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Weso research group


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A presentation talk about WESO and my current research interests

Published in: Education
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Weso research group

  1. 1. WESO Research Group Jose Emilio Labra Gayo WESO = WEb Semantics Oviedo)
  2. 2. About WESOCreated in 2004Application of Semantic Web technlogies4 associate professors 6 students (Phd + Master)Address: University of Oviedo Dept. Computer Science Oviedo, Spain
  3. 3. ¿Where is Oviedo?
  4. 4. Some relevant projects BOPA BCN MOLDEAS ACOTA ORBITA WebIndex ROCAS
  5. 5. BOPAOfficial Gazette Principality of Asturias - 2004 Convert daily published laws in Asturias to RDF Semantic search engine Using spreading activation to expand search query Software: OntoSpread Challenges detected: Visualization tool Ontology development
  6. 6. BCNNational Library of Congress, Chile History of the Law Linked Open Data 300.000 norms and their relationships First stage: Only metadata Title, important dates, types, relationships We exclude body text (articles, chapters, etc.) Entity reconciliation Match strings to URIs Entities: Person names, Organizations (political parties, Location names Charges .... Semantic search engine In development
  7. 7. MOLDEASCompany: EuroAlert (Gateway) Public procurement notices Catalog of product schema clasifications (1842053 triples) Common Procurement vocabulary (803311 triples) Multilingual Linked data 23 EU languages MOLDEAS = Methods On Linked Data for E-procurement Applying Semantics
  8. 8. ACOTATreelogic (technological research product)Tag suggestion + Ontology feedbackLibrary to suggest tags based on ontology conceptsOntology feedback in development
  9. 9. ORBITACompany: TreelogicVisualization of linked dataEntity reconciliationBased on previous work: LODViz
  10. 10. WebIndexPartner: Web FoundationMeasure the impact of the web in the world61 countries, 83 indicatorsOur work: Convert Statistical data to linked data Input: Excel spreadsheets Output: Linked data (RDF Data cube)
  11. 11. ROCASGOAL: Algorithms to query large semantic dataChallenge: Semantic search + inference + cloudIntuition: SPARQL queries + backward reasoningIn development MapReduce? ROCAS = Reasoning On the Cloud by Applying Semantics
  12. 12. Personal backgroundOn a sabbatical (Sep 2012-Feb 2013)Research Interests: Linked Open Data Multilingual Linked Open Data RDF + SPARQL + Inference engines Backward reasoning (Prolog-like) Cloud Computing (MapReduce) MapReduce, Parallel algorithms over graphs Scala - Functional programming Phd Thesis: Monads, generic programming, modularity
  13. 13. Research Interests Linked Data Semantic web stack RDF + SPARQL + Inference Multilinguism NLP + Semantic Search ScalaFunctional + Generic Programming MapReduce Distributed Computing