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Auto-Clustered Database-as-a-Service from Jelastic Multi-Cloud


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Check out the benefits of Database-as-a-Service with automated installation, scaling, replication, and updates that simplify the management and support of clustered solutions requiring minimal to no involvement. Explore the details of the database clusterization from Jelastic PaaS and give a try following the instruction for MySQL/MariaDB
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Auto-Clustered Database-as-a-Service from Jelastic Multi-Cloud

  1. 1. Auto-Scalable Clustering Database-as-a-Service
  2. 2. Downtime Cost while Load Spikes or Infra Failures Hourly cost across industries (in $ thsd) Research based on 63 US data centers
  3. 3. Complexity while Setting Up Clusters CONFIGURATION CHALLENGE
  4. 4. Auto-Scalable Clusters in One Click ● ●
  5. 5. MySQL and MariaDB Auto Clustering ● ● ● ● ●
  6. 6. Built-In Auto Clustering
  7. 7. Master-Slave Replication
  8. 8. Master-Master Replication
  9. 9. MySQL Group Replication Requirements ● InnoDB Storage Engine ● Primary Keys ● IPv4 Network ● Network Performance
  10. 10. Single-Primary Group Replication
  11. 11. Multi-Primary Group Replication
  12. 12. Galera Cluster
  13. 13. Master-Slave PostgreSQL Replication
  14. 14. Couchbase Auto-Scalable Cluster
  15. 15. Clustering Is Easy! Learn More Start Business Jelastic Blog