a Sales Consultants guide to presenting and demos


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Sales Consulting is a great mix of technology and business. But to be a great Sales Consultant takes great presenting, fantastic demos and the ability to field lots of different questions. In this slidedoc I walk through how to present (and not to), a way to plan your demo, and strategies of how to handle objections and questions.

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  • Stories really are a great way to make presentations memorable. Sometimes it's hard to think of an entertaining story that also perfectly matches the point you're trying to make, but would you say that "bending" the story (or totally fabricating it) can be "okay" in the right context?
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  • Stories really are a great way to make presentations memorable. Sometimes it's hard to think of an entertaining story that also perfectly matches the point you're trying to make, but "bending
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a Sales Consultants guide to presenting and demos

  1. 1. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 11111111 | Img source: http://francis-moran.com/author/anil/ A Sales Consultants guide to PRESENTING and DEMOS By Justin King @justin_king
  2. 2. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 2 Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.
  3. 3. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 3 As a Sales Engineer, your expertise is whatever technology or industry you are focused on. However, your craft is communication.
  4. 4. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 4
  5. 5. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 5 This SlideDoc is focused on how we do our craft. Visit duarte.com for more info on SlideDocs
  6. 6. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 6 This is a compilation of my reading of blogs, books and my own experience. I will give credit everywhere I can for other peoples work.
  7. 7. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 7 A good Sales Consultant does 3 things really well: 1 2 3 presentation demo field questions
  8. 8. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 8 A good Sales Consultant does 3 things really well: 1 2 3 presentation demo field questions
  9. 9. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 9 The following couple of points come from Don McMillan at technicallyfunny.com and his Life after Death by Powerpoint video. Watch it – it is funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbSP PFYxx3o
  10. 10. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 10
  11. 11. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 11
  12. 12. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 12 outline ≠ slides
  13. 13. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 13
  14. 14. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 14 Instead of this…
  15. 15. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 15 Our software is the bestest because of: 1.Best Customer Experience 2.Business tools 3.Flexible and scalable
  16. 16. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 16 Do this…
  17. 17. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 17 Our software is the bestest… 2. Business Tools 3. Flexible and Scalable 1. Best Customer Experience
  18. 18. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king
  19. 19. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king • The next mistake is taking everything you are going to say about the slide and writing it on the slide. Although this eliminates the need to memorize your talk, ultimately this makes your slides crowded, wordy and boring. You will lose your audience’s attention before you even reach the bottom of your...
  20. 20. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king • Continued… first slide
  21. 21. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king ( you or the slide )
  22. 22. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king Eliminate as much text as you possibly can
  23. 23. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king Eliminate as much text as you possibly can
  24. 24. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king Don’t do this
  25. 25. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 25252525252525 | Img source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/nickmalik/archive/2010/04/29/drawing-effective-technical-diagrams.aspx?Redirected=true
  26. 26. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 26 Don’t do the EYE CHART thing either If you have say “this is a bit of an eye chart”, you are already wasting everyone's time http://lifeoflewwho.wordpress.com/20 12/08/15/the-biggest-little-things/
  27. 27. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king
  28. 28. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 28 Instead of putting multiple images on a page WITH lots of text too like…
  29. 29. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king
  30. 30. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 30 Or stretching and pixelating the image like this…
  31. 31. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 31 How about this instead.
  32. 32. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 32
  33. 33. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king
  34. 34. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 34 Figure out a way to tell a story. Stories are entertaining. Stories are memorable. And being memorable is a successful presentation.
  35. 35. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 35 Buy and read these books TODAY
  36. 36. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 36 A good Sales Consultant does 3 things really well: 1 2 3 presentation demo field questions
  37. 37. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 37373737373737373737373737 | Img source: http://www.bubblews.com/news/730378-movie-review-the-incredible-burt-wonderstone Your demo should be a magic show
  38. 38. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 38 1. Well scripted and practiced 2. A memorable story line or humor 3. The story line and humor help draw attention away from or to whatever the magician wants. 4. Builds tension and surprises the audience 5. Includes the audience at each step 6. Starts and finishes with an impressive trick or feat
  39. 39. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 39 Take the time up front for Discovery and Planning ask questions and script out your demo 39
  40. 40. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 40 Like any great show we want to grab their attention, build tension, create twists, and end with excitement and a payoff.
  41. 41. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 41 To do that: Show them the sizzle first Then deconstruct how you got there Show them the sizzle again
  42. 42. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 42 To do that: Show them the sizzle first Then deconstruct how you got there Show them the sizzle again Build tension, like “we don’t believe that is real software” or “that is very different from how we have done things”
  43. 43. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 434343434343434343434343 | Img source: http://www.goziplineusa.com/// Tension and twists help keep your audiences attention focused on you the entire time. If they don’t know what is coming next, they will pay attention. It is an advanced presentation skill, but amazingly effective when you pull it off.
  44. 44. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 44 Here are some things to do or not to do.
  45. 45. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 45 “Look how simple it is to do this” Say this often
  46. 46. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 46 An excerpt from: http://greatdemo.blogspot.com/2012/01/practice-your-mouse- movements-all-time.html For some people presenting demonstrations, moving the mouse smoothly and deliberately occurs naturally. For others, it can be a real challenge! Here’s a quick tip: practice moving your mouse as if you are delivering a demo all of the time. The “muscle memory” associated with constant practice will reward you when you are in the heat of a tough demo – and can’t invest time to think about how best to move your mouse. When we are mousing for ourselves, our mouse movements tend to follow the motion of our eyes. So, if we are hunting for a specific command or tool, as our eyes flit back and forth across the screen so does our mouse! Instead, think (first) about where we want the mouse to go, then move it smoooooothly and deliberately to that specific location. And don’t move it again until you’ve identified the next specific destination…!
  47. 47. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 47 Don’t describe the labor, just show us the baby
  48. 48. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 484848484848484848 | Img source: http://blog.munchery.com/2012/04/meet-chef-michelle-harrison/ saying we are going to move REALLY FAST through this next section
  49. 49. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 49494949494949494949 | Img source: http://audiohotsauce.com/art-installations-and-interactive-spaces-at-lightning-in-a-bottle/ While starting the meeting off saying it is going to be interactive and all about THEM
  50. 50. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 50 Telling everyone about your slow internet connection is a waste of time 50505050505050505050 | Img source: http://pchelpplanet.com/internet-slow-today/how-to-deal-with-slow-internet-connections//
  51. 51. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 51 Excerpts from SecondDerivative.com 1.“The Harbor Cruise” Be unclear on the Customer’s Needs. Offer and deliver a demo in the hope that your customer will see something of interest, eventually. 2. Present a Linear Demo from beginning to end: “Where is this going…?”. You can ensure the same awful fate for your customers by delivering long, linear demos that start at the beginning of a workflow and take forty or sixty minutes (or longer!) to finally reach the big pay-off screen. 3.“Death by Corporate Overview”. Make Number 2, above, even worse by starting the meeting with twenty minutes of your corporate overview. Regale your audience with your mission statement (yawn), your company’s formation and history (yawn), your revenues, office locations, markets, products, and that smorgasbord of customer logos (yawn, yawn, yawn, snooze…). 4. Don’t reconfirm the Time Constraints for the meeting: “Sorry, we’re out of time…” 5.Show as many Features as possible. Want to make your software appear as confusing and complex as possible? Want to find more ways to bore and torture your audience? It’s easy: show as many features and capabilities that you possibly can! 6. Show the same demo all the time. Ignore the fact that the VP in the room only wants a top-level overview of your offering and that the managers in the room are interested only in their portion of the process. 7.“But what about…?”. Letting questions divert your demo is an excellent way to ensure that you lose the customer’s key players early in the meeting and run out of time before you’ve gotten to your key points. 8.Let Bugs and Crashes consume you: “Gee, it’s never done that before…”. As a bonus, make sure that the balance of your team is sitting in the rear of the room doing email on their phones and not helping manage the audience. 9.“Ta-da… Any questions?” You’ve been demoing along for twenty or forty minutes and you finally get to your big pay-off screen – the key message. You present it for 500 milliseconds and then move swiftly to a PowerPoint slide that says, “Thank you”. 10.Avoid Summarizing: “And the next thing is…”. Roll along from section to section, through segment after segment, in a continuous verbal assault. Leave no pauses, offer no introductions and, by all means, don’t summarize after you complete an important segment.
  52. 52. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 52 A good Sales Consultant does 3 things really well: 1 2 3 presentation demo field questions
  53. 53. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 53535353535353 | Img source: http://www.ebay.com/sch/Altered-Art-Collage-/75570/i.html Don’t build a watch when they ask what time it is.
  54. 54. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 54 Yes or No is a perfectly good answer
  55. 55. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 5555555555555555 | Img source: http://www.ebay.com/sch/Altered-Art-Collage-/75570/i.html
  56. 56. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 56 Objection creates opportunities
  57. 57. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 57 See and Hear Comprehend SatisfyEmpathyYes Clarify No No Verify Yes
  58. 58. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 58 Does anyone have any questions for my answers? -Henry Kissinger 58585858585858 | Img source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/11/kerry-syria_n_3903888.html
  59. 59. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 5959
  60. 60. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 6060
  61. 61. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 61 Pivot and Bridge Statements
  62. 62. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 62 A good Sales Consultant does 3 things really well: 1 2 3 presentation demo field questions
  63. 63. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 63 1 2 3 presentation demo field questions Sales is what we do, but a Consultant is who we are.
  64. 64. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 64 @justin_king | justin@ecommerceandb2b.com thank you!