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Social Selling Webinar: Everything You Need To Know about Sales 2.0


Published on - Register today to attend my upcoming #socialselling webinar. I will be sharing the newest #socialsellingstrategies and review Sales 2.0 technology & software. This webinar will teach you how to become a more efficient and effective sales person. Learn everything that you've always wondered about Social Selling and Sales 2.0. Class will be taught by professional social selling speaker: Jeff Zelaya

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Social Selling Webinar: Everything You Need To Know about Sales 2.0

  1. 1. “Everything That You Need to Know About Sales 2.0” Presented by Jeff Zelaya In this FREE webinar you’ll learn everything that you ! need to know about getting started with ! Social Selling ! !“Social selling is a paradigm shift & top producers have already started to adjust. # Are you ready for selling in a 2.0 world?” # - Jeff Zelaya# ! We will teach you how to: ! • Find a higher quality (and quantity) of prospects! • Increase your inbound leads & referrals! • Be seen as an influential thought leader in your industry! • Efficiently nurture relationships & convert them to clients! • Get quoted in blogs, news sites & industry publications! • Schedule more demos & close more deals! ! Get more details at Free Social Selling Webinar What is Social Selling? ! Social selling is about leveraging your personal brand to network & build mutually beneficial business relationships. Social Salespeople seek to influence and provide value to their business network through strategic engagement, education and relevant recommendations. ! ! Social selling is primarily about using technology, sales and social skills to identify, listen to, understand and to engage more efficiently and effectively with your network. The most successful social sales people provide massive value to their network and therefore tend to reap the rewards of more leads, new accounts and increased sales success.! ! Jeff Zelaya Social Selling Speaker & LinkedIn Expert! !
  2. 2. “Social Selling is about people first & technology second.” - Jeff Zelaya ! The top social salespeople know how to use social media, software & new technology to! become efficient & effective in providing value to their network.! Some of the tools that Social Salespeople use are:! LinkedIn! Blogs! SlideShare! Buffer! Hubspot’s Signals! TimeTrade! Nimble! newsle! kitedesk! and lots more…..! In this free social selling webinar we will cover these tools and let you know the MUST HAVES and which ones to avoid. ! Register now for this free webinar at:
  3. 3. ! Jeff Zelaya will be teaching this Sales 2.0 webinar Jeff Zelaya is a rising Social Selling influencer, speaker & a top recommended LinkedIn expert. In the past 3 years, Jeff has presented in over 50 Sales, Marketing, Personal Branding & LinkedIn workshops. Jeff has worked as a Marketing Consultant for the past 10 years and provides marketing, sales and PR consulting to business owners & C-Level executives. ! His clients have included: The American Marketing Association, ADP, Chevrolet, Rosetta Stone, Netflix, TRSA & a dozen universities across the country.! ! See testimonials & reviews here: