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B lack history ruby bridges


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B lack history ruby bridges

  1. 1. Name_________________________ Date________________ <br /> <br /> Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension<br />“Walking Tall”<br />Follow the directions below to show that you went back through the story of “Walking Tall” to find your answer (or proof) for each section listed below:<br />1st two paragraphs * Dividing Lines * Building Bridges * The Little Rock Nine <br />#1. Underline where you found your answer.<br />#2. Circle where you found your answer. <br />#3. Draw a box where you found your answer. <br />#4. Draw two lines under the answer.<br />************************************************************<br />Please re-read and edit the main idea activity sheet to be sure that you are handing in your best effort. When you edit your work you need to ask yourself the following questions (please check them off after you complete the activity sheet): <br />Did I read and follow the directions carefully? □<br />Did I re-read the information that I wrote on the page? □<br />Does it make sense? □<br />Did I use complete sentences that begin with a capital letter and end with punctuation such as a period? □<br />Have I misspelled a word that was directly in the reading? □<br />Is my handwriting neat and easy to read? □<br /><ul><li>Please staple this page to the back of your activity sheet. </li></ul>Name_________________________ Date________________ <br /> <br /> Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension<br />“Walking Tall”<br />First two paragraphs<br />Who was one of the first African Americans to attend an all-white elementary school in the South?______________________________<br />What school did she attend?_________________________________<br />How old was she?_________________________________________ <br />Describe how she was treated when she arrived on the first day of school. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />How do you think Ruby felt when the court marshals drove her to school? Why? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />Dividing Lines <br /><ul><li>What does the word segregated mean? ______________________________________________________
  2. 2. ______________________________________________________
  3. 3. What does it mean to have civil rights?
  4. 4. ______________________________________________________
  5. 5. How many years did it take for New Orleans to obey the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that segregation was unconstitutional? ______________________________________________________
  6. 6. _____________________________________________________
  7. 7. What do you think it means to desegregate? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. 8. School Days
  9. 9. What did the white parents do on the first day of school?
  10. 10. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. 11. How many students were in Ruby’s first grade class?
  12. 12. ______________________________________________________
  13. 13. What word is a synonym for decrease?_________________________
  14. 14. What teacher did Ruby admire and why?
  15. 15. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. 16. What happened at the end of the school year?
  17. 17. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________</li></ul>Building Bridges<br /><ul><li>Write 2 details that let you know Ruby Bridges continued her education beyond elementary school.</li></ul>________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br /><ul><li>How did Ruby feel when she first went to school? How do you know?</li></ul>________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />The Little Rock Nine<br /><ul><li>Why did the “Little Rock Nine” receive the Congressional Gold Medal?</li></ul>________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />