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E outsource asia 2010

  1. 1. Precision Data Quality, Leading the Journey “Poor quality data costs US businesses an estimated $600 billion a year.” The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) “High quality, well-integrated customer data is the cornerstone of a successful CRM effort.” Gartner Group “… eliminating inefficiencies associated with using the wrong data, and more effective risk management through aggregation of correct data.” Bank Negara of Malaysia “Quality is free, but it is not a gift!” Phil Crosby
  2. 2. INDUSTRY DILEMMA Information Technology executives have been under This is a wake-up call for IT executives to deliver data constant challenges to deliver despite under tight IT quality initiatives - when applied systematically across budget. Leveraging on existing assets has become one the enterprise, data quality can build a solid foundation of the common directives - heavy IT investments must for fact-based, analytical decision making that can help bring back values to the organization bottom line! organizations strategize with confidence and capitalize Among the systems under close radar are operational on lucrative business opportunities. systems such as ERP, CRM, and Data Warehousing, as well as the structured and unstructured enterprise data Urgent need for data quality initiatives is clearly from many different channels such as emails, web sites, recognized by IT executives. In a survey by IDC call centers and collaborative tools. (International Data Corp) and sponsored by SAS®, a leader in business analytics, IT respondents were asked Billions of dollars are lost due to errors or makeshift to rate challenges when implementing business efforts made necessary by poor data quality in analytics software - and the top three responses were, enterprise data storage. For example, a simple merger • difficulty of integrating data from multiple source between 2 client data stores may end up introducing systems duplicate clients, making different Sales Agents having • the quality of the data itself to visit the same client over and over again! Data • issues when attempting to integrate analytics with Quality initiatives serve to address this challenge. It enterprise applications provides the opportunity to streamline operating processes, hence reducing operation costs, while In IDC report, the proposed solution is, “to implement a driving revenue growth. flexible and straightforward business analytics framework that begins with data integration and data Reaching out to potential market, given poor quality quality”. The end in mind is to enable business data in organization, can any campaign based on it, executives to access “the right information at the right likely to achieve the expected revenue lift? time for fact-based decisions at every level of the enterprise”. INDUSTRY DILEMMA
  3. 3. OUR PROFILE Who Are We? E-Outsource Asia is a Malaysian IT Consulting and Outsourcing company providing Enterprise Solutions services to local and multinational customers What Do We Do ? We provide Business Process Consulting services, Enterprise Solutions Design and Delivery, and Outsourcing Services We provide Outsourcing Services for clients who want to leverage on our Outsourcing Competency Center to assist in configuration, development, testing or support services based on a offsite or offshore model Why Us? We have a proven track record of delivery capability and quality people to get the job done successfully We have been delivering the results for our distinguished customers for the past 15 years We are professional and flexible in our dealings with our customers to achieve mutually beneficial partnerships OUR PROFILE
  4. 4. BUSINESS ISSUES 360 DEGREES OPERATIONAL DELAY Who are my customers? Where are my customers? How much time is needed to identify duplicate records? Databases usually appear to be highly polluted. The And how reliable is the duplicate list? How about reason is, incorrectly entered, misspelled, or reconciling the data back to source systems? These misrepresented data are not easily detected in an business questions often time leads to project over- automated system. Data Quality Solution applies human runs, in terms of time, resources, and even quality of reasoning and knowledge in order to obtain a single delivery! E-Outsource Asia has experienced long enough customer view. to understand that manual traditional eyeballing- intensive practices, simply requires a more efficient way CROSS-SELLING of handling. Who are our potential clients? Where are they located? Can we tap from another data store to cross-sell our FRAUD PREVENTION product? In addition to prospects for attracting new Is there a fraud data within the database? How to customers, existing customer base contains a wealth of exhaustively identify the fraud list? Is there a way to cross-selling opportunities! Many opportunities can smart-scan the database for fraud potentials? How to lighten up if only the data is kept in good condition, or if match records for black-list? Data Quality Solution we know how to handle the various forms of data wears the hat of Sherlock Holmes to not only identify structures, each with their own challenges. the fraud records, but to also uncover new potential of frauds. COMPLIANCE Is the organization in compliance? Is there a standard template for businesses to check on their Data Quality score, hence complying to standards set by regulators? Data Quality Solution provides the answer. BUSINESS ISSUES
  5. 5. KEY BENEFITS RAISES THE COMPANY VALUE AND IMAGE REDUCES COST Good quality data can be a mirror-portrayal of the Defective data leads to higher operating cost. Mail company. A company which consistently providing less- return due to invalid address costs considerable amount quality data to their customers, can be perceived as of postage fee, as well as staffs’ time and effort doing being insensitive and ignorance towards their own mail re-processing, if necessary. And duplicate mailing customers. Even a mere name misspell, consistently, to the same customer address simply amplifies the cost! may resonate the same perception towards the And more damaging is when mail recall has to be made company, “if they cant spell my name right, can they upon incorrect data being sent out to customers. Not handle my financial needs?”. E-Outsource Asia guards only the company credibility is at stake, the whole against these pitfalls, hence partners with Data Quality recovery process will incur dollars to the company. E- principals to ensure good quality data at source Outsource Asia understand the risk factors, hence work systems. closely with Data Quality principals in mitigating the risk. RAISES REVENUES VIA CUSTOMERS PROFILING Knowing our potential customers is one pillar to KEEPING THE CxO OUT OF PRISON business success. Customer intimacy means we know Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has established new or the customers well enough, in terms of their profile, enhanced standards for all U.S. public company boards, demographic information, spending pattern, etc. management, and public accounting firms. Locally, Bank Though there are many sources for such information, Negara has laid out a Data Quality guidelines in 2008, maintaining the information to be most reliable, and for all Financial Institutions to beef up their data most accurate, are critical so that businesses can target governance, data security, as well as data quality. E- the right source of potential revenue leads. Similarly Outsource Asia has experienced participating in the important, is to ensure the recentness of data, so that efforts, and has established Data Quality template businesses do not end up looking at the “potential-of- scorecard for the FI’s in Malaysia. past”. E-Outsource Asia, together with solution partners, strives to integrate the disparate information together, giving a single view of the customers data. KEY BENEFITS
  6. 6. PRODUCT OVERVIEW We use world leading Data Quality softwares to help Data Profiling our clients get the best out of their data. One of the Data profiling gives organizations a better leading softwares is SAS Data Quality Solution, which understanding of data quality issues that exist within provides a complete set of data quality tools and easy- data structure, contents and relationships and enables to-use interfaces designed to meet the needs of both better planning and project execution. SAS Data Quality business and technical users. The tools include the Solution provides the ability to profile and assess the ability to profile data to uncover data discrepancies and quality of data across the enterprise. A robust determine the effort required to rectify them, an easy- environment analyzes data across the enterprise to to-use interface for defining business rules, and a determine nuances and discrepancies. An easy-to-use platform-independent server environment to execute interface and an interactive reporting mechanism the rules on data from any platform in any format. makes it easy to determine areas of poor data quality and the amount of effort required to rectify them. When poor data quality is identified, the solution provides the ability to cleanse and augment that data to ensure consistency and accuracy. By providing the ability to customize the algorithms used to parse and cleanse data based on language-specific constructs or individual user requirements, SAS Data Quality Solution addresses the needs of each customer and extends the values of any strategic solution. PRODUCT OVERVIEW
  7. 7. Cleansing and Standardization Identification Analysis Easy-to-use tools enable data stewards, business users This capability determines the gender and race of an and technical users to analyze and prototype data individual, which may be helpful in segmenting and data quality cleansing processes, and apply corrections to for targeted marketing purposes. It can also determine improve the accuracy of analysis. You can parse data whether a value is for a person or an organization, values (ie name parts, address parts, email addresses, which could be used to determine the type of services and any free-form text values), apply address to offer when a call is placed to customer service. The standardizations, and validate address data based on algorithms have been extended to also identify local standards. significant pieces of contact info, eg name , address, city, state, IC number, account number, date of birth Matching and Deduplication etc. Matching algorithms can join dissimilar data from multiple sources using algorithms that include heuristics Customization and multinational data phonetics. This helps eliminate Personalizing or customizing the parsing, matching, guesswork when complete matches are not possible standardization, and identification algorithms and rules and creates a consistent view of information. Unique provides the ability to control the data quality process key values are created with fuzzy logic to group based on an individual organization's business together information with similar values (eg Mohd, requirements. For example, rules can be enhanced or Mohamad, Mohammed) across one field or multiple created to control how product codes, quantities, and fields. You can remove and merge duplicate values in other characteristics are parsed from a string of data. A data to significantly reduce storage requirements and common Quality Knowledge Base lets you share this provide consistent information across data sources. information as well as leverage language-specific algorithms between server and client components. PRODUCT OVERVIEW
  8. 8. THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE With wealth of experiences handling regional data set, Intelligent interpretation uses knowledge dictionaries E-Outsource Asia realizes the importance of embedding containing all possible elements that can local knowledge to data quality processing. There are a appear in names and addresses, be it on company number of data quality tools in the global arena, each names or person names. Configurable weightage is claim for their prowess in data profiling, duplicate given to each determining attributes based on the client matching, data reconciling, etc. The perceived confidence to their data set. Example, a person name technological gap between the tools have been interpretation for Race and Gender, may be 60% shrinking upon time, the key difference is the tools’ subjected to its name value, 30% to its updated IC ability to incorporate local knowledge base, and E- number, 10% to its Salutation. Within the name value Outsource Asia offers the difference, thanks to its interpretation, further weightage is configured for the intensive research and development. different name parts, be it first name, last name, middle name, other name, etc. This interpretation engine E-Outsource Asia investment on local knowledge have contains all possible meanings of various element- led to the development of, among others, an intelligent specific attributes, such as abbreviations, or acronyms interpretation of data. How can we know that “Astro” in use. In achieving this feat, E-Outsource Asia has and “Measat Broadcast Network Systems” are probably analyzed ~11 million different unique names locally, and different names for the same company? How can we plot them out based on statistical and probability possibly know that a name field with free-text value of theorems. “Farlisa Azlan” is most likely a female gender? And most likely a Malay ethnic? How can we know that a given IC E-Outsource Asia has experienced handling not only the number may not be the correct number for the named names-intensive interpretation, but also other local person? Humans may be able to make some distinction knowledge like addresses. By doing all these, we have in a split second, but mere technology based on provided significant values to business practices in mathematical logic may have limitation. Malaysia. And the fact that SAS Data Quality Solution supports the integration of local knowledge, this has further ensure that our clients are assured with exceptional level of data quality. THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE
  9. 9. OUR SERVICES E-Outsource Asia Data Quality Services Team comes with a comprehensive portfolio of services to support you in :  Data Quality Audit  Data Cleansing via “Bureau Services“  Data Profiling, Structuring Analysis  Business Deviation / Fraud detection  Automatic Prevention of Data Contaminations  Reference Databases for Local Names, Addresses, O&G Products  Geocoding for addresses into graphical patterns (add-on functionality) OUR SERVICES
  10. 10. Precision Data Quality, Leading the Journey For more information, contact • Steven Lim (steven.lim@e-oasia.com) +6016-332-5655 • Azlan Zainal (azlan.zainal@e-oasia.com) +6012-346-8510 No. 20-2 & 20-3, Jalan PJU 5/21, Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, Kota Damansara PJU 5, 47801 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Phone : +603-6142-7026 Fax : +603-6142-7027 Web : www.e-oasia.com