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  1. 1. HOMOPOLAR MOTOR 2Materials:
  2. 2. HOMOPOLAR MOTOR 1Materials:
  3. 3. Procedure:1. Gather all materials.2. Bend copper wire to shape desired.3. Put the battery and magnet together.4. Set copper wire up on battery, the wire just barely touching the magnet.Observation:The wire sparked a couple of times when touching the magnet while getting centered. Once themagnet was placed, the wire was gradually increasing speed. From what I have researched, Ihave found that the Homopolar Motor is ran by Electromagnetic Induction. Electromagneticinduction is the production of an electric current across a conductor moving through amagnetic field. The Homopolar Motor is also ran by electromagnetism. Electromagnetism runsthe motor by being in bother electric fields and magnetic fields. A changing magnetic fieldgenerates an electric field, and this goes back to what is called electromagnetic induction.