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Revista PC Gamer Março 2011

  3. 3. MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 #211 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011 #211 MARCH 2011 EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief Logan Decker Senior Editor Evan Lahti Reviews Editor Dan Stapleton Associate Editor Josh Augustine Copy Editor Chris Comiskey Ultra good. When I was a kid, the movie Jason and Intern Michael QuachE PLAYLIST 1310 Contributors Al Bickham, Norman Chan, Richard Cobbett, Desslock, Tim Edwards, Tony Ellis, Ed Fenning, Aaryn Flynn, the Argonauts and the television show Tom Francis, Troy Goodfellow, Robert Hathorne, Chris Livingston, Andy Mahood, Candace McCarty, Ultraman were right at the top of my Rich McCormick, Craig Pearson, Chris Perry, Tom Senior, Graham Smith, Tim Stone, John Walker, Tyler Wilde List of Great. Today, Ultraman is only Producer/Project Manager Debra Guilfoyle Edit Squirrel Tabasco enjoyed in a wistful, ironic way. Jason ART 1310 and the Argonauts, on the other hand, P CG 1310 PCG1310 Lead Designer Dan Fitzpatrick Contributing Designer Christin Chi Photographers Mark Madeo, Samantha Berg remains an indisputable pillar of BUSINESS Publisher Kristen Salvatore Vice President, Games Kelley Corten 1310 Western culture—the climactic battle scene with the stop-motion animated Vice President, Sales and Marketing Rachelle Considine sword-wielding skeletons makes much Executive Director Integrated Sales Nathan Hunt of today’s bland CGI extravaganzas look 415-269-5408, National Sales Manager Isaac Ugay like something you wouldn’t even feed to the dog. 714-381-3419, Regional Sales Director Carol Gillard Technologies may improve and we might get caught up in exciting new trends, but 646-723-5476, Regonal Sales Manager Arthur St. Germain great games, just like television shows and movies, depend on neither. And that, of 650-238-2571, Detroit Consumer Manager Alan Dickinson 248-792-2408, course, is what makes them so durable. That’s why PC Gamer called a special session Senior Marketing Manager Andrea Recio-Ang 650-238-2548, of its writers and editors on both sides of the Atlantic to revisit our list of the very best Marketing Coordinator Allyson Kardel 100 games of all time (page 42). Advertising Coordinator Jose Urrutia What we went looking for were those games that keep proving their genius year PRODUCTION after year while all the others quietly faded from memory, like my old favorite TV Production Director Michael Hollister Senior Production Coordinator Dan Mallory show. Print Order Coordinator Linh Chau-Ward CONSUMER MARKETING Now, the debate about what position any particular game should take over another Vice President, Consumer Marketing Rich McCarthy Circulation Director Stephanie Blake in our Top 100 list could—and most definitely will—go on forever. Not so with our Game Newsstand Director Bill Shewey Consumer Marketing Operations Director Lisa Radler of the Year awards for 2010 (page 57), in which we call out the towering achievements Renewal And Billing Manager Mike Hill Online Marketing Director Adam Whinston in a spectacular year that was as notable for dark horses and pleasant surprises— Customer Service Manager Mike Frassica FUTURE US, INC. including note-perfect sports and puzzle-adventure games, as 4000 Shoreline Court, Suite 400 South San Francisco, CA 94080 well as the phenomenon that is Minecraft—as it was for big Tel 650-872-1642 names like StarCraft II. Fax 650-872-2207 President John Marcom And speaking of big names, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Vice President/CFO John Sutton just missed the deadline for our Game of the Year noms, Human Resources Director Nancy Durlester DuBois LOGAN DECKER SUBSCRIPTIONS & BACK ISSUES but as our review on page 68 indicates, we just may see EDITOR-IN-CHIEF To Subscribe: Customer Service: 800-898-7159, customerservice, it at next year’s awards. Twitter: @arocklegend Future US, Inc. is part of Future plc. Future plc produces carefully targeted magazines, websites and events for people with a passion. We publish more than 180 WHODUNIT magazines, websites and events and we export or license our publications to 90 countries around the world. Future plc is a public company quoted on the London Stock Exchange (symbol: FUTR). Future Plc 30 Monmouth St., Bath, Avon, Ba1 2bw, England Tel +44 (0) 1225 442244 (Bath) Tel +44 (0) 7042 4000 (London) Chief Executive Stevie Spring Non-executive Chairman Roger Parry Group Finance Director John Bowman His long, dark cape hung motionless from his broad shoulders as he Evan Lahti Dan Stapleton Tim Edwards Josh Augustine perched on the edge of the rooftop, staring intently at the cars moving Senior Editor Reviews Editor Editor (PC Gamer UK) Associate Editor slowly below. The night air was cold and still, but somewhere in Evan once killed a man for The babies attacked him first. Tim explains why there’s never New champions are on the way between the dull headlights and neon signs masked by smoke rising insulting Tribes. He threatened Find out why Dan is shooting been a better time to jump into for League of Legends, and Josh from the pavement was a sandwich. A long roast beef on rye with dijon to do so again if it didn’t make it babies in his Dead Space 2 World of Warcaft in his review of has played with ‘em all. See mustard and double pickles. Our hero must find it. Our hero must eat it. onto our Top 100 list (page 42). review (page 74). Catacylsm on page 68. what’s ahead on page 20. PC GAMER (ISSN 1080-4471) is published 13 times a year, monthly plus Holiday issue following December issue. Future US, Inc., 4000 Shoreline Court, Suite 400, South San Francisco, CA 94080. Phone: (650) 872-1642. Fax (650) 872-2207. Website: www. Periodicals postage paid in South San Francisco, CA and at additional mailing offices. Newsstand distribution is handled by Time Warner Retail. Basic subscription rates: one year (12 issues + 12 CDs) US: $29.95; Canada: US$49.95. Foreign: US$69.95. Canadian and foreign orders must be prepaid, US funds only. Canadian price includes postage and GST #R128220688. PMA #40612608. Subscriptions do not include newsstand only specials. POSTMASTER: Send changes of address to PC Gamer, PO Box 5158, Harlan, IA 51593-0658. Standard Mail enclosed in the following edition: None. Ride-Along enclosed in the following editions: B1, C1, C2, C3, C4. Returns: Bleuchip International, PO Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2, Canada. Future US, Inc. also publishes Maximum PC, Mac|Life, Nintendo Power, The Official Xbox Magazine, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, World of Warcraft Official Magazine, NVISION, Guitar World, Revolver, Guitar Aficionado, Windows: The Official Magazine, MOM, Crochet Today! and Pregnancy. Entire contents copyright 2010, Future US, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited. Future US, Inc. is not affiliated with the companies or products covered in PC Gamer. Reproduction on the Internet of the articles and pictures in this magazine is illegal without the prior written consent of PC Gamer. Products named in the pages of PC Gamer are trademarks of their respective companies. PRODUCED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. CUSTOMER SERVICE: PC Gamer Customer Care, PO Box 5158, Harlan, IA 51593-0658. Phone: 1-800-898-7159. Web: Email: Back issues can be purchased by calling 1-800-865-7240. ww REPRINTS: Reprint Management Service. Phone: 717-399-1900 MARCH 2011 5 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 ‹ BACK MARCH 2011 #211 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011 CONTENTS NEXT ›
  4. 4. EMAIL letters@ Has Evan Lahti PRTSCN BACK CHATTER TWITTER @PCGamer been secretly ■ I just noticed in monitoring my PC the December 2010 FACEBOOK PCGamermagazine gaming activities? issue that you asked about BioShock Infinite: “What WRITE PC Gamer Letters 4000 Shoreline Ct, Suite 400 happens when they South San Francisco, CA 94080 flush the toilet?” I Anime augmentation think that someone I was floored to read your down below gets a Your emails, Facebooks, Twitters, and yes, we still get the occasional letter article on Deus Ex: Human Revolution when Tom Francis very nasty surprise, or it’s dumped mentioned it drawing creative somewhere in the ocean. Nikolai BACK CHATTER more missions, but lackluster ones, and the Terran influence from Blade Runner Johansen those are all from the campaign that came with SC2: and The Matrix. He obviously ■ I generally do a same faction and does Wings of Liberty is one of the doesn’t spend a lot of time ■ I don’t care what playthrough of Star not make up for the best-designed RTS experiences ever watching movies made outside PC Gamer says. Wars: Knights of the It bugs me (and Old Republic every fact that we’re paying made. And you’re not even of Hollywood—this game full price for only a factoring in the multiplayer in your might as well be named Ghost in When planning my recent wedding, I knew exactly what my groom’s cake impacts my buying year or two. That had to be. But my wonderful bride went the extra mile and got me a Portal decision) when game is awesome piece of a full game. math! PCG the Shell, and obviously draws games such as every time! Andrew Danny Morton influence from a rich host of cake and a Weighted Companion Cube cake! Alas, I still killed it and ate it for good measure! Jim Ingram Mass Effect 2 or Grindinger One step ahead incredible Japanese anime. Just Dragon Age: Origins ■ Torchlight for $5 If your definition of “a Has Evan Lahti been secretly trying to give credit where do not link their SHOW US YOURS Tell us your story with a great screenshot. Send it to and include on Steam FTW. Best full game” mandates a monitoring my PC gaming credit is due. Steve Karg PRTSCN in the subject line—you could win a sweet prize like Jim’s new copy of Super Meat Boy! achievements to money I’ve spent in campaign for each of activities? Hit with a minor my Live accounts. a long time. Steven Palmer Supreme Commander 2 has campaign the factions that are bout of nostalgia, I recently End of the road Who cares about an achievement that missions for all three factions. playable in multiplayer, downloaded and installed Everyone was grateful when doesn’t show up ■ Command & then you’re right: MechCommander Gold, relishing Bethesda released the Broken Unfinished Sin developers are reluctant to risk anywhere? Conquer: Red Fuzzy math there’s been a trend these past few every minute of “Mech-stompy Steel DLC for Fallout 3, which SiN Episodes: Emergence was their companies on a lesser-known Markus Egger Alert: great then, It seems like RTS publishers years to concentrate on fewer, goodness.” I am a huge fan of allows you to continue playing released in 2006, but then its brand that didn’t do well last time. great now! Philip are charging us full price for higher-quality campaigns. Games BattleTech, and I can say with BattleTech F3 after you finished the main developer, Ritual, went under, By contrast, what killed 3D Realms ■ Cheers on the Brazendale article on Dead half or one third of a game like Company of Heroes, confidence that Mech- quest. On New Vegas they made leaving the other two parts in was not a failure of the Duke fran- State in the January ■ I put in StarCraft: nowadays. This trend started Warhammer 40K: Dawn of Commander is one of the best the same mistake: the game the planned episode trilogy chise, but a failure of the developer issue. I had never Brood War just a when Atari charged $50 for Act II, War II and StarCraft II have BattleTech games ever made, ends after the last mission. I unfinished. Has any developer to actually produce a Duke heard of this game few weeks ago. It of War in 2005, and now we single lengthy campaigns for the second only to MechWarrior 2: find that stupid, intentional or stepped up to finish the trilogy? Nukem game before it ran out of felt a lot different before, but now I without some of have StarCraft II and RUSE “star” faction, leaving room for Mercenaries. So imagine how Mercenaries not. I reckon that Bethesda will With the recent news of money. Duke is still a much-loved have a new future the conveniences of with one third of a game for expansions. But they’re no more tickled I was when, exactly one go “Sorry ’bout that! We forgot Gearbox picking up Duke brand, making it an attractive release to add SC2—namely, unit full price. I mean is it just me, “one third of a game” than The week after punting the last to finish the game, but don’t Nukem Forever, why has this proposition for Gearbox. PCG to my top games pathfinding that or are we now paying between Empire Strikes Back is one third Smoke Jaguar trueborn worry—we will release an franchise been abandoned? to watch out for doesn’t suck. Ian Hafer $100 and $180 for a full game? of a film. Besides, we’d rather play halfway back to the Kerensky add-on for only $10.” They’re David Beyerle Beta boy list. Christopher Santine Yeah, I know that there are one great campaign than three Cluster in the campaign, your making their customers look In the Holiday issue Face Off ■ SC2 still hasn’t January issue hits the stands like plain idiots. After watching Ritual crash and column where Evan and Dan ■ Your mom. gone on sale! GRRR! Jared Adomeit THE HOT MAIL featuring MechCommander as the Reinstall article! Chester Medina burn trying to revive SiN (the original came out in 1998), other argued about playing games in beta, I agree with Dan: playing a Vincent Myers ■ Freelancer gets Now if only we could get We’re not expecting to see post- beta could leave the game better every time I Doughboys The marketing definitely some further news of Smith & main-quest DLC for Fallout: lacking fun due to bugs, glitches, WHERE WE PLAY play it. It really irritates me oversells it, but even the most Tinker’s MechWarrior reboot. New Vegas. Ending the game . crashes, etc. I have played betas Play on the Sampo Kaskia that games like elite soldiers with the best Eric Allen after the main quest is the price we of many MMOs since 2006, and official PC Gamer ■ I played ArmA II Modern Warfare 2 equipment in the pay for letting the player decide the two things I have learned from community servers for 12 hours—I cried and Medal of Honor try so hard world are still Oh, it’s no secret. That’s a nice shirt outcome of the plot. In order to let my experiences are this: don’t Team Fortress 2 with frustration and to convince us that these just frail you’ve got on today, by the way. you keep playing after you’ve expect everything to go right, confusion. I played characters are the humans in Evan driven Caesar’s Legion and/or the and unscheduled server mainte- ArmA II: Operation Even 14 acres of ArmA 2 Arrowhead for 12 biggest, baddest and funny hats when NCR from Nevada, every trace of nance can happen at any time. side-boob couldn’t minutes—I squealed toughest guys in the world, they get shot. What Shopping spree them would have to be wiped from make SiN: Episodes Justin Garland Counter-Strike with enjoyment and but then, when you get to makes them the best at Thanks a ton for the Team the map, and whoever takes over a success. Source delight. The best the actual gameplay, we what they do is their skill at Fortress 2 Polycount Pack review! would have to be put in their place. Sad Panda’s game developers find that these “elite not getting shot. So when you The only things I bought were That would be a huge task (like always implement Correction Booth Ventrilo in-game what operatives” are just guys turn over the controls to someone the Sydney Sleeper, the designing the whole map a second (voice chat) they’ve learned with guns who die within who doesn’t know what he’s doing, Shortstop and the Holy time), and Obsidian would have to The caption for the RAT 7 mouse from player minutes of fighting! I would those Tier One Operators look like Mackerel. The rest I got from do it four times over to suit all the (98%, January 2011) was incorrectly feedback. Bohemia truly love to find a game that bumbling noobs—so really, it’s our the handy new trading system. endings. printed as “Our highest mouse score Interactive is a ever goes to this mean-looking proved the capabilities of the own fault if our super-soldier Man, is it satisfying to kill But there were a few lessons masterpiece.” It should have damn fine game developer, and it troopers. B. Worcester under-performs. PCG someone with a fish wrapped in learned from Fallout 3: in FNV, read “Our highest mouse score Our game servers are makes me proud newspaper and see the you’re warned when you’re at the ever goes to this mean-looking provided by Art of to know they’re A great letter deserves a great prize; that’s why we’re sending Mr. B. a copy of Super Meat “FISH KILL” point of no return, letting you opt mouseterpiece.” Thanks War Central, PCG’s independent and Boy in appreciation of his stellar correspondence. Look up top to see how you can get in on the death not to play the final battle and to James Grahn, otherwise staff-approved PC-exclusive. touch with PC Gamer and earn your chance to win next month’s PRIZE OF MYSTERY! known as @theLoneFuturist on notices! Mick wander endlessly instead—and the hosting service. Visit Connor Stone Twitter, for pointing out the error. Enfield level cap is 30 by default. PCGom ww 8 MARCH 2011 Mack attack! MARCH 2011 9 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 ‹ CONTENTS NEXT › #211 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011 BACK PC GAMER MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 #211 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011
  5. 5. »18 Trek »20 Legends »26 Biplanes MONITOR TIGSource URL: Bookmark it because: It’s a community created and managed by indie devs themselves Y ou’ll find all the latest indie releases, interviews and other news you need on TIGSource, albeit at a slower trickle than other indie-focused sites. The real reasons to visit are off the The Hunt front page: the forum (where you’ll find a whole community sharing its thoughts and projects) and the excellent indie database. TIGdb ( is the perfect tool for finding new games to play, no matter what you might be looking for. Want For Indie a new shooter to last you the evening? Easy. A shooter from 2010? No problem. An open-source, multiplayer shooter from 2010 for less than $10? If it exists, this is where you’ll find it. Games IndieDB URL: Bookmark it because: It has an amazing Top 100 list every year F A rom Sleep Is Death to Minecraft, many , s sister site to master modding database ModDB, of today’s finest indie games can’t be IndieDB is primarily a hub for people who want to make found on the beaten path of stores like indie games. On the main blog, you’ll find everything from first-look screenshots to big release announcements of Steam. To help you hunt them down, we’ve games the news sites might not have picked up on yet. It’s one of gathered a guide to the best blogs, forums and the surest ways to wintess the next big thing. Every December, the site runs an excellent Indie of the Year portals full of fun you never even knew existed. Award, where 100 of the best games fight it out for dominance. by Richard Cobbett This community-vetted list does a lot of the work of hunting and gathering for you—it shouldn’t be missed. Show Me The Games Kongregate URL: URL: Bookmark it because: It’s a straightforward “give me the games” list Bookmark it because: It’s a bottomless bucket of free flash games— Indie in-person more than 35,000 of them Want to play the latest games first? S how Me The Games is all about simplicity. You won’t find F Visit one of these conventions. news, reviews, interviews, tutorials or lengthy ads for the lash is the perfect platform for filling a few empty minutes, games it covers, just quick and dirty descriptions and a little and there’s no better place to do it than Kongregate’s huge categorization. It’s the brainchild of UK developer Cliffski, and collection of free browser games. You can browse by built to help fellow developers get a bit more attention by focusing category, or simply ask to be shown the top-rated games, but much Game Developers Conference 2011 WHERE: San Francisco WHEN: Feb 28-Mar 4 on the best (mostly commercial) games around. The listings are of the fun comes from finding a diamond in the rough. WHO: Industry/students WEB: COST: $250 randomized so that nobody gets special treatment, and the site Kongregate backs all this up with a big community, achievement doesn’t get a cut if you buy something. If you already follow the indie market, chances are you’ll badges and online chat, but you can easily ignore all of this and just focus on finding new games. If the site feels too hectic, head over to G DC hosts the Independent Games Festival awards, which you can attend with an expo or student pass. Bear in mind that while this will get you into the public areas, you won’t be able to attend recognize most of the games currently listed, such as World of Goo,, a similar site without the social extras. keynotes, tutorials or other high-end content. Those tickets cost Puzzle Pirates and Mr. Robot. If not, it’s a great place to find hot $750-$1950. indie games that are finished and ready to buy. PAX East 2011 Indie Games: The Weblog WHERE: Boston WHEN: Mar 11-13 WHO: Everyone URL: WEB: COST: $55 Bookmark it because: You’ll get a daily dose of indie games goodness P enny Arcade’s next convention hosts the Boston Indie Showcase, featuring kiosks and floor-space for selected games. It’s only for I ndie Games updates far more often than most, focusing on local developers with fewer than 15 employees, which guarantees short but sweet posts that get right to the point, serving up you’ll see lots of brand-new games if you head down. links to new and interesting releases, creator interviews, embedded trailers and news stories, from PETA’s Super Tofu Boy IndieCade parody to announcements of new bundle deals. WHERE: Los Angeles WHEN: Oct 6-9 WHO: Everyone It’s a particularly good site if you like to dabble in indie games, WEB: COST: TBD but don’t have a preferred genre or style, and just want to bounce from interesting browser game to Nethack alternative to visual I ndieCade is an annual three-day event scattered throughout galleries, theaters and cafes in Culver City. This year’s program has yet to be released, but last year’s involved family activities, game- novel. If you crave a little more depth, the regular “Indie Games Links” section takes you behind the scenes with many more walks and special awards for the year’s best indie games. interviews, full articles and reviews on other indie-friendly ww 12 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 13 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 ‹ CONTENTS2011 NEXT › #211 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011 BACK PC GAMER MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011MARCH MARCH 2011 #211 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011 #211 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011 PCGAMER.COM
  6. 6. MONITOR A new Elder DARK COMES TO LIGHT CLASSICS LONG-LOST DARK ENGINE SOURCE CODE APPEARS BY MAGIC Mass E ect 3 Scroll unfurls announced Good news for fans of Thief and System Shock: source code for the Dark engine—the engine most of Looking Glass’ games were built on—was recently rediscovered. Potentially, this means that updated versions of Thief, Thief II and Hear ye hear ye! The long-awaited sequel System Shock 2 could be made to run on modern PCs. There’s still a lot of work to be done to get it in The next chapter of BioWare’s sci-fi RPG to Oblivion will be released on 11/11/11 shape to run, but you can keep up with the brings the battle home to Earth discussion at RM I A t’s been four years since The one, but in Oblivion it is actually the fter interminable hinting, BioWare has finally Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion came Emperor who ends up saving the taken the wraps off of the last chapter in out, forever changing our world—you just serve as his Commander Shepard’s epic science fiction expectations for what an open- world roleplaying game should be. In bodyguard. It might be your turn to do the honors again this time. WOW: CATACLYSM SELLS BIG roleplaying trilogy. A teaser trailer shows a NEW RECORD EXPANSION IS THE the fifth year, the fifth game will Like every numbered Elder Scrolls nameless human sniper defending civilians from emerge. Bethesda now says that TES game, Skyrim will be a generational FASTEST-SELLING PC GAME EVER 5: Skyrim will arrive in November. jump forward, with an all-new World of Warcraft: Cataclysm sold 3.3 million alien attackers from his perch in a damaged Big The new chapter is set in the titular engine. Though the old Gamebryo copies in the 24 hours between December 7 Ben clocktower; then the camera pulls back to land of Skyrim, the chilly mountains engine was the foundation for several and December 8. To put that in perspective: the reveal a full-scale Reaper attack on Earth, with directly north of Oblivion’s stomping great games, plenty of gamers are previous expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, “only” ground of Cyrodiil. It’s home to the glad to see it go due to frequent managed 2.8 million in a full day, and Call of Duty: multiple sentient spaceships landing and deploying Viking-like Nords, and the plot glitches and bugs. Bethesda hasn’t Black Ops did 5.7 million ground forces to invade the ruined cities. Shepard isn’t revolves around an evil related to the given any technical details yet, but (but that was across all platforms). Assuming there, though—he/she has been dispatched into the demon invasion events of Oblivion, Skyrim has been in development for one that can only be stopped by the years, so if there isn’t something good $40 per copy (not galaxy to assemble an alliance of alien races to help Dragon-Born. The third game, to show for it in November they’ll factoring in collector’s Earth repel the invasion before it’s too late. Morrowind, casts you as the chosen likely all be grounded. ■ Tom Francis editions), Blizzard took in $132 million in No gameplay has been shown and no details have revenue on that day. CP been confirmed, but rumor has it that the third Mass Effect will include some form of multiplayer mode. Whether that will be a co-op mode for the campaign NOW PLAYING (potentially employing multiplayer quest design from AT THE PC GAMER WEB STORE BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic), a separate team- Spoiler alert! based shooter acting out the battle for Earth while Shepard Huge new games are being announced at such a dizzying rate that unless you start is away or nothing at all remains to be seen. downloading from Mass Effect 3 is promised for Holiday season 2011, so it This calls for Shepard’s store right away, you’ll never have time to won’t be long before all questions are answered. ■ Dan Stapleton patented Look of Concern! play all of the recently released games that you meant to play before the next round hits! Just one of these RPGs can keep you busy for 100 hours, so you’ve got no time to waste. TRENDS Dead Space 2 GAME DEVELOPER PODCASTS Back to the Future BF: Bad Company 2—Vietnam Curious to hear what Irrational Behavior BlizzCast One of Swords Bejeweled 3 goes on at your favorite game developer’s office? 1 Hosted by Irrational Games’ Level Designer/Associate Producer Shawn Elliott and frequented by Creative Director Ken 2 Blizzard assembles a different cast of developers for each podcast, and it’s not updated too 3 Anchored by Activision’s Social Media Manager (and Official Xbox Magazine alumnus) Dan Fallout: New Vegas Try out a developer podcast; Levine, Irrational Behavior is arguably the often (averaging one show every Amrich, One of Swords thrives on they’re a great—and free— most highly regarded developer podcast out three months), but what it lacks in humor, amusing tangents and Great Scott! source of behind-the-scenes there. New episodes are released about once consistency it delivers in length: Activision news. It travels into anecdotes and insights. a month, and the latest episode is over two console-exclusive land here and There are many to choose discussions range hours. Past topics include explor- there, but there’s plenty of PC from gaming ing the five-year anniversary of gaming talk as well as loads of from (and more seem to crop big-name guests like screenwriter/ theory to the World of Warcraft, Q&A with the up every week), but these participants’ production team on the StarCraft II comic creator Hugh Sterbakov. three are great places to nerdiest secrets. beta and analyses of recent WoW New episodes are posted weekly. Hopefully Skyrim’s graphics will look start. Chris Comiskey patches. as good as the renders for ww 14 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 15 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 ‹ CONTENTS2011 NEXT › #211 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011 BACK PC GAMER MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 MARCH MARCH 2011 #211 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011 #211 VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 MARCH 2011