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One dies and... is everything over?
... or we have a spirit that transcends death. This is the topic that we will explore next ...

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  1. 1. ... or we have a spirit that transcends death. This is the topic that we will explore next ... One dies and... is everything over? Consciousness & Transcendence
  2. 2. Consciousness: What is it, and Where is it Found?
  3. 3. “… I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers…” Stephen Hawking In an exclusive interview with the Guardian The brain as a computer…
  4. 4. British neurologist Dr. John Lorber studied many cases of hydrocephalus (“water on the brain”) and concluded that even when most of the brain’s cerebral cortex (the brain’s outer layer) is missing, patients can live normal lives. Science writer Roger Lewin quotes Lorber in his article: “There’s a young student at this university [Sheffield University] who has an IQ of 126, has gained a first-class honors degree in mathematics, and is socially completely normal. And yet the boy has virtually no brain…When we did a brain scan on him, we saw that instead of the normal 4.5 centimeter thickness of brain tissue between the ventricles and the cortical surface, there was just a thin layer of mantle measuring a millimeters or so. His cranium is filled mainly with cerebrospinal fluid.” Lewin, R. (1980). "Is Your Brain Really Necessary?" Science 210: 1232-1234. John Lorber (1915-1996) The Relationship Between Brains, Consciousness and Intelligence
  5. 5. Lewin, R. (1980). "Is Your Brain Really Necessary?" Science 210: 1232-1234. "I can't say whether the mathematics student has a brain weighing 50 grams or 150 grams, but it's clear that it is nowhere near the normal 1.5 kilograms,” asserts Lorber The Relationship Between Brains, Consciousness and Intelligence John Lorber (1915-1996) Scans of normal and hydrocephalic brains
  6. 6. Consciousness: What is it, and Where is it Found?
  7. 7. "Through the work of Eternea, we can begin the wedding of science and religion, reason and intuition, the physical and the spiritual. This union will ensure that science comes to comprehend the non-material aspects of reality as well as it knows the material aspects, enabling it to approach omniscience. Then knowledge will become wisdom and love of power will become the power of love, and the universal man of cosmic consciousness will finally emerge, all none too soon." - Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell - 1930 - 2016
  8. 8. "On November 2008, I woke up with a terrible headache that in just two hours resulted in a stroke. I fell into a deep coma, and for seven days I remained in that state, during which I experienced an incredible and out of this world experience. The place where I was is a wonderful place, comforting and full of love. I'm not afraid to die because now I know it's not the end.” Dr. Eben Alexander - “Dr. Eben Alexander’s near-death experience is the most astounding I have heard in more than four decades of studying this phenomenon,” reads a review from Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D., author of “Life Beyond Life.” He goes on to say that the “circumstances of [Eben’s] illness and his impeccable credentials make it very hard to formulate a mundane explanation for his case.”
  9. 9. AWARE STUDY INITIAL RESULTS ARE PUBLISHED! The AWARE study (AWAreness during REsuscitation) is a multi-hospital clinical study of the brain and consciousness during cardiac arrest, including testing the validity of perceptions during the out-of- body part of near-death experiences (NDEs). Dr. Sam Parnia is the principal investigator. The initial results, from the first four years of the study, were published last December in the medical journal Resuscitation (PDF). Of the 2,060 cardiac arrests during the study, 140 patients survived and could be interviewed for the study. Of these, 101 patients had detailed interviews, which identified 9 patients who had an NDE. Of the 9 NDErs, two had detailed memories with awareness of the physical environment. One NDEr's experience was verified as accurate; the other was too ill for an in-depth interview. Dr. Sam Parnia director of the Human Consciousness Project at the University of Southampton
  10. 10. Consciousness: What is it, and Where is it Found? In my book ‘Consciousness beyond Life’, it has indeed been scientifically proven that, during NDE, enhanced consciousness was experienced independently of brain function… Our enhanced consciousness resides not in our brain and is not limited to our brain, because our consciousness is nonlocal, and our brain has a facilitating function, and not a producing function to experience consciousnessPIM VAN LOMMEL
  11. 11. Dr. Pim van Lommel, cardiologist, researches Near-Death Experiences (EDM) "A patient tells how in his NDE (Near-Death Experience) he had seen an unknown gentleman smiling at him. Ten years later, his dying mother revealed to him that he was the son of an extramarital affair and showed him a photograph of his biological father, murdered in a concentration camp: it was that smiling man." Entrevista de Lluis Amiguet en La Contra de La Vanguardia 05-06-12 Dr. PIM VAN LOMMEL
  12. 12. Pim van Lommel on Endless Consciousness “… I strongly believe that consciousness cannot be located in a particular time and place. This is known as nonlocality. Complete and endless consciousness is everywhere in a dimension that is not tied to time or place, where past, present, and future all exist and are accessible at the same time. This endless consciousness is always in and around us... Our brain may be compared both to a television set, receiving information from electromagnetic fields and decoding this into sound and vision, and to a television camera, converting or encoding sound and vision into electromagnetic waves. Our consciousness transmits information to the brain and via the brain receives information from the body and senses. The function of the brain can be compared to a transceiver; our brain has a facilitating rather than a producing role; it enables the experience of consciousness. …” Dr. PIM VAN LOMMEL “Consciousness Beyond Life ”
  13. 13. P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D., Ph.D. (Hon.) (born Phyllis Marie DeKeyser, September 19, 1937) survived three death events that produced three different near-death experiences in 1977. She is one of the original researchers of the near-death phenomenon, having begun her work in 1978. Today, her contribution to the field of near-death studies is considered on par with those of Raymond Moody and Ken Ring. Her first two books, Coming Back to Life and Beyond the Light, are considered the "Bibles" of the NDE. Consciousness: What is it, and Where is it Found?
  14. 14. Consciousness: What is it, and Where is it Found?
  15. 15. Consciousness: What is it, and Where is it Found?
  16. 16. Consciousness: What is it, and Where is it Found?
  17. 17. Common Elements of Many of the Near Death Experiences The sensation of rising up and floating above their own body LIFE AFTER LIFE - by Raymond A. Moody, Jr. M.D., 1975 A Strange Sound Peace and Painlessness Out-of-Body Experience The Tunnel Experience Rising Rapidly into the Heavens People of Light The Being of Light The Life Review Reluctance to Return
  18. 18. Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dr. Jeffrey Long – Elements of NDEs 1. Out-of-body experience (OBE): Separation of consciousness from the physical body – 75.4 percent 2. Heightened senses – 74.4 percent 3. Intense and generally positive emotions or feelings – 76.2 percent 4. Passing into or through a tunnel – 33.8 percent 5. Encountering a mystical or brilliant light – 64.6 percent 6. Encountering other beings, either mystical beings or deceased relatives or friends – 57.3 percent 7. A sense of alteration of time and space – 60.5 percent 8. Life review – 22.2 percent 9. Encountering unworldly (“heavenly”) realms – 40.6 percent 10. Encountering or learning special knowledge – 56 percent (31.5 percent answered that they felt they understood everything “about the universe”; 31.3 percent felt they understood everything “about myself and others”) 11. Encountering a boundary or barrier – 31 percent 12. Return to the body, either voluntary or involuntary – 58.5 percent
  19. 19. Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Jeffrey Long – Elements of NDEs Greyson NDE Scale Dr. Bruce Greyson research-articles/698-greyson-nde-scale.html Professor & Psychiatrist Bruce Greyson developed this scale to measure the depth of an individual’s near-death experience. The following is a copy of the scale (with 16 parameters) as presented in an article entitled “Altered States” by Lee Graves in the Summer 2007 edition of the University of Virginia Magazine.
  20. 20. THE CASE OF PAM REYNOLDS: SHAKING THE FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN OFFICIAL NEUROSCIENCE Pam Reynolds (1956 - 2010) was a 35 years old prestigious American singer and composer. In 1991 she became very ill. He started suffering from severe dizziness, losing his speech and having mobility problems. They did a Brain CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) that revealed that he had a severe aneurysm in a basilar artery of the brain. He went to a neurologist who gave her little or almost no hope of life. Due to the seriousness of her condition she was urgently transferred by ambulance from Atlanta (Georgia, USA) to the Barrow Neurological Institute, in Phoenix (Arizona, USA)
  21. 21. There she placed herself in the hands of a specialized medical team, led by Dr. Robert Spetzler, a world-renowned neurosurgeon, to treat her illness. A general anesthetic was applied to the patient before entering the operating room. Once lying on the table and completely asleep (TECHNICALLY UNCONSCIOUS), they lowered the body temperature from 37 to 15 degrees Celsius (TECHNICALLY HIBERNATED), they artificially caused a cardiac arrest (flat ECG), lung function and respiratory function stopped completely, the brain- cortical waves were flat (flat EEG) and his head was emptied of blood (cerebral perfusion). The team of Dr. Robert Spetzler performed a neurosurgical operation known as hypothermic cardiac arrest with extracorporeal circulation THE CASE OF PAM REYNOLDS: SHAKING THE FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN OFFICIAL NEUROSCIENCE
  22. 22. The operation lasted 7 hours, being at least clinically dead for one hour. The medical notes corroborated that the patient was OBJECTIVELY AND TECHNICALLY DEAD for more than an hour based on all the devices that monitored the vital functions of the patient. Pam experiences an of abandonment of her body ... she is able to hear the conversations between the cardiovascular surgeons during a phase of the operation ... able to listen to the songs of the musical thread ... In a phase of her operation she feels a presence. He turns and watches a long tunnel of light. ... When the light goes out, he states that he observes many people he knew (people who had already died) THE CASE OF PAM REYNOLDS: SHAKING THE FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN OFFICIAL NEUROSCIENCE
  23. 23. Pam meets her deceased grandmother and uncle ... she was filled with an ineffable feeling of love, peace and happiness. During a moment of her experience, his deceased uncle makes her see that it is not her time to leave, but that she has to return to her body. She contemplates the scene of her body on the stretcher of the operating room and is frightened. She is reluctant to return to physical life, until her uncle pushes her and gets her into the body ... Chronologically, during the paranormal phase –an extracorporeal experience- as in the mystical-eschatological phase (the tunnel, the light, the sky, her grandmother and deceased uncle) of her experience corresponds to a phase of the operation in which she was CLINICALLY DEAD . THE CASE OF PAM REYNOLDS: SHAKING THE FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN OFFICIAL NEUROSCIENCE
  24. 24. Pam was aware during that state, which decisively refutes the materialistic and reductionist worldview that consciousness is simply an epiphenomenon of the brain, proposing a dualistic neuroscientific model (the brain as a simple receptor, not as a creator of consciousness) so the conscious mind would survive physical death ... THE CASE OF PAM REYNOLDS: SHAKING THE FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN OFFICIAL NEUROSCIENCE
  25. 25. The American cardiologist Michael Sabom collected her testimony in a book entitled "Light and Death: One Doctor's Fascinating Account of Near-Death Experiences". Dr. Sabom states that Pam Reynolds' NDE is extremely important because she experienced an NDE while being subjected during her operation to extremely designed control conditions in order to check the patient's vital functions with all the latest technology. The fact that she experienced an NDE during brain "death" constitutes irrefutable and decisive proof to conclude that there is life beyond death, especially if we take into account the exact description of the surgical material used, the "textual" comments between the cardiovascular surgeons while she was being operated on. THE CASE OF PAM REYNOLDS: SHAKING THE FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN OFFICIAL NEUROSCIENCE
  26. 26. Dr. Rodonaia underwent one of the most extended cases of a “clinical near death experience” ever recorded. Pronounced dead immediately after he was hit by a car in 1976, he was left for three days in a morgue. He did not “return to life” until a doctor began to make an incision in his abdomen as part of an autopsy. George Rodonaia Near Death Experience
  27. 27. Forrest J. Ackerman - AN ATHEIST IN HEAVEN What happens when a steadfast atheist dies and discovers he was wrong about life after death? Although he was a world famous futurist and a pioneering promoter of science fiction books and films, Forrest J. Ackerman never believed in an afterlife of the soul, the spirit or the mind; nonetheless, he promised a few respected colleagues that if it were to turn out that he was mistaken (which he sincerely doubted), then if it were possible he would try to send messages from the beyond. In An Atheist in Heaven, Paul Davids and Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., describe in hair-raising detail more than 100 incidents of Ackerman's unusual and uncanny messages and phenomena.
  28. 28. Helen Keller - passing to the “other side” "Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see." - Helen Keller. Helen Keller meeting President Dwight Eisenhower on November 3, 1953
  29. 29. WHERE IS THE ‘OTHER SIDE‘? "It is the invisible and inaudible side of the world in which you live. You are as much now in the world of spirit as ever you will be. You will not go there when you pass from your world; YOU ARE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD NOW! You cannot register it unless you have developed the gifts of the spirit so that you can tune in to all its vibrations and frequencies, or whatever word you care to use. It is not another world. It is an integral part of the universe of which earth is but one aspect. (Light from Silver Birch '84 Ed. p.44).
  30. 30. My son's suicide became a catalyst that thrust me, and him, on a remarkable journey, …It's a journey that began with shock, confusion, and anguish, but ended in discovery, reconciliation, hope, and joy … Along this journey, I experienced more fully the realization that life is spiritual at its core. We are eternal beings, and this life is a natural process of preparation for the next one, the one that begins when the physical body dies. I now see death as nothing to be feared, but as a normal part of our existence as natural and as exciting as a butterfly leaving behind the empty shell of its cocoon to spread out its wings and fly. …A father and a son, separated by death, reunited by love. His book, Reconciled by the Light: the After-Death Letters from a Teen Suicide, is required reading for all ministers prior to their certification by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches Ron Pappalardo Messages from the ‘OTHER SIDE’
  31. 31. A mystic is one who discovers truth not by studying it, but by experiencing it. A mystic is not so much interested in believing, but knowing. When the famous psychologist Carl Jung was asked by a BBC interviewer if he believed in God, Jung replied, I don't need to believe; I know. The mystic practices techniques that create an altered state of consciousness that opens a doorway into the world of spirit. Through that doorway, the mystic is able to experience the Transcendent truth, beauty, and love that philosophers and theologians only talk about. His book, Reconciled by the Light: the After-Death Letters from a Teen Suicide, is required reading for all ministers prior to their certification by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches Ron Pappalardo Messages from the ‘OTHER SIDE’
  32. 32. “I don’t need to believe, I know.” John Freeman: ”And did you believe in God?” Carl Gustav Jung: ”Oh, yes” JF: ”And do you now believe in God?” CGJ: ”Now? Difficult to answer. I know. I don’t need to believe, I know. (…) JF: And do you believe that death is the end? CGJ: Well, I can’t say..You see, the word belief is a difficult thing for me. I don’t believe. I must have a reason for a certain hypothesis. Either I know a thing, and then I know it. I don’t need to believe it. If I, I don’t allow myself, for instance, to believe a thing just for the sake of believing it. I can’t believe it. But when there are sufficient reasons to form a certain hypothesis, I shall accept these reasons naturally, and I should say: “We have to reckon with the possibility of so and so,” you know.”CARL JUNG Carl Gustav Jung in the BBC interview, October 1959
  33. 33. WHAT REALLY HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? "One day after 'death' you will be the same individual as you were one day before it, except that you will have discarded your physical body. You will express yourself through your etheric body, which is a replica of the physical one. It does not, however, reproduce any of its imperfections. All disease and infirmities will be left behind. The deaf will hear. The dumb will speak. The blind will see. The cripple will be a cripple no longer. They Shall Be Comforted by Maurice Barbanell and Silver BirchMaurice Barbanell
  34. 34. WHAT REALLY HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? You must try and understand that life in the spirit world is not dreamy or nebulous. It is full of activity. It is just as real as the life that each one of us lives here. We are accustomed to thinking of the material world as being real and solid, although actually, this is not so, as the science of physics proves. The things of the mind, or the spirit, seem to us shadowy and vague, but to those who live on the Other Side, the mental is the real and the physical is the shadow." Maurice Barbanell They Shall Be Comforted by Maurice Barbanell and Silver Birch
  35. 35. Spirit Release Therapy - Carl August Wickland - (1861 – 1945) Swedish-American psychiatrist and psychical researcher
  36. 36. Spirit Release Therapy - Carl August Wickland - (1861 – 1945) Swedish- American psychiatrist and psychical researcher
  37. 37. Spirit Release Therapy – Edith Fiore Dr. Edith Fiore
  38. 38. Lorna Byrne has been seeing angels all his life "Ask for an unemployed angel to help you with the everyday things” Lorna shares with the world that:  Every person has a soul.  Every person has a guardian angel.  God is real.  It doesn’t matter what you believe or even if you believe in nothing.  There is always hope.  Prayer is powerful.
  40. 40. SCIENCE: three main parts "The word "Science" has been defined in the dictionary as, ordered and intelligently directed, the search of the truth. Under this definition all science can be divided, with the purpose of discussing and acquiring a greater degree of understanding, in three main parts. The three main parts can be defined as follows: 1. The material or physical science 2. The social sciences 3. The spiritual sciences (Del libro del Dr. Daniel Fry, “El Incidente de White Sands”)
  41. 41. The material or physical science that is related to the needs and desires of the human body and the nature of the physical universe that surrounds it and in which it develops. In this division are topics such as physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, etc. as well as the manufacture and distribution of an infinite number of material products necessary for the comfort and pleasure of man. (Del libro del Dr. Daniel Fry, “El Incidente de White Sands”) SCIENCE: three main parts
  42. 42. The social sciences that have to do with the relationship of man with his peers, and the means by which this relationship can be made successful, productive and progressive. In this division are the studies of sociology, government, psychology, non- material aspects of the economy, etc. (Del libro del Dr. Daniel Fry, “El Incidente de White Sands”) SCIENCE: three main parts
  43. 43. The spiritual sciences that deal with the relationships between man and the great creative power and the infinite intelligence that penetrates and controls all of nature. This is the power and intelligence that your people refer to as God. (Del libro del Dr. Daniel Fry, “El Incidente de White Sands”) SCIENCE: three main parts
  44. 44. ("I Origins" - 2014 American science fiction drama film) I'm most fascinated with the eye. Why the eye? The eye is the one sticking point that religious people use to discredit evolution. They use it as proof of an intelligent designer. - Intelligent designer? - God.
  45. 45. What do you believe in? I'm a scientist. I believe in data... What kind of scientist? Molecular biology. I'm most fascinated with the eye. Why the eye? The eye is the one sticking point that religious people use to discredit evolution. They use it as proof of an intelligent designer. Intelligent designer? God. … I'm looking to end the debate once and for all with... clear, clean facts. Data points of every stage of eye-evolution. Why are you working so hard to disprove God? Disprove? Who proved that God was there in the first place? RELIGION & SCIENCE ("I Origins" - 2014 American science fiction drama film)
  46. 46. Dr. Gray, are you religious? Am I religious? I thought you researched me. I'm not religious. Why not? Religion is based on scripture written by men thousands of years ago. Those beliefs can't be changed or challenged. They're fixed. In science, great thinkers have written things very long ago... but every generation improves upon them. The words are not holy. Einstein is a brilliant man, but he is not our god. He's one step in the evolution of knowledge, but we always continue to step forward. ("I Origins" - 2014 American science fiction drama film) RELIGION & SCIENCE
  47. 47. You know a scientist once asked the Dalai Lama, "What would you do if something scientific disproved your religious beliefs?" And he said, after much thought, "I would look at all the papers. I'd take a look at all the research and really try to understand things. And in the end, if it was clear that the scientific evidence disproved my spiritual beliefs, I would change my beliefs." That's a good answer. Ian... what would you do if something spiritual disproved your scientific beliefs? ("I Origins" - 2014 American science fiction drama film) RELIGION & SCIENCE
  48. 48. 100 Notable Scientists Call for Open Study of Consciousness We are a group of internationally known scientists, from a variety of scientific fields (biology, neuroscience, psychology, medicine, psychiatry), who participated in an international summit on post- materialist science, spirituality and society. Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” - Nikola Tesla
  49. 49. 1. Nature is Mechanical 2. Matter is Unconscious 3. The Laws of Nature are Fixed 4. The Amount of Matter and Energy is Fixed 5. Nature is Purposeless 6. Biological Inheritance is Material 7. Memories are Stored in the Brain 8. The Mind is Inside the Head 9. Psychic Phenomena Do Not Exist 10. Mechanistic Medicine is the Only Kind that Works Rupert Sheldrake - Ten Dogmas of Modern Science
  50. 50. Rupert Sheldrake The minds of all individuals of a species, including man, are united and are part of the same planetary mental field Morphic Resonance and Morphic fields
  51. 51. The Monroe Institute - ROBERT A MONROE Robert Monroe was a successful and distinguished business executive, dedicated family man, and noted pioneer in the investigation of human consciousness. He invented the Hemi- Sync® audio technology and founded The Monroe Institute®, a global organization dedicated to expanding the uses and understanding of consciousness.
  52. 52. Astral Projection out-of-body experience
  53. 53. The Monroe Institute - ROBERT A MONROE
  54. 54. Brainwave Power Music -Hemi-Sync® technology Hemi-Sync®, short for hemispheric synchronisation, is an audio-guidance, binaural beat technology developed by consciousness pioneer, Robert Monroe. Using Binaural Beat Sound Technology to improve Meditation and Mindfulness
  55. 55. WORKSHOPS ON STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS (HEMI-SYNC®), AND CONTROL OF LUCID DREAMS "The" out of body experience“ is not a dream, a hallucination, or an exercise in visualization. The level of realism to which the subject moves is equal to or more than what we experience in physical reality. In addition, the individual maintains the memory of his or her entire personality without any interruption in time. Without these two premises, the phenomenon can not be defined as "lucid dream". The terms "out-of-body experience" and "astral travel" refer to the same phenomenon, although seen from different historical and personal perspectives.” Enrique Ramos
  56. 56. Brainwave Power Music -Hemi-Sync® technology
  57. 57. Messages from the ‘OTHER SIDE’ Using Out of Body Experiences to Meet Deceased Loved Ones An OBE can be a tool to making lucid, direct contact with our friends on the other side.
  58. 58. What Is The Difference Between Astral Projection And Remote Viewing? Astral projection and remote viewing are very similar, in the sense that it allows the user to travel through space and time without actually having their physical body do so. But the stark difference between the two is that astral projection projects the astral body out, giving an out-of-body experience, whereas remote viewing is the controlled use of extrasensory perception, or ESP, through a specific method, to perceive the target from great distances and even different times. Another difference is that astral projection requires the user to fall asleep, thus a lot of time and preparation to be able to perform. Remote viewing sessions, however, are only about an hour or so, pretty much allowing the user to perform it at their convenience.
  59. 59. What Is The Difference Between Astral Projection And Remote Viewing? One famous case is that of Ingo Swann, who correctly remote viewed back in 1973 that the planet Jupiter had rings, at a time when it was Saturn that was known for its rings. Skeptics all claimed fakery, until later space probes confirmed his claim. Many de-classified documents from both governments have confirmed experiments done by the CIA and the KGB to weaponize remote viewing and to use it in their militaries for their advantage. Harold E. Puthoff, Ph.D and Ingo Swann
  60. 60. What Is Controlled Remote Viewing “Remote viewing, as we have previously discussed, is the ability to view targets such as people, places, and even events in history and time, without having to move the physical body anywhere. It is such a prominent ability that the US and Soviet militaries have done their own research and experimentation into the skill. It has then been found out that due to it being a learnable skills, anyone who wants to acquire the ability can know and learn the techniques and simply work hard to master it. There are different kinds of remote viewing, and the one that the militaries have adopted first, is Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV.”
  61. 61. What Is Controlled Remote Viewing It was all started by the improbable partnership of a psychic and a scientist 45 years ago today. June 6, 1972 was when artist/psychic Ingo Swann accompanied physicist Harold E. “Hal” Puthoff into the Varian Physics Building on the campus of Stanford University. Harold E. Puthoff, Ph.D and Ingo Swann Ingo Douglas Swann (1933 - 2013) was a psychic, artist and author known for being the co-creator, along with Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff, of remote viewing, and specifically the Stargate Project.
  62. 62. What Is Controlled Remote Viewing Russell Targ is a physicist and author who was a pioneer in the development of the laser, and cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s.
  63. 63. Lyn Buchanan, one of the STARGATE army remote viewers “After the military I was asked by a branch of the government to do a paper, a study paper to compare and contrast ET psychic ability to human psychic ability. The study that I did was because I was given access to many of the things that never made it into project grudge or the blue book or anything like that because they couldn’t be denied. So anyway, in studying these, I found out that we can take the ET’s of all different kinds and species and all that and put them into four main categories. We’ve got those who are more psychic than us and those that are less psychic than us. In each of those two categories we’ve got friendly to us and unfriendly to us, the unfriendly non-psychic ones tend to not come here. They don’t like us, they don’t want to be around us. The non-psychic friendly ones come here for trade. The psychic friendly ones actually want to help us develop our abilities and become stronger at it. And the unfriendly psychic ones want us wiped off the planet, they want us dead, period, no questions asked.” Lyn Buchanan
  64. 64. Captain F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater US Army’s remote viewer According to Captain Frederick H. Atwater, a retired US Army officer also involved at the time in highly classified ‘remote viewing’experiments for the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency, as well as for the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command, Price had remotely viewed four alien bases on Earth, one of which was located under Mount Ziel, Northern Territory. Mount Ziel lies some 80 miles west- northwest of Pine Gap. Price believed the base contained a mixture of ‘personnel’from the other bases, one purpose being to ‘transport new recruits, with an overall monitoring function’. The other bases were said to be under Mount Perdido in the Pyrenees, Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe, and, coincidentally, in Alaska under Mount Hayes. Price described the occupants as ‘looking like homo sapiens, except for the lungs, heart, blood and eyes.’ Captain F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater was the founder of the US Army’s remote viewing unit. Quote from Timothy Good in his book, Unearthly Disclosure
  65. 65. FBI document: We’ve been visited by ‘beings from ANOTHER dimension’
  66. 66. FBI document: We’ve been visited by ‘beings from ANOTHER dimension’ 1. Part of the disks carry crews, others are under remote control. 2. Their mission is peaceful. The visitors contemplate settling on this plane. 3. These visitors are human-like but much larger in size. 4. They are not excarnate Earth people but come from their own world. 5. They do NOT come from a planet as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us. 6. The bodies of the visitors, and the craft, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter. 7. The disks possess a type of radiant energy or a ray, which will easily disintegrate any attacking ship. They reenter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without a trace. 8. The region from which they come is not the “astral plane”, but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms. 9. They probably cannot be reached by radio, but probably can be by radar. if a signal system can be devised for that apparatus.
  67. 67. These visionary experiences led him to contact astronaut Edgar Mitchell and subsequently create the new organization, FREE. Rey Hernandez develop the hypothesis that a variety of "contact modalities", usually considered distinct phenomena, are all related. These include shamanic journeys, out of body experiences, ghosts and spirits, UFO, remote viewing, channeling, and mystical states of consciousness.
  68. 68. The Experiencer of contact with non-human intelligence is the ‘key’ that will open the door to understanding what is consciousness and what is the relationship between consciousness and contact with non-human intelligence. Disclosure is taking place not from the top down but from the bottom up. This in turn will provide a better understanding of the vast complexities of our multi-dimensional reality. The scientific community believes that they have a firm grasp of scientific principles but in fact we know almost nothing. We know the equivalent of one grain of sand in an entire beach. (In loving Memory 1930-2016)
  69. 69. On his way back to Earth after his pioneering moonwalk, Apollo 14 astronaut and IONS founder Dr. Edgar Mitchell had the profound experience of feeling interconnected to everything he was observing from the window of his space capsule: the stars, the moon, our blue planet, and the vastness of the cosmos. He realized quickly that in order to explain such an extraordinary experience (and others like it), there would need to be a rapprochement between the scientific and spiritual interpretations of reality. Founder of the Institute of Noetic (*) Sciences (*) From the Greek noēsis/ noētikos, meaning inner wisdom, direct knowing, intuition, or implicit understanding
  70. 70. The "ACADEMIC ADVISORY COUNCIL" will provide additional assistance and guidance for our current and future interdisciplinary research studies. These academics will investigate: Rick Strassman, MD: Human research with hallucinating substances Dean Radin, Ph.D .: PSI / Telepathy and Awareness Experiments Mario Beauregard, Ph.D .: Medical Science of Consciousness and the Brain Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D .: Science of Consciousness after Life Diane Powell, MD: The Science of Consciousness, Autism and Contact David Lucas, Ph.D .: Consciousness and hallucinogenic plants Bernard Haish, Ph.D .: Physics, Consciousness and zero point energy Bruce Greyson, MD: The Middle Science of ECM and Reincarnation Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D .: PSI / Telepathy and Awareness Experiments Julie Beischel, Ph.D .: Channeling Fariba Bogzaran, Ph.D .: Lucid Dreams Russel Targ, Ph.D .: The Science of Remote Viewing These visionary experiences led him to contact astronaut Edgar Mitchell and subsequently create the new organization, FREE.
  71. 71. Are flying saucers real? “They appear as a sign of the Last Days. They look real but they are not. It is a spiritual manifestation. The people in them are spirit beings, not physical.” (SMM - March - 1965)
  72. 72. Rey Hernandez, JD, is a cofounder of the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research on Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experience (FREE).
  73. 73. "BEYOND UFOS: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE". After 4 years of conducting the world’s first comprehensive multi- language and international academic research study on UFO related Contact with Non Human Intelligence (NHI), The FREE Foundation will finally be publishing its historic new book in April of 2018. The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE)
  74. 74. THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE)
  75. 75. Enlightening Statistics From The FREE Experiencer Study The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE)
  76. 76. Enlightening Statistics From The FREE Experiencer Study The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE)
  77. 77. Jacques Vallée - Explored the commonalities between UFOs, cults, religious movements, demons, angels, ghosts, cryptid sightings, and psychic phenomena. Speculation about these potential links were first detailed in Vallée's third UFO book, Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers. As an alternative to the extraterrestrial visitation hypothesis, Vallée has suggested a Multidimensional visitation hypothesis. Multidimensional visitation hypothesis This hypothesis represents an extension of the ETH where the alleged extraterrestrials could be potentially from anywhere. The entities could be multidimensional beyond space-time, and thus could coexist with humans, yet remain undetected.
  78. 78. Multidimensional visitation hypothesis “I believe that UFOs are physically real. They represent a fantastic technology controlled by an unknown form of consciousness.” Jacques Vallee (Messengers of Deception) — on Robert Morningstar.
  79. 79. Multidimensional visitation hypothesis
  80. 80. Anabela Cardoso is a retired senior career diplomat and a successful ITC experimenter. Author of: Electronic Voices, Contact with Another Dimension? and the Editor/Director of the ITC Journal. Supervisors: Stanley Krippner Phone: 0034678592024 Address: Lourido, Isamil, Meira, Moaña 36955 Spain Anabela Cardoso Messages from the ‘OTHER SIDE’
  81. 81. COSMIC INTERNET – communication with the ‘OTHER SIDE’ The Cosmic Internet and Exoconscious Humans Our ET Visitors Are Using Telepathy to Communicate With Incarnated ET Souls Working on Disclosure The next revolutionary step will be the creation of a cosmic internet that allows communication with our ancestors in the spiritual dimension
  82. 82. Moses Jesus Elijah Mattew 17.3 "And suddenly Moses and Elijah appeared to them; they were talking with him.” Mount of Transfiguration
  83. 83. We are Spirit and We have a Body
  84. 84. We are Spirit and We have a Body Physical World Spiritual World Temporary life 80-100 years Eternal life
  85. 85. We are Spirit and We have a Body You’re a immortal soul driving a meat-coated skeleton made from stardust.... what do you have to be scared of?
  86. 86. Physical World Spiritual World Spiritual SelfPhysical Self We are a Microcosm of the Macrocosm 5 spiritual senses5 physical senses The Position of Man in the Universe
  87. 87. Microcosm of the cosmos Lord of both worlds Center of harmony “In heaven and on earth, I alone am the honored one.” (Sidarta Gautama Buddha) "Thus says the Lord, Ye are gods and children of the Most High “ Psalm 82:6 The Position of Man in the Universe
  88. 88. Spiritual Mind Spiritual Body Physical Self Spiritual Self We are Spirit and We have a Body Intelect Will Emotion Independent Energy Form Survive Death
  89. 89. Intelect Will Emotion Base of Personality Spiritual Mind SOUL Conscience
  90. 90. Consciousness leads to universal truths Our Creator is invisible and intangible, but as the Loving Cosmic Parent emerges and guides us throughout our CONSCIENCE. Our inner peace requires an honest, transparent and good life in the presence of God and our forefathers in the Spiritual World which observe our conduct. Conscience is our guide to truth and transcendent values, point of reference and highest authority which preside over our lives. Lead a transparent life with your every action being as clear as a crystal
  91. 91. Each person is an unknowable, irreplaceable and unique reality, with an unrenounceable dignity; That's why people are not means to an end, but an end in themselves. Each person originally has a divine, eternal, unique and cosmic value: OUR ORIGINAL VALUE 1. Divine Value - We have the intrinsic and inalienable dignity of been sons and daughters of God. 2. Eternal Value - We are eternal beings that will live forever in the spiritual world with God. 3. Unique Value - There was, is and never will be someone equal to each one of us. We are unique, unrepeatable and irreplaceable. 4. Cosmic Value. We are the visible manifestation of an invisible creator, God's image and likeness. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. Therefore, each person is the recipient of these transcendent values which constitutes the foundation for our dignity and all Universal Human Rights.
  92. 92. OUR IDENTITY - I - Who am I? A woman in a coma was dying. She suddenly had a feeling that she was taken up to heaven and stood before the Judgement Seat. She evidently failed the examination for she was sent back to earth. When she recovered from her illness she determined to find out who she was. And that made all the difference. (Anthony de Mello, THE PRAYER OF THE FROG PART ONE) “Who are you?” a Voice said to her. “I’m the wife of the mayor.” she replied. “I did not ask you whose wife you are but who you are.” “I’m the mother of four children.” “I did not ask whose mother you are, but who you are.” “I’m a schoolteacher.” “I did not ask you what your profession is but who you are.” And so it went. No matter what she replied, she did not seem to give a satisfactory answer to the question, “Who are you?” “I’m a Christian.” “I did not ask what your religion is but who you are.” “I’m the one who went to church every day and always helped the poor and needy.” “I did not ask you what you did but who you are.”
  93. 93. - Who are you? – said the voice. - I am a "Daughter of God" - she replied. - I asked you who you are, not who your father is. It seems that she did not express well what she discovered ..., and for that reason the voice asked again: - Who are you? This time she replied: I am an eternal spirit, unique and unrepeatable, with a divine and cosmic value, that I have received from my Heavenly Father, that is why I am the Daughter of God and the Temple where God resides and expresses himself. She finally discovered who she was and when they finished their days on earth she was taken to heaven and presented again before the Judgement Seat. "I and my Father are one" ... " I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me " (John 14: 9-10) said Jesus Christ, a unity that other mystics experienced. OUR IDENTITY - I - Who am I?
  94. 94. OUR IDENTITY - I - Who am I? I am an eternal spirit, unique and unrepeatable, with a divine and cosmic value, that I have received from my Heavenly Parent, that is why I am the Son or Daughter of God and the Temple where God resides and expresses himself.
  95. 95. The Relationship between Physical Self & Spiritual Self Physical World Spitritual World We are Spirit and We have a Body LOVE, happiness BEAUTY - Art TRUTH - Science GOODNESS - Religion SEX SLEEP FOOD Experiences Spiritual Elements 5 Spirit Senses 5 physical senses Vitalitity Elements Temporal Physical Self Eternal Spiritual Self Sun light and warmth Air God Truth and Love Good atmosphere Life Elements Food Water
  96. 96. “… so faith without deeds is dead..” James 2:26 Our Actions Determine Spiritual Growth Spiritual Growth: • The maturity of our capacity for love • The growth of our sensitivity to God • The expansion and awareness of the presence of others and their needs • The development of consciousness Physical Life is our opportunity to: • Perfect our character • Restore spiritual errors • Give birth to children • Learn to appreciate all people “In as far as you advance in love you will grow surer of the reality of God and of the immortality of your soul.” (F. Dostoyevsky - THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV)
  97. 97. Spiritual stage Eternal (Divine love enviroment) Terrestrial Stage Temporal (Air enviroment) Embryonic stage Nine months (Liquid enviroment) THE THREE STAGES OF OUR EXISTENCE
  98. 98. Conscience does include within itself certain universal truths. They include the primacy of selfless love, traditional family as a divinely ordained institution, and harmony with – and ethical mastery over - nature Consciousness leads to universal truths
  99. 99. JESUS GONZALEZ LOSADA "All writings or teachings that deal with moral and spiritual issues which serve to benefit and improve others (from me or others), should be shared without reservation, like medicine or an antidote that can save lives. Therefore the freedom to reproduce and distribute them should be of paramount importance (the more the better) Such writings can be interpreted, commented on, criticized and of course improved. The copyright (provided there is no commercial intention) should not go beyond the obligation to request permission, quote the source or give references about the texts used.” Jesús González Losada Note: The content of this PRESENTATION is intended to help and illuminate our path towards spiritual perfection as children of God, to establish true families, and a world of peace and happiness for all humanity. COPYRIGHT WARNING: This is a non-commercial blog. The images, music and documents are edited quoting the free source [where it is, freely and without any requirement of compensation by right]. If COPYRIGHT exists and if, by mistake, something was improperly published, let us know and the document, the image or the music will be deleted immediately. Thank you.
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