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  • Getting there: From the Cleary Website ( Select “Noodletools” Or
  • Or Enter your Personal ID and password in the appropriate boxes and login. You may change your ID and password after your initial login. IF you do, please change your telephone number as well. Otherwise Cleary can’t help you find your ID & Password if you lose them.
  • Click “start a new list” to begin. Or
  • Getting there: From the Cleary Website ( Select “Noodletools” Or
  • Select a citation type from the drop-down screen Then enter “create citation” Use Noodletools to help you select the right citation type Most frequently used: Journal Newspaper/Newswire Web Site NEVER use “data file” unless citing a computer program Noodletools will help you decide if you have chosen correctly
  • Any time you provide an ID/password before you can access information, that is an aggregated database. Examples: Proquest, Lexis/Nexis (any database in the Cleary Online Library), Michigan Electronic Library DO NOT provide complete web addresses (URLs) for proprietary database records.
  • Provide citation information (author, article title, source, volume, issue, etc).
  • If article if from an aggregated database, provide document ID number, if available.
  • After you have entered your bibliographic information, select “check for errors” Any errors are highlighted in red. After error checking, select “Update Citation.”
  • Additional citations are arranged in appropriate alphabetical order. To view appropriate parenthetical citations (Innes, 2007), select “parenthetical citation” on the right side of the screen. You may also edit, copy or delete citations from here. The preferred (and most fool proof way) is to convert your reference list to a Word document. Select that option and follow directions. Cut and paste from Word into the back of your Capstone.
  • Consider taking the NoodleBib tour and also downloading the user guide. A great starting point is the NoodleTools Knowledge Base. Your question might have already been asked and answered. The Cleary Library is always available to assist you: [email_address]
  • Noodletools 2010

    1. 1. “ A comprehensive and accurate bibliography composer with fully-integrated note-taking” Updated January 2009 NoodleTools
    2. 3. Your ID As Created: 1 st initial of your first name PLUS up to 10 letters of your last name PLUS the last 3 digits of your student number Contact library for default password.
    3. 4. Discussion Question: “ Analyze the benefits to an organization of requiring managers to give continuous feedback to employees on their work performance.” “ Employee attitude AND Feedback.”
    4. 6. 99% of Time
    5. 8. ProQuest, LexisNexis, et al Website found with Google, Yahoo, et al
    6. 9. Make sure you check correct capitalization for the title. NoodleTools offers plenty of resources for making sure your format is correct.
    7. 10. If you are citing any databases that you accessed after you logged into the Cleary Library, you do not provide the document URL.
    8. 12. ...and repeat As necessary...
    9. 13. The purpose of your Reference List <ul><ul><li>Add credibility to your research </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Guard against plagiarism </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Guide the reader back to your source material </li></ul></ul><ul><li>When you’re unsure about what to include, always ask the question, “what does the reader need to find the source material that I’m citing?” </li></ul>