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  1. 1. a|b|o|u|t
  2. 2. • strategic creative division of metieta advertising private limitedabout - • here to create memorable brands; we look at the whole picture and notus just offer an ad-hoc communications solution • offer an extensive and quality range of brand communications services with a long-term perspective based on meticulous research, identification of insights and strong planning • closely work with our clients as their partners to better connect their brand to their target audiences
  3. 3. • we are all about “brands”about - • we are all about “insights”us • we are all about “long-term partnerships”
  4. 4. • we create marshmallows aka memorable sweet brands that will be eternally loved and consumed by its target audiencesabout -name • we have the right kind of ingredients to create a memorable brand • we have that skilled and elaborate systematic chaos brand approach model • we only offer tailor-made strategies and creative solutions that are best-fit for the brand • we work on a long-term perspective and do not get lured by short- term, stop-gap, reactive propositions • we are your medicine to cure your “not a hundred percent” winning brand
  5. 5. • to be a long-term communications partner to our clientsabout - • create leading brand equity for our clients’ brands by buildingvision memorable, sustainable and winning brands, while maximizing return on investment in their brands • thus become the best in the business • thus create a sustainable and profitable business
  6. 6. • to be knowledgeable • to be a keen observerabout - • to be research orientedmission • to be insightful • to be goal-oriented • to be certain on target audiences • to be future-ready • to be strategically strong • to be innovative in our creativity • to maximize clients’ return on investment • to be a partner • to be productive • to be people’s people
  7. 7. • we are marshmallows • we have common purposeabout – • we deliver impeccable quality • we are accountableway of life • we are honest • we are a team • we are partners • we are passionate • we are leaders • we share • we are diverse • we are focused • we are insatiably curious • we work smart • we are responsible • we are simple • we are ingenious • we act like owners
  8. 8. c|a|p|a|b|i|l|i|t|i|e|s
  9. 9. • brand strategiescapabilities – • implementation namingbrand logo creationconsulting brand architecture including umbrella branding, sub-branding and brand extensions brand vision, mission and core values brand positioning brand identity including brand personality brand guideline document brand communications
  10. 10. • we develop effective creative strategy that serves as a guideline for the creative solutions for the campaign and in turn the brandcapabilities –creative • we deliver the “big idea” and the detailed roadmap for the creativeconsulting solutions • big idea ensures right messages to the right target audiences in the most creative manner and also ensures that every piece of communication adds to the overall brand equity • the roadmap defines the tone, the tactics, the language and the clutter breaking approach
  11. 11. • advertisingcapabilities – • digital and social media • productioncreative • displaysolutions • corporate • support services
  12. 12. e|x|p|e|r|i|e|n|c|e
  13. 13. • we are a team of diverse collective genius at work and hence are more efficient and effectiveexperience • we have the right kind of know-how to create a memorable brand – technical and creative expertise, market understanding, consumer knowledge and insights, research and strategy background and network • more so – previous entrepreneurial success in the same field – collectively handled more than 500 local and global brands across diverse industries in last 15years
  14. 14. c|o|n|n|e|c|t
  15. 15. 401, b wing, krishna complex, opp. devashish school bodakdev, ahmedabad - 380 054, gujarat, indiaconnect -  ahmedabad t: +91- 79 - 2687 0983, 2687 2455, 4020 0700 f: +91 - 79 - 2687 1767 e: w:
  16. 16. 13, 1st floor, contractor building 15, vaju kotak marg, fort, mumbai – 400 001, indiaconnect -  mumbai t + f: +91- 22 – 4022 6380 e: w: