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SaaSification in Action. Attracting Software Vendors with Easy Transformation


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Software vendors got to the point that as-a-service is not just hype but new opportunities for their businesses. That’s why currently we increasingly frequently hear about launching Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS). The transition is in active phase but many ISVs are struggling with technical blockers or lack of expertise on their way to the desired outcome. In this presentation, you'll find out how cloud hosting service providers can ease the transformation for software vendors, thus attracting ISVs as potential clients, building value in own services, and ultimately customer retention.

Published in: Technology
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SaaSification in Action. Attracting Software Vendors with Easy Transformation

  1. 1. SaaSification in Action Attracting Software Vendors with Easy SaaS Transformation
  2. 2. Routes to the Cloud Different types of organizations are taking different routes to the cloud
  3. 3. Market Moves in aaS Direction
  4. 4. Investing in SaaS Pays Back
  5. 5. 6 Reasons to SaaSify the Product ● Meet Customer Demands ● Expand Your Business ● Decrease Time to Market (TTM) ● Increase the Value of the Business ● Speed Up Product Development ● Lower Operational Costs
  6. 6. How SaaS Is Delivered
  7. 7. Service Providers Fight with Cloud Giants Service Providers have a hard time preventing customers from moving to top clouds: ● VMware is too expensive to make money and stay competitive ● AWS, Google and Azure have strong value propositions and it’s difficult to overcome them ● OpenStack and Open Source are too complex and require time on platform development instead of focusing on business
  8. 8. Reasons to Shift from Self-Managed to Provider
  9. 9. Help to Increase Efficiency Offer containerized cloud services with automatic scaling. Resizing of the same container on the fly is easier, cheaper and faster than moving to a larger VM.
  10. 10. Let ISVs Shift the Risks
  11. 11. Increase Time to Market ● Automate the software installation, updates and delivery, scaling and clusterization ● Make the product easily accessible for end-users
  12. 12. More Practice Areas = More Competitive Business
  13. 13. How Jelastic Can Help
  14. 14. Containers density and automatic vertical scaling with economically advantageous pricing based on real resource consumption Forbes - Deceptive Cloud Efficiency: Do You Really Pay As You Use? Pay-per-Use Pricing in Containerized PaaS
  15. 15. Auto-Scalable Clusters in One Click Automated installation, scaling, replication and updates simplify the management and support of applications requiring minimal to no involvement ● pre-packaged clusters out-of-the-box ● possibility to package custom templates
  16. 16. Auto-Scalable Clusters in One Click Install packaged application to several available regions at once for protection against data center failure
  17. 17. MySQL and MariaDB Auto Clustering ● Data replication options: Master-Slave, Master-Master, Galera, Single- and Multi-Primary Group Replication ● Efficient load balancing with ProxySQL ● Scalability and autodiscovery ● Automated failover mechanism ● Intuitive GUI for simplified cluster management
  18. 18. Auto-Scalable Magento Cluster
  19. 19. High Availability with Multi-Region Deploy Install packaged application to several available regions at once for protection against data center failure
  20. 20. Automated DevOps Processes ● Easily provision clustered replicas of the project for dev, test, stage and production ● Automate continuous integration, delivery and updates ● Collaborate with the team providing or restricting access ● Isolate and distribute workloads
  21. 21. Value-Added Services for Target Customers Software Companies DevOps Teams Web Agencies Startups Individual Developers ISVs Large SaaS Providers Media Content Providers Finance and Banking Outsourcing Companies Retailers Governmental Organizations
  22. 22. Grow Business Easily! Learn More Start Partnership Jelastic Blog