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Joanne hermes loc lesson

  1. 1. Lesson Plan Template based on Understanding by Design by Jay McTighe and Grant WigginsTitle of Lesson: HomesteadersAuthor: J. Hermes Grade Level: 10School: Crosby HS Time Estimated: 2 daysBrief Overview Using primary sources, students will be able to describe the life of a homesteader in 1860’s.Historical Inquiry What was life like for the people of Nebraska in the 1860’s?QuestionContent Knowledge What specific content knowledge will students acquire as a result of this lesson? As a result of this lesson, students will know: about diseases, religion, social customs and physical elements experienced by Nebraska homesteaders.Skills What are the specific skills developed by this lesson? As a result of this lesson, students will be able to: describe life on the Nebraska prairie based on visuals and contemporary letters.CT Standards 1.5 Describe the interaction of humans & the environmentAddressed 1.6 Describe patterns of human movement across time & place 1.13 understand the characteristics of and interactions among culture, social systems and institutions. 2.1 Access & gather information from a variety of primary & secondary sources (maps, charts, graphs, images & print materials).Prior Knowledge Homestead Act, Mormons, textbook account of Homesteading life, friendly letter formatResources needed Library of Congress Resources 1
  2. 2. (with title and permanent URL (include thumbnail image of resource)) copies of hand-outs at the end of the lesson, found at: of Lesson . Hook/Warm Up: What was life like for the Homesteaders? Your book describes a life of successful farming, but was that true for everyone? Inquiry Activity: Opening Up Textbooks-Articulating Silences Application Activity: Students, in pairs, will read/view primary sources to extract information on daily life, religion, courtship, disease and community of Nebraska settlers. What will students create to demonstrate mastery of material? Students will create a 5 paragraph letter to a cousin back east describing the lifestyles they have observed. The letter will include a salutation, date, 5 paragraphs and closing.Evaluation Students will first read their letter to a peer for editing and accuracy. The final draft of the letter will be assessed according to the rubric.Possibilities for How can this lesson be adapted for different learners (Visual, Spatial, etc.)Differentiation or different classes (Honors, Special Education, English Language Learners)? Population statistics, sets of letters, banking records, general store records, 2
  3. 3. shorter or longer texts, actual copies (not texts) of letters.[Letter from John Verity to Mattie V. Thomas, August 29, 1862]New CarlisleAug 29th 62Much Respected CousinYour kind Letter of the 11th to John And Elizabeth {Begin inserted text}Stafford{End insertedtext} was duly received to day And read with much interest and After your discription of thefamily before The boys Left and how Lonesome you now Feel reminds me of how suddenly Iwas Left alone and though we never had Any acquaintance since reading your Letter I feelas though we are intimate Friends since writing that Letter to Uncle william sometime agowhich spoke of those minatures I have had some Taken from one that I had which wasTaken five or six years since and they Answer very well so you Can say to Aunt Margaretshe need not send Them in but is quite welcome to keep them and I will send you somePhotographs which was copyed From the one I haveMy House stands desolate and alone No one haveing Lived in it yes it is probable I Shallrent it before Long something I did Not expect when it was builtI should Like very much to see you all But it is uncertain when I shall unless you Come in Ihave not gone to war yet not thinking myself fit for its hardships I have been quite unwellthre or four weeks but think I Shall bee better before Long I am troubled some with pain inthe breast war with all its horrid consequencies is the topic of Conversation Dayly andhourly and the draft takes Place Sept 3rd our township has sent over 200 now our full quotasome say But we shall know soonTo uncle wm and aunt margaeet I would Say I Should be glad to here from them at anytime I used to here There names mentioned so often and If we never see each other again Iwant To so Live as to meet my Little family agan who have gone beforeSince I commenced this Letter Samuel has enlisted and gone to camp at Piqua and hismother takes it very hard Indeed She is one of those Who has a very strong Attachment toher Children and never beeing Accustomed to have them away from home much Makes itharder to part with themThe friends are generaly well as far as I know Some of the family will write before Long So Iwill not add anything further at present 3
  4. 4. I will give you the inscription on the tomb And the verse we selected Margaret Wife of JohnVerity died March 17th 1862 She has gone to A mansion of rest From A region of Sorrowand pain To the glorious Land of the blest Where She never will suffer againMay it be our happy Lot to all meet her again yours affectionatelyJohn VerityAnswer as Soon as convenientNovember 12th A.D. 1865Morristown MinnDear MattieI am compelled to use the pen once more in addressing you, but I hope the next time will beby the word of mouth.Since I last wrote you I have been out on the western frontier of the U.S. and a wild beatifullooking landscape it is and but sparsely settled and then only by half civilized people. lastmonday night while on the frontier I stayed all night with a frenchman who had a squaw fora wife there were about 15 men stayed there beside myself and in the assembly there wereNorwegians Irish Scoth Indians halfbreeds and french and there was card playing andswearing going on at a round rate but no liquor for the very good reason there could benone obtained nearer than 4 miles and all were two lazy to go after it and I tell you Iheartily wished myself away from the place but there was no decent house to stay at nearerthan ten miles and consequently I was elected to stay all night and sleep on the floor withone blanket and my great coat for covering and next morning paid my host 80 cts forstaying and I tell you I bid farewell to the place as soon as I swallowed my breakfast. andyou my naturaly guess I did not want land in such a community and after looking at thecountry next day I started to return and am this far on my way and will probably remainhere a few days and then trudge homeward and no preventing providence I will spend twoweeks from this date with Mattie and then I will tell the whole history of my travels moresatisfactory than pen can describe. I am staying today with a Methodist & last sabbath witha disbeliever I not traveld on sabbath since I left home nor will not unless compelled. MattieI was far away when the quarterly meeting was in progress but my affections were there Ishould like to have been with you but it {Begin deleted text}wall{End deleted text} was willedother wise but I prayed for the success of our cause and that it might cease till the world ofmankind were brought to see the truth and be saved. and if we never meet in this world letus try to live here that we may, on lovelier grounds with all the redeemed of earth and therewithout the {Begin deleted text}absce{End deleted text} absense of one loved face sing{Begin deleted text}pray{End deleted text} praises to the Havenly Ruler and enjoy celestialbliss throughout Eternity.Excuse my bad writing for my ink so poor it will hardly write at all I am enjoying perfecthealth and we are having beautiful weather, and hope these may find you {Begin deletedtext}eng{End deleted text} enjoying the same blessingsNo mor but remain in spite of everything to the contrary your devoted love 4
  5. 5. UriahTranscription of envelopeMiss Mattie V ThomasOnward, Cass CoIndianaTranscriptionSep 6th 18681Dear Brotherwe received your letter a few days ago I will now answer about those Feathers it would beuseless for me or any person to try to get that amount we have been trying to get 6 lbs forsome time for our own use and have not succeeded yet and we will have to pay 75 {Begininserted text}cts{End inserted text} per lb fo new Feathers About the Election your vote willbe needed But if you are in any Buisness theat pays I would not advise you to leave Just onaccount of the state or County Election But the Township is what aught to bring you homeas I am the Candidate for Assessor which maks it very important.This is all about the Elecshun We are getting along finely with our seeding the weather hasbeen very nice for the last few weeks with occasional showars Corn is not very good will notaverage more than half crop wheat is about half crop Potatoes are very scarce John Wolfhad one of his Boys almost torn in Pieces the other day. he steped over the knuckes of oneof those tumbling rod Thrashing Machines while runing, one of the pin s through theknuckle caught his Clothes and instantly wraped and dashed him to the ground brakeingboth leags and bursting his head, his head would strike the ground every time the rodturned round which was not less than eight or 9 tinesno more at presetJake Murrayif you come cone 20 day if before Election write Soon2 well Uriah I will try and write some their has ben Quite arain of children in the last fiewweaks sabra has another boy and hettie has one to Abes maid amistake and heirs is a girl.we wer to at a picnic a fiew days ago up to bunker and I saw Mattie theire she looks allright yet and said she was coming to bord with me we were over to John cooks they wertolerable well aunt wanders why you doe not rite doe you heare from fathers we do Isuppose they dont care about us and we will stop riting to them Fanny Sutton is marraid toJentry the one that farms barkers plaice lile {Begin deleted text}a{End deleted text} Army ismarraid to Joe Shurly so good by lileI will have to Stop writing as iam to tred to rite good dont forget to fetch then flours and ifpotatoes ar very plenty fetch some of them{Begin deleted text}n{End deleted text} abox fullanyhow 5
  6. 6. So no moreSarah Murraywrite soomEditors note(s)1. Jacob and Sarah Murray share this letter. Jacob writes first; however, his section isunsigned.2. Sarah Murray begins writing here.Nels Hall, Round Valley, Custer County, Nebraska.John Delane Wagon Shop, Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska. 6
  7. 7. "Three motherless children and a caved-in soddy" 7
  8. 8. TranscriptionFillmore Co Neb1Nov 24th1874 Tuesday eveningDear Father & Mother & Bro & SisterThis is a late hour to commence writing but I thought it about time we were writing t[o] youagain and I thought perhaps there might be some one going up to town [tom]orrow so thatwe can send to the office had a chance this morning but no {Begin deleted text}letter{Enddeleted text} letter ready for you I was quite sure we would get a letter from home to daybut was disappointed Well we slaughtered our old sow to day Nett I am allmost vexed atyou here we had butchering on hands and you never offered once to help me Well as therewas only one set of gutses guess you thought it no use well you could have pulled at oneend of the gut while I pulled at the other end but I expect our tounges would have workedfaster than our fingers had we been together Our hog was in tolerable good order was notnear as fat as she would have been had we had corn to feed her I tell you wheat does notput the fat on like corn does do not know how much lard I will have as I have not fried itout yet have two pots full on the stove now The old sow would we{Begin inserted text}i{Endinserted text}gh close on to two hundred we have another shoat to kill after while Howmany hogs are you fattening this fall and how many are you going to salt down Nett as youdid not offer your services to me I will not offer mine to you and it might be so cold that Icould not go over Well Uriah is reading to Ella has gone to bed but there seems to not bemuch sleep about her for she is singing & cutting all kinds of monkey shines She had quite 8
  9. 9. a time to day as there was nothing escaped her notice she was bound to see her Pa kill theold sow when he went out she wanted to go too I told her she must not as it was too cold soshe went to the north window and climbed up where she could see the whole performanceand she never flinched I guess she would have stood right by him had I let her when I wentto clean the entrails (as she calls them) she had more questions to ask than a Philadelphiala{Begin deleted text}y{End deleted text}wyer could have answered she thought the paunchwas an awful nice thing for the old sow to keep her dinner in but she thought the entrailsdid stink awful bad She asks so many questions that I sometimes get tired of answeringthem so the other day I was trying to make her stop asking so many as I did not want toanswer them & she told me to get the question book then I could answer them and nowwhen I tell her to stop asking so many questions she will say Well ma guess you will haveto get the question book She is better of the whooping cough coughs some yet as she hastaken a little cold and I expect it will be that way all winter with her Did not get any of thatmedicine for her as we had no money at the time and she was getting better thought shewould not need it I have quite a time {Begin deleted text}yester{End deleted text} to keep herin the house yesterday she was standing in the door watching the birds and she says ohma I want to gou out of doors & be gay like the birds She thinks there is nothing nicrert[ha]n a birdMr Macbeths buried their babe yesterday died of the whooping cough was about ninemonths old and they have another child that is very bad with it Macbeth is a brother of MrsFurgison & lives nine miles from here Furgisons went down yesterday and we sent themthat recipe They are the only children that have been dangerous with it They are very poorfolks and like the rest of us see pretty hard times and it seems hard to see their child takenaway but I suppose it is all for the best as it is the Lords will to remove those that he seesfit to remove from earth to heaven I have said nothing about being at church for a long timeWell {Begin deleted text}h{End deleted text} we have had no meeting for quite a while as ourold minister had quite a hard spell of sickness this fall and has not been able to preachsince some thinks he is done preaching We are getting real hungry for meeting I think ifthere was ever a missionary needed there is one needed here there is a plenty of work to doThere are but few men here that can preach and support their famlies too and the peopleare not fore handed enough to hire a minister How I would like to be in [a g]enuine oldmethodist meeting once more I suppose it will soon [be] time for you to have protractedmeeting again how I would like to attend s[om]e of themI see by the Journal that they were talking of sending help to the Grass hopper region fromCass Co well all the help that can be sent will be needed for there are many needy personthat will suffer unless they are helped west of us they are a great deal worse off thanthrough here and many in this County have applied for help and they realy need it peoplein the east have no idea how bad it is for there are so many come here as we did with butlittle and have had no chance to gather any thing ahead and to help matters along themerchants in Sutton have all Combined and will not trust another person if they do it isfifteen dollars fine I think it a little mean of them and they will not pay hardly any thing forwhat a person has to sell wheat is only 45 cts I sent some butter up two weeks ago andUriah could not find any one a buying at all I suppose they all had a pound ahead hebrought the butter back & I was as mad as a wet hen I have about 10 lbs packed and Ill betif we was not compelled to sell it they would pay a good price before they would get it{Begin deleted text}It{End deleted text} They were paying 20 cts to day Ill bet they will paymore than that before three months guess I will send some up and get a little coffee and therest I will keep awhile I have used a lot of butter as I had no lard 9
  10. 10. Well now Nett there was another whack in your last letter about me making my dress in toa wrapper well it is not made at all yet only the skirt do not know just how I will make it yetYou did not tell me how you made yours and I did not know as it was necessary to tell howI thought of making mine But I assure I make no more wrappers I have cut up my old yallertook part of it for lineing for Ellas flannel dress and made an apron of the rest guess I willget it wore out by & by We had quite a snow last week a Friday moring there was about 4inche on the ground and the most of it is laying on the ground yet snowed a little last nightI wonder if we are going to get all the snow again this winter & you get none if so why justship your sleighs and come over for we have the nicest roads here to sleigh ride on that youever seen for they are always smoothWell Charlie how do you manage the fire buisness this winter Do you take turn about withFather & Mother & Nett or do you have the turns all to to [sic] your self I wonder if willbuilds the fires at Millers if I was you I would make him build them when he comes homeDo you and Nett sleep together or do you take seperate beds I dont see as there is any useof keeping up three beds for 4 persons Charlie why dont you write to us any more hope youare not offended now I want a great long letter want you to tell about every thing and whatyou think Docs future destinations is and what does Mrs Dunn call her boy guess youknow or have you let some of them fellows take Tilla away from you if so tell me where youthink of stopping at this winter and spending your sunday evening I suppose Father will dothe chores once in a while for you & I reckon Mother thinks you are old enough by this timeFrom what the Journal says I think Uncle Toms must be living in a very fine house now Isuppose there must be quite a contrast in their house and ours How in the world did UncleTom ever squeze out so many dimes think he must have been trying to excell some one orgot very liberal all at once Does Aunt Sallie stop there yet Well as it is getting late I guess Iwill close for this time and let this do until we can hear from you Uriah says guess he willnot write any to night We {Begin deleted text}al{End deleted text} are all well and hope this[will] find you the same Do you send papers any more have not received any this long timeOur love to all inqureing freinds and we are as ever yours trulyM V OblingerElla sends a kiss to all of youThursday moringguess we will have a chance to send to the office to day as Uriah has been writing to hisFather he will not write any this time to you I made a nice little lot of {Begin deletedtext}sop{End deleted text} soap last week the fir{Begin inserted text}s{End inserted text}t Ihave made with ashes since I have been here I have enough grease yet to make a kettle fullI have not bought any soap since I have been hereWe are all well I inted to wash bed clothes to day would like to borrow your washer Iwashed two blankets a monday when I washed I hope we will get a letter from home to dayElla is anxiously waiting for the pencil she sends Grandpa & Ma a curl of her hair shewanted to send a big curl but I thought that would be too muchEditors note(s) 10
  11. 11. 1. Some text in this letter is missing because of rodent or insect damage. Missing letters orwords have been supplied with square brackets and in some cases, with square bracketsand a question mark where supplied characters were questionable. Letter-Writing : Homesteaders Teacher Name: J Hermes Student Name: ________________________________________ CATEGORY 4 3 2 1Content Accuracy The letter The letter The letter The letter contains contains at least 7 contains 5-6 contains 3-4 less than 3 accurate facts accurate facts accurate facts accurate facts about the topic. about the topic. about the topic. about the topic.Sentences & Sentences and All sentences are Most sentences Many sentenceParagraphs paragraphs are complete and are complete and fragments or run- complete, well- well-constructed well-constructed. on sentences OR constructed and (no fragments, no Paragraphing paragraphing of varied run-ons). needs some work. needs lots of structure. Paragraphing is work. generally done well.Format Complies with all Complies with Complies with Complies with the requirements almost all the several of the less than 75% of for a friendly requirements for requirements for the requirements letter. a friendly letter. a friendly letter. for a friendly letter.Grammar & Writer makes no Writer makes 1-2 Writer makes 3-4 Writer makesspelling errors in grammar errors in grammar errors in grammar more than 4 errors(conventions) or spelling. and/or spelling. and/or spelling in grammar and/or spelling. 11
  12. 12. Length The letter is 5 or The letter is 4 The letter is 3 The letter is less more paragraphs. paragraphs. paragraphs. than 3 paragraphs.Date Created: Apr 01, 2011 03:08 pm (CDT) 12