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The rich symbolism of the Wizard of Oz


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The Wizard of Oz is a great story that is rich with symbolism.

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  • March 17th; St. Patricks day

    Dear Tossa Cromwell and all my friends of the Unification Church;

    Let us not forget the Indemnity at which the payment is set HIGHER than the priginal indemnity; as with the case with Abraham ; when he was made to then offer Issac after failing in the symbolic offering.

    Thus it is with me; the Standard of the Word is that we do not do the Will at the Risk of our lives: but at the Cost of them: the Standard raised requires the 'death in Christ' as of men who become eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heavens sake. This means they become 'women'. Substantially women; who then know the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, called 'the Comforter' then 'face to Face' as did Moses; as God is not a Sodomite.

    Because the 'eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven's sake' are the 'Clouds' on which the Son of Man comes I suggest you read the New Testament and discover where Rev. Moon erred in judgment regarding us: those of the Virgin Priesthood; as one who was mad e 'a priest forever; after the Order of Melchizedek'; the Bride being those who reach the position of the Seal of God; Elijah; as was John the Baptist; whose own soul stood surrogate for the Bride until he delivered the Nation to my Father Lord Jesus; which he, unfortunately, did not do. The Wife; as of the Servant of God is that of Moses; the Wife of Jehovah; Jehovah being not 'a female spirit' as Rev. Moon believes because of having been invaded by ISIS as the 'Mystery' who is the 'Veil of Mystery' over the Mystery of God that she hides; even as she was hidden.

    But the Holy Spirit of God is Lord Jehovah himself; the Father of the Lamb: not the Lamb's Bride; not his Wife; as Rev. Moon claims and demonstrates in blasphemous detail on page 216 of his book 'Divine Principle' as he has my Father Jesus 'make love' to his own Father; Lord Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God Himself.

    It is this in the pages of the book 'Divine Principle' which make it a 'discarnate object'. For your information that 'which is; and is not' is the definition of 'the discarnate'; in other words; that which is both 'good and evil together.'

    It is in this sense of the Word of God that the 'Tree of the Knowldege of Good and Evil' is the 'Nature of the Principle of Light and Darkness'. The 'fruit' on 'essence' of this Tree is then 'Duality'.

    It can then be seen that 'Duality' is the 'Essence' or 'Fruit' of 'the Nature of the Principle of Light and Darkness' that is 'the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil'. For verification I can suggest you study this phrase in Genesis; 'And God saw the Light; and it was Good; and He divided the Light from the Darkness'.

    This means He seperated 'Good' from 'Evil'.

    The 'Fruit' or 'Essence' of 'the Tree of Life' that is the 'Nature of the Principle of Good' is 'Unity'; perhaps you can study what the real Elect the Unificationists known as the Magi of My Generation: the Sufis, mean by that phrase UNITY to understand the concept further.

    Now I have called all this week to talk to you; but you did not eben have the courtesy or the principle to call me: bringing shame upon you and all your descendents for all Eternity.

    Of course you will claim that matters at home were more pressing than my need to talk to you; but you forget that my Father Jesus sent His Servant John to me for a reason: to see if Rev. Moon, and those who were to be his lookouts; were able to spot the Lord at his return at 'the Day and the Hour'; those being hidden in chapter 18 of the Revelation of St. John the Divine.

    The Revelation of St. John the Divine is the 'Ark of the Testament' in which 'the Revelation of Jesus Christ' which is 'the Book of Life of the Lamb' was actually placed; and by the efforts of all 12 Apostles of the Lamb working together was brought to me at the time the angel of John showed me the 'Key of David' was the governing principle of the Kingdom or 'Divine Principle' embodied in the 'Cross of Christ'; which I was then given; dying for My Generation in New Hope I was led out to as Lot was from Sodom.

    No one at in the Unification Church except Bradford kent Bufkin aka 'Brad Bryant Bufkin' knows about the Baptism of Fire at the Jordan of Fire for My Generation: Haight St. in the City of St. Francis is where 'hate' turned to 'Love'. It's as clear as 'Transparent Crystal'; as Clear as Glass; as of the Light of a Jasper Stone: a Diamond; really. Christopher Witt Diamant; in fact. Born 4-18; 1955. 4-18 is when there was a Fire and an earthquake in 1906; that what happened when the angel Gabriel threw the Censer of Fire to the Erath before the 7 angels were given the 7 trumpets. The 7 Seals of the Book are then the 7 Decades from 1910 at the First Seal ( 1920; 2nd Seal; 1930; thrid Seal; 1940; 4th Seal; 1950; fifth Seal; 1960; 6th Seal ); to the 7th Seal in 1970. The Trumpets went off every 10 years as well; they started in 1917; and then every 10 years until 1979; the Last Trumpet Blast; for my Last Overcoming on the Path of the Just.

    You may have heard of it; there was a Pilgrimage there when the 12 Tribes of the Third Israel were Gathered there: it was called 'The Gathering of the Tribes'.

    If you think that Rev. Moon and Korea is going to take the Blessing given to the Manchild of Zion who is the Black Christian Race here in the West and on the Land of the Free you are quite mistaken.

    Korea is not equal to the 50 states of America of which he mixed the soil of Korea: his equal here is California; my State.

    Since my sacrifice was accepted on the Altar of Meeting at the entrance of the Tabernacle which I then entered and became I suggest you re-evaluate your claim that Lord Jehovah who is the Holy Spirit of God Himself is a 'female spirit'; perhaps you will then discover the nature of the information of 'the Day and the Hour' which have now come to Rev. Moon: ISIS claims to be 'the Holy Spirit'. I can assure you: the Great Whore is not Lord Jehovah; the Holy Spirit of God Himself.

    Even if I am the only one to fight for the Truth and the Word of God I will defeat all of you: but I am not alone; and I have gathered my followers; and they know the Truth about Rev. Moon and the Unification Church.

    Hope to hear from you; I hope you study what I sent you today: it may further your need for discovering and uncovering the Light of Truth you think Rev. Moon has: but now 'has not'.

    In Love; the Mighty God of Jacob;

    Salvation Rose

    The Bride; the Lamb's Wife

    christopher witt diamant

    PS: please feel free to contact me at to read about my meeting with the spirit ( or angel ) of Hyo Jin Moon
    On facebook I am 'christopher witt diamant'
    The bride can be found at ''
    The 'Song of the Lamb' I copywrote with my band 'Thee Unicorns' is at
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The rich symbolism of the Wizard of Oz

  1. 1. The rich symbolism of the Wizard of Oz
  2. 2. The Wizard of Oz is a great story that is rich with symbolism.
  3. 3. Dorothy represents each one of us. Her dilemma is how to find the way back home to Kansas. (the ideal) She is given advice by her conscience ( Glenda the good witch ) to follow the Yellow Brick Road (the road of restoration) which will lead her to the Wizard of Oz (The Messiah). She is told that ONLY HIM can help her get back to Kansas.
  4. 4. On her journey she enlists the help of Scarecrow (mind), Tinman (heart), and Lion (courage/will).
  5. 5. The Yellow Brick Road of Restoration is full of many dangers, and the wicked witch (Satan) is determined to stop Dorothy from reaching her destination.
  6. 6. When Dorothy finally meets the Wizard he is a larger than life, smoke and fire breathing image projected on a screen. He's subjective and intimidating. He also surprised them with request to go to Munchkinland and directly confront the wicked witch (Satan).
  7. 7. But, after all this ordeals, when Toto pulls back the curtain and exposes the real Wizard, Dorothy is amazed and disappointed to discover that he is not what she had thought him to be. As it turns out, the real Wizard isn't really so "great and powerful" after all.
  8. 8. The Wizard then gives her companions some astonishing advice. He bestows symbolic blessings onto the trio. He convinces the Scarecrow that he already possesses a great mind and therefore gives him a diploma. The Tinman receives a huge symbolic heart and sheds tears, revealing the emotion already alive within him. The Cowardly Lion is awarded a medal of valor for acts of courage performed on the road to Oz, thereby regaining his lost self confidence as king of the jungle.
  9. 9. In the end her conscience (Glenda the good witch) tells Dorothy that she alone has the power within to find her way back to Kansas. It was there all the time. Dorothy discovers that she is now and always was her own messiah.
  10. 10. I see this story as a parable for religious life. What it tells me is that in our own journey to the ideal, what we ultimately discover is that we are our own messiahs. It's there within us; we just have to discover it. We look for God through Jesus Christ and other sacred persons. In one way or another, any religious search represents the human effort to restore the image of God within ourselves; it is the search for our true identity. There is no wizard or messiah that can take us somewhere over the rainbow and back to Kansas. He can't give us wisdom, heart, or courage. He can share from his experience and point out the way, but we must discover and cultivate those things ourselves if we want to get anywhere.
  11. 11. You and I are a lot like Dorothy. When the curtain is pulled back and we see “The Wizard” as someone different than what we thought him to be, how will we react? This presents us with our own dilemma. We can see the Wizard as someone who tricked us into taking a detour through Munchkinland, or appreciate him for what examples of wisdom, heart and courage he has shown us on the journey back to Kansas.
  12. 12. "We are all looking for the ideal man or the ideal woman. However, having looked at the people of the whole world, you will come to the conclusion that there is not person who can truly be the model for you. Ultimately speaking, however hard you try to find such a person, you will not find one. You must finally decide that you have better find the perfect model for you in yourself. Then you have started in search of your original self. When you look into yourself, you will find something of vast value which is something like the Source, the Origin, God." (SMM - A Prophet Speaks Today. - Section - Spiritual Growth)
  13. 13. OUR ORIGINAL VALUE Therefore, each person is the recipient of these transcendent values which constitutes the foundation for our dignity and all Universal Human Rights . Each person is an unknowable, irreplaceable and unique reality, with an unrenounceable dignity ; That's why people are not means to an end, but an end in themselves. Each person originally has a divine, eternal, unique and cosmic value: <ul><li>Divine Value - We have the intrinsic and inalienable dignity of been sons and daughters of God. </li></ul><ul><li>Eternal Value - We are eternal beings that will live forever in the spiritual world with God. </li></ul><ul><li>Unique Value - There was, is and never will be someone equal to each one of us. We are unique, unrepeatable and irreplaceable. </li></ul><ul><li>Cosmic Value. We are the visible manifestation of an invisible creator, God's image and likeness. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. </li></ul>
  14. 14. Through the process of restoration, God seeks to fully manifest in every man and woman as part of the original plan. Each person symbolizes the earthly and spiritual worlds coming together in harmony. As persons that will restore the original ideal we are commission to mature, enter into an eternal relationship of true love through holy matrimony with the blessing of God , after which not only our children but our descendants for generations to come would live forevermore as God's self-embodiment, both male and female, inheriting God’s nature and attributes generation after generation. God is invisible and without form, God cannot be seen even when we enter into the spiritual world. 
  15. 15. Dios Once we are able to restore our original positions we will became the visible forms of God, God will dwelt in our hearts and reigned from within them over the corporeal, physical world and the incorporeal, spiritual world. In other words, God will govern all worlds from within human love, through each and every person. Together, we will create God's kingdom of peace and harmony at all levels. All seven billion people living in the world today would express the visible form and manifestation of God.
  16. 16. El autor, Jesús González Losada cede expresamente el permiso de reproducción, siempre bajo las premisas de buena fe, buen fin, gratuidad y citando su origen. Mas información personal en: THANK YOU