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Software Outsourcing to Serbia, Europe. IT trends 2013/2014


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How to benefit from the outsourcing arrangement? Which country do you prefer if we are talking about software outsourcing services? Do you have an experience in IT outsourcing with European countries? Do you know that Serbia is the most promising outsourcing destination, especially in sector of information technology? What are good reasons to outsource in Serbia? Who is your potential outsourcing partner in Serbia? How Puzzle Software can help your software development?

The outsourcing sector of software industry has long favored Asian countries due to the low service costs. Software outsourcing to India has gained momentum over the years. But, Eastern European countries are now asserting their presence in the IT outsourcing market. In Southeast Europe, Serbia is finally recognized as a high level outsourcing destination and the most promising IT outsourcing destinations.


Serbia can provide cost-effective, quality withholding and functional type of IT outsourcing in the same time. There are many explicit reasons to choose Serbia for outsourcing IT area of the business:

• Highly skilled labour affordable by low cost
• Cultural similarities with no language barrier
• Time zones / geo position
• Safe and secured IT outsourcing services
• Growing IT industry

The main goal of this presentation is to give good reasons why Serbia is an excellent IT outsourcing destination in Europe. But also you can find out what has been happening on Serbian IT market during the last year, and in 2014, as well.

Be careful when you are choosing your outsourcing partner. If we are talking about outsourcing services in sector of Information Technology, it is usually a project worth of millions dollars.
Your business must be safe and dedicated to professionals on mutual satisfaction.

Find out who are software experts from Puzzle Software, a perspective software company in Serbia, Europe. In what business areas they have vast experience when it comes to software development? Who are their Clients and Partners, and what are their IT projects already completed?

Puzzle Software has many years of experience in software development and IT outsourcing services, both locally and internationally. It is a group of IT experts who create virtual worlds from the scratch.

More information about the company at

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Software Outsourcing to Serbia, Europe. IT trends 2013/2014

  1. 1. Presented by: Jelena Bogdanic Marketing Manager as the most promising destination in Europe?
  2. 2. The outsourcing sector on software industry has long favoured Asian countries due to the low service costs. Software outsourcing to India has gained momentum over the years. But, Eastern European countries are now asserting their presence in the IT outsourcing market. In Southeast Europe, Serbia is finally recognized as a high level outsourcing destination and the most promising IT outsourcing destinations. July 2014
  3. 3.  5 good reasons Why to outsource in Serbia  Facts from Serbian IT industry in 2013/2014 • Growing trend in Serbian IT industry o Government support geared towards IT sector • Serbian companies on the world's largest IT events • Official international cooperation in IT sector in 2013/2014 • International companies already on Serbian IT market • What is happening on the Serbian IT market after all? • What are the key trends and forecast for Central and Eastern Europe IT market?  Puzzle Software as the Serbian IT Outsourcing Partner July 2014
  4. 4. July 2014 Serbia can provide cost-effective, quality withholding and functional type of IT outsourcing in the same time. There are many explicit reasons to choose Serbia for outsourcing IT area of the business: 1. Highly skilled labour affordable by low cost 2. Cultural similarities with no language barrier 3. Time zones / geo position 4. Safe and secured IT outsourcing services 5. Growing IT industry
  5. 5. Competitive advantage of outsourcing such as lower costs, IT expertise, economies of scale and labour flexibility may become your core strengths through the outsourcing arrangements with IT companies in Serbia. The Serbian educational system is based on strong mathematical and logic background. July 2014 There are more and more ways for quality software engineering education and production of excellent IT experts in Serbia, due to the awareness of the high-level demand for this type of professionals.
  6. 6. The people of Serbia have a strong understanding of the western culture, both on a personal and business level. Together with fluency in English, it results in making the constructive and rich communication, both written and verbal, with much more pleasurable business interaction. July 2014
  7. 7. Serbia is in the Central European Time Zone, 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1). This location is especially advantageous if we are talking about nearshore outsourcing contracts. Serbia is well connected with the rest of Europe and almost any destination can be reached within 3 hours. So, control workloads through outsourced projects are guaranteed. July 2014 ! Serbia
  8. 8. Serbia has long unreasonably been characterized as a poor and untrusted country. Lots of people around the world do not aware of its numerous resources. Nowadays, situations are changing. Serbia is a candidate for EU membership which means that its economy has the growing trend and this country has finally gained the necessary trust! Many leading global ICT companies, such as Cisco Systems, Adobe, Motorola, Ericsson, Oracle, Google, Hewlett Packard, SAP, IBM, Siemens, Intel, Telenor, Microsoft and SKF Group, have already recognized great software development competitive advantages of Serbian market and set up theirs business in this country. July 2014
  9. 9. Government support geared towards IT sector in Serbia is the best evidence of awareness about the Serbian potential in world`s IT industry. Last year there were over than 2,000 software companies in Serbia which hired more than 6,000 developers. July 2014
  10. 10. According to Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications, Serbia exported annually about 250 million of software, where the value of the entire Serbian IT market is around 470 million euros. It is a significant increase from 2007 when the value of exports in the software industry was 62 million euros. Serbia, as he pointed out, in the economic area approximately invests EUR 60 per capita, which is level with Bulgaria and Romania, and is significantly more than in Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia- Herzegovina. With adopted state IT strategy in 2014, these investments will be definitely higher as well. July 2014
  11. 11. New program of support for the IT industry, which is adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in March 2013, is a proof that the industry of information technology is one of the most important priorities of the overall strategy of domestic re-industrialization. These steps will rank Serbia as the most attractive country in the region to invest in the IT sector. Also, domestic software development companies will be given support in order that Serbia had a better export product. Areas of Government support geared towards IT sector are: support for startups; technology parks, incubators and clusters; tax breaks; legal framework; investment incentives; institutional support and export promotion. July 2014
  12. 12. July 2014 industry_CeBIT.pdf
  13. 13. Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Serbia (SIEPA) is organized for the tenth time performance Serbian companies on the world's largest trade fair of information and communication technologies – CeBIT 2013 in Hanover, Germany. July 2014 Serbian minister of Finance and Economy visited this IT event and present a new program of support for the IT industry.
  14. 14. SIEPA also organized a performance of Serbian IT companies at the fair GITEX 2013, DUBAI, UAE which is the largest fair of information and communication technologies in the Middle East and North Africa. Performance of Serbia as a partner country of the fair has significantly deepened inter-state cooperation with the UAE, which is based on the Law on Ratification of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of the United Arab Emirates, where it was established that the economic cooperation between the two countries place especially in the field of information technology. July 2014
  15. 15. In April 2013, an international conference of the IT market development in Serbia was organized in cooperation with non- commercial association of independent software vendors Russia and Ukraine (ISDEF), whose president Dmitry Kurasev said that the two countries since 2000 was done much to the development of IT industry. He also said that many Russian IT companies already operating in Serbia, so that it can be a bridge between the EU and Russia. The attendees of the conference were more than 80 representatives of ICT companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, and consider about investment opportunities in the ICT sector in Serbia. July 2014
  16. 16. In June 2013, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications and British Ambassador to Serbia signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of ICT in education and the development of economic and trade relationship between the two countries. Serbian Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that the document is a good precondition for British investment in the IT industry in Serbia, as one of the most dynamic sector that has great potential for development. Also, he said that Serbia has already signed a similar memorandum with the U.S. and Azerbaijan. British Ambassador to Serbia said he expects the intensification cooperation between the two countries in the region will contribute to increased investment in the IT sector in education. He added that the British Council, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications of the Government of Serbia, has already launched several similar initiatives. July 2014
  17. 17. Lot of large companies, such as Microsoft, SKF Group, Adobe, Oracle, Google, Hewlett Packard, SAP, IBM, Siemens, Intel, Cisco, NCR Corporation, Erickson and the others, already have their development centres in Serbia or use outsourcing services of the local Serbian IT company. Good conditions for investments by foreign companies in the IT sector in Serbia was recognized by one of the biggest IT companies in the world – EMC, which operates in Serbia for six years and is interested in new investment. At the 13th Synergy, the largest IT conferences in the Southeast Europe, Acting Managing Director of Microsoft in Serbia, Andreas Hartl, confirmed that Serbian IT industry has great potential for growth. July 2014
  18. 18. New program of Government support for the IT industry and its further development has started to be realised in the end of 2013 and during 2014. StartLabs Tech Accelerator was founded in Serbia, in 2013. Its goal is to build a bridge connecting tech startups from Serbia and Western Balkans to markets, experts and investors from the Silicon Valley. July 2014
  19. 19. Startit Fest was organized in May 2014. Managing director of SEE ICT said that goal of Startit Fest is to show how to develop applications, software and programs, in order to present them to the market and how to sell them to the world. This is one of the leading businesses in the developed world, and Serbia has a capable and innovative young people who need particular support in this way to make connection with the foreign IT market. July 2014 There were over that 20 investors in IT projects at the Startit Fest, as well as numerous of investment funds such are Seedcamp (UK), Eleven (BG), Launchub (HU), RSG (SLO), Speedinvest (AU), Startlabs (RS), Kwame Corp (UK) and the others. This was awesome opportunity for business connection and interaction in the world of information technology. Eleven so far invested more than half a million euros in Serbian startup
  20. 20. Similar gathering – international FundraiseIT conference, was organized in Serbia, also in May 2014. Belgrade was the centre of the most prominent and global leaders of VC and startup communities. The event was completed with Pitching event where eight prospective, domestic and regional start up projects have been selected to pitch in front of some of the world’s most famous investors and renowned business angels from Silicon Valley and Western Europe. In the press release in June 2014, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications said that the sector of information technology in Serbia cannot be further developed without the help of the state, but noted that companies in this field may expect the reduction of para-fiscal levies from the state. July 2014
  21. 21. According to PMR, a British-American company which providing market information to international businesses interested in Central and Eastern Europe, IT market in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will increase by 4.5% annually in 2014-2018. The value of the IT market in CEE totalled at €14.6bn in 2013, which meant a growth of 2.5% compared to 2012. Against this limited rates of growth which have recently characterised the CEE countries, the faster increase of IT market is expected in the coming years. July 2014
  22. 22.  Who we are?  Why Puzzle Software as your IT outsourcing partner? July 2014
  23. 23. Puzzle Software is a group of agile software experts specializing in execution of tailored architectural and software solutions for large corporations, both in Serbia and internationally. Primary specialization is in Banking, Telecommunication, Insurance, Software and Heavy Industry sectors. Likewise, our IT experts can offer you particular business know-how and experience in other industries as well. July 2014  Agile Software Development  IT Experts Engagement and Consultancy  Onshore/Nearshore/Offshore Software Outsourcing  Scrum Education and Scrum Certification with the Puzzle Software Business Profile
  24. 24. July 2014 We know that you need people who knows business and software development in the same time. Also we know that you need a partner to sell your product. With our knowledge in specific business area, Software Development and connections in local market we can be your partner who will help you deliver best quality product on market, and in the same time become your point of sales for the Balkans. Our philosophy “Lets become partners!”
  25. 25. July 2014 We have deep knowledge in banking business and technologies, as well as security protocols used in that industry. Some of the systems we worked on are: Experience in Banking sector E-Banking, Collateral Management system, Loans, Product pricing system, International payments, Detailed knowledge of swift protocol, Mobile banking, risks and collateral calculations, deep knowledge of BASEL II and ICAAP standards...
  26. 26. July 2014 We have worked on development of insurance software from scratch. In these projects, our developers and architects covered business areas such are: Car insurance system, Life insurance, real estate insurance. Experience in Insurance sector Also, we worked on complete assessment system which is used to cover and calculate risk and other factors for insurance policy value.
  27. 27. July 2014 Worked for project in fixed and mobile telephony such as CRM, Billing and rating system, user transfer system from network to network, user contract system, e-Commerce for mobile phones sales… Experience in Telecommunication
  28. 28. July 2014 Our software experts covered complete steel making lifecycle in US Steel Company in Serbia. Experience in Steel making We have deep knowledge in Blast furnace system, Desulphurization system, Steel shop systems, cold row mill and hot row mill systems.
  29. 29. July 2014 Our IT experts created and implemented complete E-commerce solution which is covering manufacturing system, B2B system and web shop system with integrated Content Management System. Experience in E-commerce
  30. 30. July 2014 Why to make Outsourcing and Sales partnership with us  Your intellectual property is totally safe  Software experts in business area you need  100% agile software development using Scrum  Software Development based on experience  Profitable, effective and safe offshore outsourcing  We can do the pilot project  We can develop and sell your product  We can give you flexible contract terms
  31. 31. July 2014  Big pool of good software developers and architects If you need developers that we do not have in our company at that moment, we have several ways for quick employment according to your requirements. We have partnership with several companies on market which can give us required resources and we are members of e-Development association of Serbia which is big resource pool for us. More information at
  32. 32. July 2014 Spider.NET DMS – Document Management, MapaVodiMe Banking Sector Product Delivery, Cheque Reader 2012, Collateral Management system, Workflow for Loans approval for legal persons, Customization Tool, Document generation tool, iBank, Product Catalogue and Pricing module, P&L per customer, Loan portfolio automation Telecommunication Telenor Account, SelfCarePortal Insurance Industry Selfnet, Oyez WebInterface, Clains hub LMF Alloying Model, New Lance Blowing Profile, BF L2 DB and Reporting, Hot Iron Desulphurization Model, Slab Quality Code, BOP Alloy Model Steel Heavy industry Legal Sector Oyez Gateway, Oyez WebInterface, IFLR1000 Commerce & Brand Digitizing Brandbank Web Platform, E-commerce portals for Australian company, Booking In application Publishing Sector Audience Development – ADvance (abacus e-media) Health Care Industry Insurance system for Military Medical Academy (VMA) Public Sector Real Estate Cadastre Serbia – Government project, Dositheus – education and science Logistics, Distribution & Airline FunShip Business Suite, The Airline Analyst Other business sectors
  33. 33. July 2014 Excerpt of Puzzle Software’s references
  34. 34. Name: Puzzle Software Address: Jove Ilica 55 City: 11000 Belgrade Country: Serbia Vat No.: 107849973 Reg. No.: 20882956 Phone: +381 11 3911 245
  35. 35. Thank you to your attention! Source: