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  1. 1. If you are looking for cosy, five-star amenities all around, simulated trip to witness the natural beauty, then you have our apologies. We offer experiences that stay with you for a lifetime,experiences that change the way you look at life, yours and all life forms surrounding you.It is this persona that we have, that helps us in assisting you with accomplishing the dream of trekking in some of the worlds toughest terrains. Trust us, we have the knowhow and the expertise to take you places. Welcome to your date with the edge!
  2. 2. Attention all those who are beyond garden- specially designed adventure tour packages,variety adventure tourism packages. which are nothing less than large doses of pureThe packages that Nomadier offers are made of adrenaline.unadulterated, unforgettable experiences that More often than not, it must have occurred towill help you determine your mettle while at the you to undertake a trek/ expedition that wouldsame time interpreting the world in a meaningful change your life and make you a strongerand engaging manner. person mentally. Our treks are built tough, butCome explore the demanding terrains of mystical they echo in them a sense of belonging andlands of Everest, Tibet, Ladakh, Himachal achievement which make you a survivor of life.Pradesh amongst many others, with our
  3. 3. Philosophy VisionBeing eco-conscious is our underlying work Within the next five years, Nomadier Escapades willphilosophy at all times. We have always tried to build become the most credible and preferred adventureand maintain eco-tourism and strive to contribute to a tourism agency in India, known internationally formore responsible involvement. Our approach is that client safety standards, adherence to eco-tourismof nourishing nature in all its magnificence, and giving practices and responsibility towards the conservationback what she has given us. Nomadier always of the regions it operates in.employs local people and local businesses, to ensurethis, and is completely committed to uphold everymember of the team and support staff. Fair treatment Missionand acknowledgement is persistently integrated into We are in the business of providing eco-friendly andour consciousness, and it is here to stay. responsible adventure tourism expeditions to various regions, in India and internationally, to all individuals who meet the fitness levels specified for every expedition, through constantly tailored packages, conceived and undertaken by the locals and certified guides of the region and thereby make our clients experience the thrill of adventure and interpret the region without compromising on their safety.
  4. 4. History of Success - Solutions (A Pan-India Media Planning, Buying and Releasing Agency) and Partner with PrudentiaThe Pedigree Strategic Partners, a Management consultancy firm. Among the promoters is also the Founder ofThe promoters of Nomadier bring with them a rich ESCAPE, one of Indias leading leisure and businessexperience of the travel industry and in taking diverse travel firms specializing in customized bookings toentrepreneurial ventures to soaring heights of exclusive locations anywhere in the world. Travellingsuccess. In them, we have the Founder Member and relentlessly and closely observing the varied cultureserstwhile Partner with HANMER MSL (part of the and etiquettes in each land of travel is whatPublicis GROUPE), Indias largest multi-disciplinary Nomadiers promoters share in common. They alsocommunications firm. Under his tutelage, HANMER posses the exposure in handling global clientele andMSL grew from just five member staff to more than offices and between them have visited over 40400 across eight offices! Currently, he is also the countries. But this is not to say that they share all theirPromoter and Managing Director of Metieta Media interests. While one might be busy exploring a strange cuisine and living a foodies dream, the other might be scaling a mountain or trekking a rough path. However when it comes to Nomadier, they together certainly ensure for you, a trusted saathi with hands- on knowledge of every pebble in the region of travel they offer you.
  5. 5. Experience Matters – Unmetered Doses –Nomadier Difference Nomadiers OfferingsRaw. Spontaneous. Unscripted. These are just a few So we cover regions and places and geographies inwords that set Nomadier apart from the numerous our packages that spelladventure tour operators out there. As you would U N L I M I T E D E S C A P A D E S.have realized by now, falling in a rut is so not our wayof functioning. We have carefully handpicked all our We are currently in the unrelenting Everest (Solo –expeditions and treks so that you get an out-of-this- Khumbu) region, the mystical and magical Ladakh,world experience every time you plan a trip with us. the magnetizing Tibet and the spell-binding HimachalWe make sure that the time you spend with us is one Pradesh and of course we will soon be offeringof your most cherished memories and should stay expeditions across the regions of Bhutan, Northeastwith you till the very end. India and Gujarat. These are our offerings wherein each region has various custom – designed packages to suit the tastes and the urge of various adventure junkies of varying degrees. But it really doesn’t summarize the reach of our goals. Our future treks will get even more endearing and explore some real nasty terrains like Antarctica, the Arctic, Siberia, Congo, Alaska to name a few. It is our humble plea that you just bring with yourself a brave heart and we will make sure how to make it skip a beat! Rest assured, you have our word for ensuring an exciting, safe and memorable experience for you!
  6. 6. Ladakh RegionLadakh is sure to stun you, as soon as you layyour eyes on it. Encompassed with extra-ordinary scenic beauty and obscure terrains, theLadakhi air smells of freshly brewed nature. Youare bound to lose yourself to the gentle caressesof the valleys, rivers and mountains. A holidayhere means a total cut off from an entirecivilization so that you can relax to the maximumand feel yourself rejuvenated when you returnback home. If ever there could be a perfectgetaway, Ladakh would receive the most votesand this is not without reason.Ladakhs varied landscapes also present a widearray of adventure activities, including activitieswere pretty sure you havent even heard of, tosatiate the needs of a Nomadier.
  7. 7. Ladakh Region MAY TO OCTOBERL001 Heritage Ladakh 06 N / 07 DL002 Sham Valley Trek 1 (Short Trek) 06 N / 07 DL003 Sham Valley Trek 2 (Short Trek) 06 N / 07 DL004 Sham Valley Trek With Rafting (Short Trek) 06 N / 07 DL005 Wildlife And Village Trek 06 N / 07 DL006 Sham Valley Trek 1 (Long Trek) 09 N / 10 D JUNE TO SEPTEMBERL007 Stok Kangri Mountaineering Expedition (Short Duration) 11 N / 12 DL008 Stok Kangri Mountaineering Expedition (Long Duration) 16 N / 17 DL010 Extreme Adventure - Mix Package 14 N / 15 DL011 Cycle Safari 14 N / 15 DL012 Bike Safari 13 N / 14 D MAY TO SEPTEMBERL009 Markha Valley 11 N / 12 D MARCHL013 Festival Package 1 - Matho Nagrang 06 N / 07 DL016 Festival Package 4 - Stok Guru Tse-chu 06 N / 07 D NOVEMBERL014 Festival Package 2 - Thiksey Gustor 06 N / 07 DL015 Festival Package 3 - Chemrey Angchok 06 N / 07 D JANUARY TO FEBRUARYL017 Winter Trek Package 06 N / 07 DL018 The 45(Chadar Trek) 16 N / 17 D
  8. 8. Everest Region(Solo-Khumbu)This is one region that results in a deluge of emotionsand thoughts and leaves you speechless at the sametime. This land is home to the mighty Mt. Everest, thetallest mountain in the world, the sight of which isknown to humble the most fearless. This place has aunique charm to it, as it has surpassed the test of timeand endured throughout all these years. You will besurprised to find a land which can only be describedas being mythical. A place that is a synonym forextreme. Extreme climates, extreme topography,extreme wildlife and extreme determination of bothman and nature.This is a place, the wonders, the colours and thevibrancy of which, can only be experienced in theirtruest sense by being there in person, standingamidst one of Mother Natures purest and mostprecious gifts to mankind.
  9. 9. Everest Region (Solo-Khumbu) March to May and Mid-September to Mid-DecemberE001 Namche Bazaar Trek 11 D / 10 NE002 Everest Base Camp Trekking Expedition 17 D / 16 NE003 Gokyo Ri Trekking Expedition 16 D / 15 NE004 Everest Base Camp + Gokyo Ri Trekking Expedition 22 D / 21 NE005 Island Peak Mountaineering 19 D / 18 NE006 Mera Peak Mountaineering 17 D / 16 N
  10. 10. Tibet RegionThe mystical land of fantasy known as the Roof of theWorld, Tibet, is the heart of Buddhist culture andphilosophy and one of the most mesmerizingdestinations in the world today. Tibet has a charm toit, which is irresistible. A visitor to Tibet will beenchanted by the feeling of reminiscence surroundedacross the land. With Mt. Kailash, Lake Mansarovar,Mt. Everest and the city of Lhasa beheld in itsbosom, Tibet procures instant nourishment for thesoul.Furthermore a forbidden kingdom awaits you! Lhasa,the forbidden kingdom, is one of the highest cities inthe world and home to the earliest signs of theTibetan Buddhist culture. Catch the truly Nomadierlifestyle in a land rich in mountains, monks, mystery,and adventure.
  11. 11. Tibet Region APRIL TO NOVEMBERT001 Lhasa City Tour 07 N / 08 DT002 Tibet Overland Tour 10 N / 11 DT003 Lhasa-Everest Base Camp (North Face) Tour 12 N / 13 DT004 Kailash-Mansarovar Tour 15 N / 16 D
  12. 12. Himachal Pradesh RegionBlessed with cascading rivers, green valleys, snowcaped mountains and thick vegetation, it reallydoesnt come as a surprise that it was known as theAbode of Gods in the ancient times. HimachalPradesh unarguably ranks number one in the prioritylist of travelers, photographers, tourists, nomads,backpackers etc.The beauty of the place strikes a cord with theNomadier in you in an instant, and you are filled withan overwhelming feeling of gratitude towards it. Itsoothes ones consciousness, and calls youto bathe in its splendor. Taking in as much of thespectacle and the culture, you will be delighted like achild who gets a new toy.You as a Nomadier are bound to relish it forever!
  13. 13. Himachal Pradesh Region JEEP SAFARISH001 Explore Himachal 1 - Jeep Safari 06 N/ 07 DH002 Explore Himachal 2 - Jeep Safari 09 N/ 10 DH003 Himalayan Adventures Manali Jeep Safari 09 N/ 10 DH004 Shimla – Spiti – Manali Jeep Safari 11 N/ 12 DH005 Tsomoriri Jeep Safari 16 N/ 17 D TREKKING PACKAGESH006 Chanderkhani Trek 06 N/ 07 DH007 Hampta Trek 06 N/ 07 DH008 Beaskund Package Trek 07 N/ 08 DH009 Barlachala La Trek 08 N/ 09 DH010 Deo Tibba Base Trek 09 N/ 10 DH011 Beaskund – Pandu Ropa Trek 09 N/ 10 DH012 Solang – Shimla Trek (Over Jhalori Pass) 11 N/ 12 DH013 Malana Village Trek 11 N/ 12 DH014 Bhawa Pass Trek 12 N/ 13 DH015 Parang La Trek 13 N/ 14 DH016 Pin Parvati Trek 13 N/ 14 DH017 Circular Trek - 1 14 N/ 15 DH018 Bara Bhangal Trek 15 N/ 16 DH019 Circular Trek - 2 18 N/ 19 DH020 Tsomoriri Trek 19 N/ 20 D BIKE SAFARISH021 Manali – Leh via Tsomoriri Motor Bike Safari 07 N/ 08 DH022 Manali – Leh and Around Motor Bike Safari 11 N/ 12 DH023 Manali – Tsomoriri – Leh and Around Motor Bike Safari 13 N/ 14 D
  14. 14. Nomadiers Commitment towards it begins right from your arrival to your departure. Once you are in our threshold you become our responsibility and we leave no stone unturned inHowever we would like to underline an aspect that is ensuring a safe and exciting stay.never neglected at Nomadier, Your Safety. Your safetyis of utmost priority to us. We have guides and *In Tibet, our Guides are certified by the China-Tibetrepresentatives on our team who are government Tourism Boardcertified professionals and who would always have *In Nepal, our Expedition Guides are registered withyour safety foremost on their mind. We have ensured, the Nepal Tourism Board and licensed by theyou to be acquainted with the various safety Government of Nepal, and our Climbing Guides areguidelines and we take it very seriously. We make registered with the Nepal Mountaineering Associationsure that all safety measures are adhered to when and licensed by the Government of Nepalundertaking any expedition and our commitment
  15. 15. Hand In Hand with -The Best Strategic PartnersWhen you choose Nomadier, you also choose threeothers, who are among the best in the travel industry.Our strategic tie-ups ensure that your travel is with themost experienced and trusted in the business. Nostone has been left unturned to ensure that you getthe best and safest experience when you are takingup an expedition with us.For Everest and TibetOur first strategic partner for impeccable backendsupport for our expeditions in Everest and the Tibetregion are based in the Himalayan Republic of Nepalin Kathmandu. Its owners, travel trade entrepreneursand climbing / trekking managers, bring a combinedexperience of over 20 years. A factor, that ensuresthat the minutest of details necessary for making yourexpedition delightful have been learnt firsthand andtaken into consideration. This team has alwaysascertained that the guests get the best experiencewithout any glitches, a fact made evident by thenumerous words of appreciation expressed byprevious patrons about their competency andpersonalized care.
  16. 16. For LadakhOur second strategic partner, for Ladakh, is headedby a group of professional entrepreneurs who haveover 15 years of experience in the adventure tourismindustry. They are committed to the development ofthe region as well as cultural fusion and hence all theirservices are based on the principle of eco-tourismand maximum interaction between local inhabitantsand the guests. Their experience in the sector keepsthem well placed to rectify, on-the-spot, anyunforeseen problems, should they occur. Some oftheir esteemed clients consist of reputed names likeKuoni India Ltd, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd, TIME Pvt.Ltd, Mercury Travels (India) Ltd, Make My Trip,,, TCI (Now a part of ThomasCook), Balmer Lawrie to mention a few. Apart fromthese organizations they are also associated withIRCTC and IDTC.
  17. 17. For Himachal PradeshOur third strategic partner is for the mesmerizingterrains of Himachal Pradesh. They have been thereand done it all as it is being handled by two trainedand experienced mountaineers, who are also expertsat skiing, paragliding to name a few. With theircombined years of experience of more than 33 years,they have an immense knowledge about terrains andtheir personal expertise in adventure activities; youcan be rest assured that you would be visiting someof the rarest and less trodden trails in HimachalPradesh. These trails have been hand-picked, triedand tested to perfection. They also have a specialmention in the Lonely Planet for the services theyoffer in this region. To add more they are alsosupported by a full team and all in-house best-in-classadventure equipments, so when you go on a trip withthem you know you are in safe hands.
  18. 18. Who Should Come? –Nomadiers RelevanceAny one who has the spirit of adventure brewingwithin is welcome. Nomadier does not believe in barsof any kind. Nomadiers packages hold relevance foranybody who understands the basic fact that everyonce in a while, everybody needs a break from lifesscheduled and routine chores.
  19. 19. Nomadier Escapades Pvt. Ltd. Discover adventure travel, raw & unbound at: E: info W: Customer Service Department Mr. Varghese Joseph M: +91 9925198648 Mumbai Office Ahmedabad Office # 1 Ahmedabad Office # 2 62, Prashant Building, 4th floor 401, B-Wing, Krishna Complex 201, Subh House, 77 Swastik Society, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Opp. Devashish School, B/h, St. Xaviers Ladies Hostel,Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA 400 001 Off S. G. Highway, Bodakdev, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009, T + F: +91 22 4022 6380 Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA 380 054 Gujarat, INDIA T: +91 79 2687 2455 F: +91 79 2687 1767Mountaineering Camping Cycle Safari Religious Tours Heritage WalksTrekking Frozen River Trekking Motorbike Safari Walking Tours Eco-toursWhite Water Rafting Winter Escapades Jeep Safari Nature Trips Campervan Tourism