January 2014 newsletter


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January 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. January 2014 Newsletter Another year is here, I cannot believe it is 2014! This month as we kick off another new year we will have our annual parent meeting, we will celebrate “National School Choice Week”, and we will also be visiting Western Reserve for our ELI trip. This month we are welcoming three new children to Kendal Early Learning Center! Jayana, Alexavier, and Eli are all starting the New Year off at KELC and we are so glad to have them and their families here. Welcome! Please mark your calendars to attend our Parent Meeting on Thursday, January 23rd, at 5 pm. We will plan on going over the following: • How to get the most out of your child’s information in Gold Online • Goals for 2014 and results of parents surveys • Fundraising ideas for 2014 • NAEYC renewal process for 2014 – visit NAEYC’s family website at http://families.naeyc.org/ Have a great month and I look forward to spending 2014 with you and all it brings to Kendal Early Learning Center! ~ Jeni Hoover Birthdays This Month: Intergenerational News: January 7 – Alexandra turns 6! January 20 – Gregory turns 4! We had a great time sharing Holiday traditions with our KELC families and residents. Marie came and shared her traditions with us that they do in England, and we all had a great time cooking and playing with the poppers she brought in. Thank you, Marie, for sharing with us! Happy, Happy Birthday to You! January Parent Meeting: Our annual Parent Meeting will be Thursday, January 23rd, at 5 pm in the administrative conference room. Please mark your calendars as we will be discussing our goals for 2014 and results from the parent surveys. In addition we will go over how to use the Gold Online Parents’ access. Upcoming Dates: January 1 – Closed for the holiday January 2 – Birds’ trip to Library January 6 – New Cycle – Tuition Due January 8 – Swimming 3-4 pm January 15 – ELI field trip to Western Reserve January 17 – Giraffes’ trip to Library January 20 – New Cycle – Tuition Due January 22 – Swimming 3-4 pm January 23 – Parent Meeting at 5pm January 27to 31 – National School Choice Week February 3 –New Cycle – Tuition Due February 5 - Swimming 3-4 pm February 6 – Birds’ trip to Library
  2. 2. Bird Tweets: Welcome to 2014! We can’t believe it is a New Year! December was such a busy month. The children did such an AMAZING job at the Holiday Program. Thank you all for coming! The children really enjoyed sharing and learning about everyone’s holiday traditions. From Ping Pong, to peppermint pigs, to the dice game, Epiphany Crowns, and so much more, the children really enjoyed doing all the fun things that our amazing families do for the holidays. Thank you so much for sharing your traditions! The children also loved the Twig-bee Shop that the residents made for the children. It was such a great experience for them! January brings a new study. We will be beginning our study on clothing. We will go in depth on different clothing people wear and how clothes are made. We will also begin back our ELI trips. We will be going to the Western Reserve. Have a great month! Sara and Julie Giraffe Whistles: HAPPY NEW YEAR! We would also like to thank all of you for your participation in sharing your family traditions and for attending our holiday program. The children always get so excited when they share their home life with us. It is a great way to help them feel they are unique and special. They also worked really hard as they practiced their songs for our program. We have a great group of performers this year. Now that the excitement of the holidays is over it is time to get back to work. Sara has already shared with you that our next study will be on clothing. As I mentioned at several conferences we will also start to introduce our sight words to help prepare those who will be going to kindergarten in the fall. Please remember to dress your children appropriately so that we all may enjoy the great outdoors. Karen and Julie