Daniel-san or Cobra Kai: A different perspective on Transformation through Customer Experience


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To create a great digital customer experience, many companies have to transform their businesses. While we talk about Transformation and Customer Experience together, these words mean drastically different things. In this SlideDoc I present a new way to look at Customer Experience as it fits into Transformation.

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Daniel-san or Cobra Kai: A different perspective on Transformation through Customer Experience

  1. 1. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 1 Justin King | @justin_king
  2. 2. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king We want to create a great experience for our customers, regardless of the channel. 2 although I will focus on digital
  3. 3. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 3 what if you can’t -46% +22.5% CX leaders CX laggards Customer Experience Laggards vs Leaders: 5-year stock performance To convince our executive teams, we might be tempted to put up a slide like this to say “LOOK AT THE LAGGARDS WITHOUT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!!”
  4. 4. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 4 +22.5% CX leaders However, when you remove everything else you hear a consistent message from the leaders…
  5. 5. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 5 +22.5% CX leaders ransformation through Customer ExperienceT
  6. 6. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 6 Transformation is about complete change 6 | Img source: http://www.forgivenessministries.com/pdshop/shop/category.aspx?catid=6 Isn’t transformation an awesome word? Offensive and Powerful
  7. 7. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 777 | Img source http://blogs.bgsu.edu/aclevel/2013/09/11/contrast-and-affinity/ CONTRASTED WITH…
  8. 8. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 8 an interaction between an organization and a customer as perceived through a customer’s conscious and subconscious mind. It is a blend of an organization’s rational performance, the senses stimulated and the emotions evoked and intuitively measured against customer expectations across all moments of contact. See more at: http://www.beyondphilosophy.com/customer-experience/#sthash.byLZKnMK.dpuf Customer Experience is:
  9. 9. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 999 | Img source: http://www.geniusawakening.com/genius-brain/subconscious-mind-controls-behavior/ Dramatic change versus the sub- conscious mind? The two words don’t really go together do they?
  10. 10. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 10 We often talk about Customer Experience defensively 101010 | Img source: http://tomsworkbench.com/2012/03/28/wax-on-wax-off//
  11. 11. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 11 Or how it is about connecting emotionally 111111 | Img source: http://www.ldrmagazine.com/blog/2013/10/28/movie-review-monday-sleepless-seattle/
  12. 12. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 1212121212 | Img source: http://www.g33kwatch.com/editorials/g33kbowl/round-by-round-draft-analysis-2013-g33kbowl-fantasy-football Yet, transformation is aggressive
  13. 13. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 1313 Or we tell a story of a GOOD customer experience 131313 | Img source: http://thedisneyblog.com/
  14. 14. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king or BAD 14 United Breaks Guitars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo-
  15. 15. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 15151515 | Img source: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-an-emotional-quotient-eq.htm But emotional, defensive, or cute stories do not resonate in the board room…
  16. 16. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 16 So, how do the words transformation and customer experience go together? Or do they go together at all?
  17. 17. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 17 To answer this question, let me tell you a story. true
  18. 18. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 1818181818 | Img source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/gallery/2010/10/12/GA2010101205424.html Remember the 33 Chilean miners that were trapped underground for 69 days. It took 17 days to reach the men in their cavern.
  19. 19. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 191919191919 | Img source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-22058752 For 17 days, all they had to eat was a few rations and water from an oily cistern. They were starving.
  20. 20. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 20202020202020 | Img source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-22058752 Once they reached the men and widened the tunnel, the rescuers sent down basic foods to even out their diet.
  21. 21. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 2121212121212121 | Img source: http://blog.munchery.com/2012/04/meet-chef-michelle-harrison/ Eventually, they started receiving professionally cooked and personalized meals.
  22. 22. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 22 Then something interesting happened. They went from starving to basic foods to eating the best food of their lives and their expectations changed…
  23. 23. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 23 They started sending back food that wasn’t up to their new expectations. Not hot enough, not tasty enough, whatever didn’t meet their expectations
  24. 24. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king MORAL OF THE STORY 24
  25. 25. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 252525252525252525 | Img source: http://blog.munchery.com/2012/04/meet-chef-michelle-harrison/ expectations change REALLY FAST
  26. 26. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 26 and if you set expectations high enough, you can induce a negative reaction when those expectations are not met
  27. 27. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 2727272727 | Img source: http://www.g33kwatch.com/editorials/g33kbowl/round-by-round-draft-analysis-2013-g33kbowl-fantasy-football So, Customer Experience SHOULD be an aggressive, offensive, competitive advantage, “sweep the leg, Johnny!” approach to your business.
  28. 28. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 28 Set expectations on your web site that are so high, that whenever they go anywhere else and those expectations are not met, they have a negative reaction.
  29. 29. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 292929292929 | Img source: http://www.g33kwatch.com/editorials/g33kbowl/round-by-round-draft-analysis-2013-g33kbowl-fantasy-football Do you think Jeff Bezos thinks about Customer Experience as a defensive response and meeting some emotional need of a customer through the sub-conscience?
  30. 30. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 30 Or is CX an aggressive, offensive high expectations setting, competitive advantage?
  31. 31. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 31313131313131313131 | Img source: http://emergeblog.net/shareholders/why-are-llc-operating-agreements-so-complicated/attachment/corporate-board-member-roundtable/ take THAT message to your next board meeting
  32. 32. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king Let me know how it goes @justin_king justin@ecommerceandb2b.com 32
  33. 33. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king SOME THOUGHTS • I built this because of a disconnect in the boardroom asking what does customer experience really matter? • Of course the presentation of this is only about 4 slides long, but I love the idea of SlideDocs or BlogSharing to convey an idea. I ain’t a good writer, but I love putting slides together. • If you want to learn more about the Chilean Miners – read Jonathan Franklins’ book 33 Men. It is a fantastic story and book. • If you are under the age of 30, my Cobra Kai and Sweep the Leg references (which I thought was brilliant BTW) were probably lost on you. Go rent The Karate Kid. The real one with Ralph Macchio, not Jaden Smith. If you got the reference, you thought it was brilliant too . • These are my thoughts, and not of my employer. Blah blah blah. • I will no longer be blogging, only putting together these SlideDocs. I love them. • Let me know what you think - @justin_king. 33
  34. 34. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM @justin_king justin@ecommerceandb2b.com 34