provide direct feedback on their career opportunities.• New Terminology will be introduced over the next three months to be clearer and changethe way we think and talk and manage Sailor’s careers. Fleet RIDE will be called CareerWaypoints. The enlisted career management processes in Career Waypoints include:a. Reenlistment (formerly Perform to Serve (PTS))b. Reclassification (formerly Production Management Office (PMO))c. PACT Designation (formerly Rating Entry for General Apprentice (REGA))d. Conversione. Transition between componentsWhat stayed the same:• Sailors will continue to let you know what their intentions are, either to reenlist or separate.
  3. 3. • Commanding Officers will continue to endorse the Sailors they recommend for reenlistment.  For those eligible Sailors who are E-6s or in open reenlistment skill sets under the newsystem, the Commanding Officers endorsement is the final approval for reenlistment.Commanding Officer input is key to ensuring the right Sailors are retained in the Navy.Improvements  under  Career  Navigator  Old     New  Fleet RIDE Career WaypointsPTS Career Waypoint – ReenlistmentREGA Career Waypoint – PACT DesignationMust be within 12 months of EAOS to reenlist Sailors can reenlist earlySailors screened using five factors:Rank, Evals, Critical NEC, PFA, months toSEAOSSailors screened using three factors:Rank, Evals, Critical NECE6 Sailors compete for reenlistment quotas All E6 Sailors approved for reenlistment- Must be eligible and command- approved- Nuclear trained E-6 Sailors will still be screenedRated E3-E5 Sailors competed for reenlistmentquotasOpen, Balanced, and Competitive Reenlistmentcategories to expedite reenlistment request processingby skill setApplication Timeline: 12 months prior to SEAOS7 looks, 12-6 months from SEAOSApplication Timeline: 13 months prior to SEAOS8 looks , 13 to 6 months from SEAOSReenlistment Quota expired when previouslyexecutedextensions became operative13 month expiration for quotas, even when previouslyexecuted extensions become operativeReenlistment request timeline overlapped withCMS-ID, limiting Sailors choice of ordersApplication process aligned with CMS-ID, maximizingSailors choice of ordersIn-rate and Conversion options offeredsimultaneously, leading to fewer conversionrequestsReceive In-Rate decision earlier, providing sufficienttime to request conversionPACT Designation applications createdindividually by the Command Career CounselorPACT Designation application partially filled out withcorporate data as soon as Sailors become eligibleRC2RC Manual Conversion Process via 1306/7 RC Conversion requests automated in Career Waypoint-Conversion (RC)RC2AC Manual Application Process RC to AC Transition requests automated in CareerWaypoint –Transition (RC to AC)RC2AC Sailors not eligible for SRB RC2AC Sailors eligible for SRBNo Sailor mechanism to provide feedback oncareer opportunitiesCareer Viewpoint Survey – Sailors able to providefeedback on their career opportunitiesNo Sailor access to Fleet RIDE system,completely reliant on Command Career CounselorSailor Portal into Career Waypoints by end of 2013 toresearch career opportunities and view applicationstatus    
  4. 4. AC/FTS reenlistment process updates:In response to fleet feedback, we dismantled PTS and created a reenlistment process that is moreadvantageous for Sailors. This revised process is effective 3 June 2013.a. The reenlistment screening process is now simplified to be based on rank, performanceevaluations and critical NECs. In FY14, we plan to completely redesign the reenlistmentscreening process using weighted performance factors. Future Sailor Portal enhancements willprovide expanded ability for Sailors to obtain and review their competitiveness for reenlistmentunder the new screening process when researching career opportunities. Nuclear-trainedpersonnel will continue to have the ability to request a reenlistment quota once eligible in areenlistment zone.b. Reenlistment for E6 Sailors. All eligible and command-approved E-6 Sailors will beapproved for reenlistment on their first request. While there is still a need to inform the Navy ofSailor’s intentions to reenlist or separate via the Career Counselor, E-6 Sailors who desire toreenlist and have command approval to do so will be given reenlistment approval on their firstapplication. In the near future, as our IT system is updated, E-6 Sailors and their commands willreceive confirmation immediately upon application submission, resulting in no wait period.Under the updated system, Nuclear-trained personnel will receive confirmation within 15 days oftheir request.c. E-5 and below reenlistment request processing. Categories of skill sets have been created toexpedite reenlistment request processing for Sailors E-5 and below. All eligible and commandapproved E-5 and below Sailors will receive answers about reenlistment requests earlier usingthese categories:(1) Open Reenlistment: Sailors in undermanned skill sets. All eligible and commandapproved non-Nuclear E-5 and below Sailors in open skill sets will receive approval to reenliston their first application (within approximately 30 days). In a near-term Career Waypointssystem update expected by the end of FY13, these Sailors will receive confirmation immediatelyupon submittal, resulting in no wait period.(2) Balanced Reenlistment: Sailors in skill sets that are fully-manned. Reenlistment requestprocessing for all eligible and command-approved Sailors who are in skill sets that are fully-manned will be based on the manning in their year group. Sailors in undermanned year groupswill receive approval on their first application and all Sailors will know at least 10 months fromthe end of their contract if they will be able to reenlist in their current rate.(3) Competitive Reenlistment: Sailors in skill sets that are overmanned or have specialrequirements. Reenlistment request processing for all eligible and command-approved Sailorswho are in skill sets that are overmanned or that have special requirements such as the Nuclearcommunity will follow the timeline described below for final reenlistment approval prior toSEAOS. All Sailors in this category will know at least 10 months from the end of their contractwhether they will be able to reenlist in their current rate.d. Reenlistment requests. Projected rotation date (PRD)-based reenlistment requests changesremain in effect. For Soft Expiration of Active Obligated Service (SEAOS)-based reenlistmentrequests, all Sailors will continue to indicate their intentions to reenlist or separate with their
  5. 5. Career Counselor using Career Waypoints. This career “check-in” will happen 13 months inadvance of the Sailor’s end of enlistment contract, one month earlier than previously authorized.Sailors can still change their minds, and if they do, are encouraged to let their Career Counselorsknow as soon as possible. Understanding Sailors intentions to reenlist or separate is critical forNavy to accurately predict how many Sailors are in each skill set, rating and paygrade andensures Sailors have the maximum opportunity to reenlist in rate, offers opportunities for Sailorsto convert to a new rating, or transition between the Active and Reserve Components, andimproves advancement opportunity. Although Sailor reenlistment approval will still be based onmanning levels and Sailor performance, the application timeline has been significantly changedto make two critical improvements:(1) in-rate reenlistment approval in time to review CMS-ID opportunities, and(2) increased opportunity to apply for conversion to another Rating so that more Sailors areretained in the Navy.e. Reenlistment request timeline change. Reenlistment requests for SEAOS-basedapplications will begin at 13 months prior to SEAOS vice 12 months. Sailors will now receiveup to 8 looks to remain on active duty (13 to 6 months from their SEAOS).(1) Months 13/12/11/10: During this period, Sailors submit reenlistment applications foractive duty In-Rate, active duty conversion, or transition to Selected Reserves (SELRES), orindicate their intention to separate. Limiting in-rate applications to the first four looks ensuresSailors receiving in-rate approvals can utilize the full CMS-ID order negotiating window duringmonths 9 to 6. Nuclear-trained personnel are only authorized to submit applications to reenlistin-rate 13 to 10 months from SEAOS per ref M.(2) Months 9/8/7/6: During this period Sailors submit applications for rating conversion ortransition to SELRES. At this stage, active duty in-rate applications are not authorized. Nuclear-trained personnel are only authorized to submit applications for SELRES quotas 9 to 6 monthsfrom SEAOS.(3) Months 5/4/3: During this period Sailors may submit applications for transition toSelected Reserves (SELRES). At this point, Active Duty in-rate or conversion applications notauthorized.f. New timeline implementation. Career Waypoint-Reenlistment applications for both In-Rateand Conversion are based on the Sailor’s SEAOS month. Note: in June 2013, applications aredue for Sailors with both June and July 2014 SEAOS dates. New application timelines are asfollows:(1) SEAOS of November 2013 or earlier: no impact-member has already received finalreenlistment determination.(2) SEAOS of December 2013 through June 2014: no change–member is already in theapplication window and will continue the legacy process.(3) July 2014 SEAOS: submit initial application no later than 30 June 2013 due toapplication window starting 13 months prior to SEAOS.
  6. 6. (4) August 2014 or later: submit initial application no later than the last day of the month13 months prior to SEAOS.g. Reenlistment quota expiration update. When previously executed extensions becomeoperative, approved reenlistment quotas will not be rescinded and will continue to be valid untilthe 13 month expiration date. Working with their Command Career Counselor, Sailors in thissituation are encouraged to contact their Enlisted Community Manager (ECM) to reset theirquota manually until 1 August 2013 when this IT system update will go into effect.h. Early reenlistment. For AC/FT and SELRES, PERS-811 approval is no longer required forreenlistment greater than one year from SEAOS. This change applies to all Sailors regardless ofwhether or not the member is subject to Career Waypoint-Reenlistment approval. Sailors areencouraged to reenlist as soon as possible provided they meet all other conditions forreenlistment eligibility contained in Ref C. The term of the new enlistment contract must equalor exceed the period of service for which the Sailor is already obligated. Sailors reenlistingunder Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) or Enlisted Supervisor Retention Pay (ESRP)contracts or for Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB) under the Post 9/11 GI Bill must adhere toadditional obligated service requirements. In addition, for TEB, Sailors are reminded earlyreenlistment could interfere with transfer of those benefits. Review NAVADMIN 203/09 andconsult with your Career Counselor to discuss eligibility requirements.i. ISP eligibility. A Sailor must have applied and been subsequently disapproved for allavailable Active Duty application cycles in order to be eligible for Involuntary Separation Pay(ISP) consideration. Denial of reenlistment alone does not guarantee ISP eligibility.j. Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT). Sailors desiring to expand their conversionchoices are encouraged to take the in-service AFCT. The most recent AFCT or Armed ServicesVocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) scores determine conversion eligibility. Retesting doesnot impact in-rate applications.AC PACT Sailor Rating Designation updates:Effective 3 June 2013 Career Waypoint-PACT Designation (formerly Fleet RIDE-REGA) willauto-generate partially populated applications for PACT Sailors who are Time In-Rate (TIR)eligible for the Navy-Wide Advancement Examination (NWAE) and/or have at least 12 monthson board their first permanent duty station.a. PACT Sailors who meet TIR requirements for the NWAE will be able to apply for RatingEntry Designation (RED) or NWAE quotas. RED quotas are preferred because Sailors aredesignated in the same month as the quota is approved. Additionally, direct designation isadvantageous for Sailors because it provides a career path and eligibility to participate in theNWAE as a rated E-3. Sailors on this path may perform better on the NWAE, increasing theirchances for advancement since they will have more opportunity to gain experience and study intheir new rating prior to the exam.b. Sailors who have at least 12 months on board their first permanent duty station followingcompletion of their initial skills training will be able to apply for RED or A-school quotas.
  7. 7. c. PACT Sailors are encouraged to research and review gapped billets on board theircommand and apply for ratings with gaps, which benefits both the command and the Sailor.Most Sailors will find the opportunity to gain experience and study in their new rating may leadto faster promotion, which in turn increases competitiveness for reenlistment if desired and forconverting to a different rating in the future.SELRES Rating Conversion process updates:Effective 3 June 2013 applications for RC Sailors requesting a change in rating will be enteredthough Career Waypoint-Conversion (formerly RC2RC). The rating conversion process for RCSailors will be in accordance prior guidance with the following exceptions:a. Applications will be processed monthly by BUPERS-32 (SELRES ECM) in CareerWaypoints in lieu of submission through PERS-8.b. Conversion opportunities will be updated monthly and identified as open or closed. Inorder to apply, a Sailors current rating must be open to convert out and their requested ratingmust be open to convert in.c. Application results and official letters will be available in Career Waypoints. If approvedfor direct conversion, the letter will direct the Sailors command to initiate a change of rate inNSIPS. If conversion has been approved and requires an A-school, contact information andinstructions on how to request and schedule the training will be provided.d. All Sailors are encouraged to take the in-service AFCT to update their line scores andimprove their conversion opportunities.SELRES RC2AC/FTS augmentation process updates:RC2AC transition requests have been incorporated into Career Waypoints-Transition.Additionally, SELRES and Voluntary Training Unit (VTU) Sailors can now apply for both in-rate and conversion into ratings with available AC and FTS quotas provided they meet programrequirements.a. Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) eligibility. SRB restrictions outlined in the MPM arelifted for augmented members. Reserve Sailors who augment to active duty may be eligible toreceive SRB based on current active duty SRB authorizations and their amount of continuousactive duty service. To be eligible for SRB Sailors must have completed at least 17 continuousmonths of active Navy service (other than active duty for training) but not more than 20 years ofactive military service. To ensure all requirements and timelines are met, visit the SRB page ofthe NPC website: SELRES Bonus recoupment. Reserve Sailors who received a SELRES Enlistment Bonus(EB) or SRB, and who augment into the AC prior to the completion of their SELRES bonuscontract, will incur a debt for the unearned portion of the bonus. Sailors in this situation arehighly encouraged to request a remission of indebtedness from the Director, Military PersonnelPlans and Policy (OPNAV N13) via CNRFC N1 in conjunction with submitting their RC2ACapplication. Reserve Sailors can obtain guidance on the remission request process and download
  8. 8. formatted templates from the CNRFC Reserve Enlisted incentives (N112) website at: In anear-term Career Waypoint system update expected by the end of FY13, if applicable, bonusrecoupment waiver requests will be automatically generated when a RC2AC/FTS application issubmitted. If recoupment is not waived, Sailors will not be obligated to augment. Navy ReserveActivity (NRA) Commanding Officers (CO) must ensure members currently serving under abonus agreement are aware of bonus recoupment or have an approved waiver prior to reenlistingon active duty.c. NRA CO for members applying to RC2AC/FTS opportunities must ensure the followingrequirements are verified prior to submitting an RC2AC/FTS application:(1) Member meets all requirements to augment to AC/FTS including: physical, medical anddental readiness, basic enlistment eligibility and specific rating requirements, and HYT limits.(2) Member meets requirements listed under the additional job requirements section of theapplication; required documentation must be scanned and sent via NMCI encrypted email Member has more than 3 years until reaching HYT limits per Ref L, based on themember’s adjusted Active Duty Service Date (ADSD). No HYT waivers for AC augmentationwill be authorized. HYT waivers will be considered for FTS augmentation and must beapproved prior to submitting an RC2AC/FTS application.(4) Member demonstrates adequate financial stability to reenlist on active duty andrelocate.(5) Members currently serving under a SELRES bonus agreement (EB or SRB) are awareof recoupment or have an approved remission of indebtedness (recoupment waiver).(6) Application and supporting documents are complete and accurate.d. RC2AC/FTS application procedures:(1) Determine the applicant’s Total Active Service (TAS) and the desired augmentationstart date. TAS includes all active service time, including AC or FTS service, mobilization,ADSW, ADT, AT, CANREC, and voluntary recall. Do not include drills (Inactive Duty forTraining (IDT), Inactive Duty Training for Travel (IDTT), or funeral honors) in TAS. OnceTAS and desired start month are entered, the Career Waypoints system will calculate ADSD,adding the inclusive day, and determine the member’s year group. Commands are highlyencouraged to contact PERS-9 for assistance with TAS computations. Miscalculations mayresult in an incorrect listing of Sailor AC/FTS opportunities. TAS will be verified as part of theapplication review process; applications with incorrect TAS computations will be returned asdisapproved.(2) Using Career Waypoints, determine if RC2AC/FTS opportunity exists for the applicant.(3) Include information in the application notes section for members with the followingconditions: under stop-loss; identified for mobilization or Presidential Selected Reserve Call-up(PSRC); serving in a rating listed as a Navy Reserves Enlisted Career Management Objectives(ECMO) category 1; serving in an Advanced Paygrade (APG), Navy Reserve accession coursepersonnel who have not completed their IDT requirements; serving in a temporary rating, orpending adverse information.(4) Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an updated resume documenting civilianwork experience as part of their application.
  9. 9. (5) RC2AC/FTS applications due no later than 2359 central time, the last calendar day ofeach month. Application processing will begin on the first work day of each month. Incompleteapplications will be denied.(6) Once an application is submitted enter Mobilization Availability Status (MAS) CodeACR (pending/approved conditional release) in NSIPS.(7) Applications given an approved-pending status require additional documentation(described in the notes section). Requested documentation must be scanned and emailed to theECM via NMCI encrypted email. If documents are not received within 60 days of approved-pending notification, the application may be changed to denied.(8) If approved, the member has permission to reenlist and will be expected to negotiateorders expeditiously by contacting their respective rating detailer. Members approved foraugmentation must reenlist for a minimum of 48 months, unless otherwise specified by the ECM.The Sailor’s NRA CO must ensure reenlistment is documented in the correct component (e.g.,branch class: 11 for AC; branch class: 32, SPI code: “V” for FTS).e. In addition to advertisement through the Career Waypoints system, augmentationopportunities will continue to be advertised through the Government Delivery (GOV-delivery)system.f. Additional RC2AC/FTS program information, including step by step applicationinstructions, can be found at the NPC RC2AC/FTS web page at: SELRES members currently on mobilization orders are unable to submit an application inCareer Waypoints; contact the BUPERS-32 RC2AC/FTS coordinator at rc_to_ac@navy.milwithin 90 days of demobilization to determine if an augmentation opportunity exists.Unless specifically changed, all other enlisted career management policies remain in effect.