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Action Plan


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Action Plan

  1. 1. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link M.B. Lamar High School Action Plan 2009-2010 Goal: Technology will be integrated into at least 25% of classroom instruction in all core subjects. Strategy/Action Person Formative/Summative Resources Timeline Responsible Measurement Needed 1. Campus Principal; Dean Attendance will be Laptops October STaR Chart of Instruction; monitored by sign in provided by 2009 to Training Administrative sheet. the Novemeber Leadership technology 2009. Teachers will Team; Principal will department. learn the Technology determine what Completion importance of support team teachers have of the STaR the self- completed the Chart and assessment of mandatory STaR discussion of our campus’s Chart assessment . the results and district’s via e-mail. efforts to effectively integrate technology across the curriculum. 2. Teachers will Subject Area Student products; Peer leaders; Weekly from include logical Team (SAT) Common Dean of August 2009 and active use leaders; Assessments; Instruction; to July 2010. of technology Interdisciplinary monitoring of administrative in all lesson Cluster classroom leadership desgin and Leaders; instruction; SAT’s; team; presentation for Individual IDC’s; COWS; technology all core classroom SmartSlates support team subjects. teachers 3. Student Principal; Dean Student products; Title I Funds; Daily access to of Instruction; Common GF1; special technology will administrative Assessments revenues be improved by leadership Benchmarks; equipping team; monitoring classrooms technology classroom with current support team instruction Page 1 – Revised October 2009
  2. 2. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link technology, e.g. SmartSlates 4. Training will Dean of Observed use of Title I Funds; Professional be provided to Instruction; technology during GF1; special development enhance the SAT/IDC peer classroom revenues; for active use of leaders; IT instruction; peer peer leaders; 2009-2010 technology team observations; IT team during student products classroom instruction. Page 2 – Revised October 2009