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A review of one of the top B2B eCommerce sites on the market, Quill.com. If you are looking for a case study or best practices, this review will walk you through the great experience on Quill.com from Search and Navigation to Account Management.

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  • Njce! Thanks for sharing.
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  • Good info in here. I'd recommend tools such as www.replyup.com (Gmail plugin to send friendly follow-up emails) and Rapportive (verifying email) among some of the marketing strategies. Does anyone have any other B2B tools they'd recommend?
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B2B eCommerce Site Example: Quill.com

  1. 1. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king BEST of B2B ECOMMERCE Quill.com 1
  2. 2. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king This is not a scientific examination of the site but I think it is a good representation of B2B functionality. I have chosen to focus on the good, instead of criticizing any flaws of the site. -Justin 2
  3. 3. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 3
  4. 4. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king Notice the F-shape for usability 4
  5. 5. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 5
  6. 6. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 6 B2B TOOLS: REORDER FAST Reorder fast takes you to your past orders for quick reorder (as it implies).
  7. 7. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 7 B2B TOOLS: QUICK ORDER If you know your part number and quantity
  8. 8. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 8 CHAT & PHONE Conversion can be a phone call or a live chat session. When you do call or chat, you get a consistent experience
  9. 9. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 9 SEARCH Search box is front and center and in the F zone for usability. Screaming to be typed into.
  10. 10. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 10 SEARCH: TYPE AHEAD Type ahead shows products, key words, categories and even does merchandising in the type ahead with image
  11. 11. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 11 NAVIGATION Traditional placement of the category structure in the F zone. Using either navigation or search, you get to the exact same pages. Consistent!!
  12. 12. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 12 NAVIGATION The fly over navigation is extremely robust and detailed
  13. 13. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 13 NAVIGATION This flyover is interactive, allowing you to put in a search term
  14. 14. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 14 Once you search or navigate…
  15. 15. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 15 NAVIGATION Refinements are specific to the search made. In this case, only paper refinements appear
  16. 16. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 16 NAVIGATION Search within results
  17. 17. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 17 SEARCH RESULTS
  18. 18. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 18 Change Relevancy Ranking
  19. 19. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 19 Product Detail Snapshot
  20. 20. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 20 Volume Pricing Ratings & Reviews
  21. 21. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 21 Compare
  22. 22. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 22 Using guided navigation
  23. 23. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 23 Navigating shows the product catalog taxonomy
  24. 24. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 24 Quill recognizes this statistic for their own site, and it is apparent that they have invested into their entire search and navigation experience. Search and Navigation are tied together, not silos. You can search then navigate, or navigate then search all getting you to the same results. Their Type Ahead is especially impressive with all types of content coming back in the drop down. Products, categories and even merchandising content with images are returned back as the user types into the search box. Navigation includes a vast array and variety of attributes to be able to navigate on. These attributes stay relevant based on what the user is search on. The attributes themselves are extremely detailed and allow the user to multi-select, and even search within the results and attributes. ROI is often calculated based on Traffic and Conversion, both of which Quill does an excellent job.
  25. 25. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 25 B2B E-Commerce Experience: Quill.com There is an increasing trend in B2B organizations adopting some form of e-commerce capability in their online marketing initiatives. According to BtoB Online‘s study, “The Emerging Role of B2B E-commerce,” 31% of B2B marketers are “strong” or “complete” adopters of e-commerce. And as highlighted in a recent report covered by Econsultancy, by migrating B2B customers online, companies have seen a 44% increase in Average Order Value (AOV). In a recent article from eCommerce and B2B, they highlighted five examples of exemplary B2B e- commerce websites in terms of customer experience, account management and handling complex product catalogs. Out of the five examples, only Quill.com scored an “A” for their onsite SEO efforts. What SEO Initiatives Does Quill Do Right? Ease of navigation, effective search functionality and responsiveness are some of the top attributes demanded from prospective customers of B2B e- commerce sites. It’s easy to forget some of the SEO- specific details when developing e-commerce functionality because the “SEO factors” are not always as easily visible. As I reviewed Quill’s website, I discovered these positive factors contributing to its “A” grade: • Appropriate Use of Rel Canonical tag • Use of keyword targets in HTML Title, document content, and descriptions • Accessability to engines (sounds silly but I’ve seen a few sites that were inadvertently blocked via robots.txt because of development testing or some other reason) • Use of structured data markup in product detail pages of the website Page load times play a part in both user experience and influencing search visibility. According to Pingdom, Quill loads faster than 64% of all tested websites, at a page load time of 2.29 seconds. In comparison to Google site speed analysis, Quill’s website appears right in line with opt-in publishers sharing Google Analytics site speed data. An excerpt from http://searchengineland.com/3- b2b-companies-integrate-seo-online-marketing- strategy-183837
  26. 26. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 26 Product detail page(s)
  27. 27. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 27 QUICK VIEW Quick product popup with all the product information and add to cart
  28. 28. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 28 QUICK VIEW Overview, descriptions, specifications, reviews and images
  29. 29. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 29
  30. 30. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 30 BASIC PRODUCT INFO Title, SKU, Model, description
  31. 31. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 31 Multiple images
  32. 32. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 32 Add to Cart, and B2B Add to List (for later)
  33. 33. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 33 Volume Pricing
  34. 34. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 34 Options and Variants
  35. 35. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 35 Get shipping quote
  36. 36. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 36 Upsell better product
  37. 37. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 37 Merchandising & Offers
  38. 38. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 38 B2B Account Pages
  39. 39. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 39 Before I talk about the account pages, notice this bar at the bottom on all pages.
  40. 40. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 40 Clicking Recently Viewed, brings up a list of products we have clicked on recently.
  41. 41. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 41 The B2B account pages include most of the best practices in B2B. Most are self explanatory, but the following is their My Account page:
  42. 42. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 42 View all aspects of orders, tracking and even make a return. All downloads are saved and available
  43. 43. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 43 My Accounting is outside of the purchase funnel. A small company or A/P department can review and pay ALL invoices regardless of where the order was placed.
  44. 44. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 44 Quill Cash is a B2B loyalty program that gives them cash to use on purchases online. They can check their history and balance.
  45. 45. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 45 All profile preferences are exposed here to customers. Addresses are typically not editable, but that is also configurable by the account.
  46. 46. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 46 Quill provides easy way to recycle used ink toner cartridges.
  47. 47. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 47
  48. 48. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king ECOMMERCEANDB2B.COM @justin_king justin@ecommerceandb2b.com 48