October 2013 newsletter


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October 2013 newsletter

  1. 1. October 2013 Newsletter October is here and we are ready for a fun-filled month studying and investigating all aspects of trees! We couldn’t ask for a better campus to investigate trees other than Kendal’s. This month the teachers are asking you to help us by gathering materials for children to sort and classify. In addition we start our E.L.I trips this month, visit Apple Hill, have school pictures, and much more. So please keep your calendar close and check your emails often as pertinent information will be coming home to you all month. ~Jeni Hoover, KELC Director Birthdays This Month: Intergenerational News: October 10 – Brooklyn turns 5! October 18 – Nicholas turns 5! This month we had an Intergenerational play date on Tuesday, October 8th, in the auditorium. Please feel free to join us at 10am. ☺ Happy, Happy Birthday to You! Fundraiser Update: Thank you for helping KELC exceed our $500 goal! We raised $905 for our classroom improvements from the October raffles. THANK YOU! Next month you can support KELC by ordering Thirty-One products for your family members for Christmas! ☺ Upcoming Dates: October 2 – Swimming October 3 – Birds’ trip to Library October 8 – Intergen play date in Auditorium October 10 – Birds visit Apple Hill October 11 – Giraffes visit Apple Hill October 12 – LCCC Family Fest 12-5 pm October 14 – New Cycle – Tuition Due October 16 – No Swimming – Pool Closed October 18 – Giraffes’ trip to Library October 23 – Life Touch Pictures (8:30 am) October 28 – New Cycle – Tuition Due October 30 – Swimming October 31 – ELI Field Trip
  2. 2. Bird Tweets: October is here! We are excited to start our study on trees! Be sure to bring in things that you find from a tree on a walk or in your yard with your child. We will begin by talking about what we know about trees. We will then expand the study by discussing what we want to know about trees. Our ELI trips start back up with our first trip on October 31st to the Natural History Museum. We also have our trip to Apple Hill on October 10th. During the past month we learned all about our school, friendships and our feelings. We explored all the different areas in our classroom. We have introduced new transitioning techniques as well as the new creative curriculum format. The children love all the fun activities that we have been doing. We talked about the things that made us feel scared, angry, sad, and happy. We had two visitors in our classroom as well. Jara came in to talk about music that she does with the residents as well as with the children on Wednesdays when we visit our Grandfriends. Greg is our maintenance man, and he came in to talk about how he fixes things in our classroom. The children loved that we made a list of questions to ask them both. Have a great month! Sara and Robin Giraffe Whistles: The new school year is off to a great start. The children are adjusting very nicely to all the new changes we have made. The two changes which I am finding to be very beneficial is our new transitioning technique and the Mighty Minutes. When it is time to transition to a new activity we are first ringing a bell to get their attention. The children then respond by stopping and raising their hand. We then let the children know we are setting a timer for five minutes, and when it goes off it will be time to clean up and move on to our next activity. This has really seemed to make transitioning go more smoothly. Our Mighty Minutes is a collection of quick, playful and engaging activities that are designed to inspire learning. They include songs, rhymes and games. We are finding them to be lots of fun and a great learning opportunity. We have also added several new items to our Safe Place to help the children better identify their emotions and then handle them in an appropriate manner. One such item is our Feeling Buddies which is a set of eight dolls which show a variety of emotions. We also added a chart which shows the Five Steps to calming down. If you get a chance please check it out. There are some pretty good things happening there. We would like to send out a big welcome to our newest addition, Lydia Huff. Lydia joins us at lunch and then spends her afternoon with us. Enjoy all the great changes fall brings, Karen and Julie