2012-2013 AGP 5th Grade Curriculum Night


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2012-2013 AGP 5th Grade Curriculum Night

  1. 1. Welcome Parents! Curriculum Night 5th grade Williams, Strange, Jennings, Hance, Jones 2012-2013
  2. 2. And the team is…Math and science: Rita Derrick Yvonne Strange (AGP) Lisa Williams (AGP) Jill Stauffer (math)Language arts and social studies: Danielle Hance (AGP) Lorie Jennings (AGP) Jessica Jones (AGP) Lisa Lee Jill Stauffer
  3. 3. Your child’s day7:15-7:40 – Homeroom7:50-8:40- Special Areas (They each have their own schedule)8:45- 10:55- Morning classes(Either math and science, or ELA and SS)11:00- Switch to afternoon classes and begin lunch Williams- 11:15 Strange- 11:18 Hance- 11:21 Jennings- 11:2411:00-1:55- Afternoon classes1:55- Switch to homeroom2:00-2:20 – Recess
  4. 4. Communication Contacting a teacher  E-mail is the preferred contact method.  Teacher notes are still welcomed!  You may use our individual phone numbers, but we may not get to the message for 24 hours. Power School  Please use Power School as a weekly tool to monitor your child’s progress.  A zero means that your child has not turned in the assignment.  A blank space means your child was absent or a teacher has not yet graded the assignment. Graded papers  Folders will be sent home every Thursday. Please sign the chart and return to your child’s homeroom teacher on Friday.  Please do not place teacher correspondence in the Thursday folder. School newsletter and classroom news  Check our Web pages weekly for updates and the school newsletter Agenda  Please check your child’s agenda nightly for homework, reminders, and teacher notes.
  5. 5. PBIS
  6. 6. LMES Behavior Banner
  7. 7. LMES reminders… Please sign in at the front reception office when visiting (even in the mornings before school). You will need your picture ID. Please sign out when leaving LMES. You are welcome to eat with your child at lunch. Please meet in the cafeteria at your child’s lunch time. Please sit at a red, round table to enjoy time with your child alone. District 5 does not permit fast food (Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, etc…) or sodas to be brought in or sent in a lunch box. THANK YOU!
  8. 8.  Please sign in with Lobby Guard when entering building. You will need your driver’s license. Please consider volunteering for PTO. There is a form listing opportunities for service!
  9. 9. Special Occasions We gladly celebrate birthdays. Students are welcome to bring in a store-bought, prepackaged treat to share with classmates on or near their birthday…just let us know. LMES celebrates twice a year with a class party ~ Winter Break and End of the year. Room mothers may contact volunteers to send in an easy snack throughout the year. Please fill out the volunteer form so that you may be contacted.
  10. 10. What stays in the bookbag Agenda Expandable folder with homework folder and papers Reader’s notebook binder SS, ELA, Writer’s, Math, Science notebooks Science workbook Math journal Pencil bag
  11. 11. 5th Grade Science Curriculum Overview 2012-2013
  12. 12. Units of Study Mixtures and Solutions (Properties of Matter) Ecosystems (includes plant and animal cells) Landforms and Oceans Forces and Motion Process Skills are woven throughout all units (observation, prediction, inference, etc)
  13. 13. Unit Rotation Inquiry based learning Requires use of materials that must be rotated between the science teachers All students will receive instruction in all of the units, but not at the same time
  14. 14. Grading Homework 10% Lab/Class Work/Notebook 25% Quizzes 30% Unit Tests 35%
  15. 15. Materials Textbookis used to supplement the inquiry based units Each student receives a consumable Science Workbook and PACT Practice Book
  16. 16. Notebooking in Science Each student will be required to utilize a science notebook for recording labs, vocabulary, observations, writing conclusions, etc. Notebooks will be assessed periodically (part of the class work, lab, notebook category)
  17. 17. AGP Math 5th and 6th grade math in one academic year in preparation for beginning pre-algebra in 6th grade. (acceleration course) Students use 6th grade math journals from Everyday Math Participate in Continental Math national math competition Faster pace (Acceleration) Less repetition – more depth More problem solving
  18. 18. Additional Curriculum Resources: Hands-On Equations for algebraic problem solving to give a concrete understanding of balanced equations before moving to abstract problem solving on paper. Project M3: Record Makers and Breakers: Using algebra to analyze graphs South Carolina Stock Market Game: Students compete in groups investing $100,000 in the stock market. They analyze stock trends and make decisions about where to invest their money.
  19. 19. Social Studies Wewill be studying U.S. history from Civil War Reconstruction to current day  We focus on multiple perspectives and cause and effect  History is more than facts. It is the stories behind the events.  Please help your child look at events critically and from multiple viewpoints
  20. 20. English Language Arts Thisyear we will focus on reading and responding to text critically Resources we will use:  History DBQ (Document-based questioning)  Jr. Great Books  “Changes” William and Mary unit  Michael Clay Thompson – Caesar’s English, Grammar Town, Poetry
  21. 21. At home reading Please help your child read a “balanced diet” and read in a second, critical layer. It is recommended Your child read At least 30 min. A day, 5 days a week
  22. 22. ELA Points ELA operates on a points system. Points are cumulative from the total and are weighted within each assignment. For example: a homework assignment may only be worth 5 points, while a test, project, or final writing may be worth 50 points.
  23. 23. Page 5: Parent Advocates for Gifted Education Works with teachers and district on issues critical to gifted education Members receive newsletters 2 -3 times per year with updates on current trends and what is happening in the district. Provides information on programs and outside activities Small fee per family
  24. 24. National Junior Beta Club Students with qualifying grade averages will be invited to join the Beta Club. Grades are based on 4th grade & 1st quarter 5th grades If students don’t qualify this time, they can still qualify in 6th based on their 5th & 1st quarter 6th grades. It’s NEVER too late to join! Requirements: Application fee and 2 hours community service
  25. 25. Thank you We so appreciate your valuable time! To ensure your child’s confidentiality, we ask that if you have an issue to discuss with a teacher you fill out an index card or contact us as a later to date. Please schedule a conference any time you have an issue so that we may give you our full attention. We look forward to a great year!