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May 2011From the General Manager…Hi folks, as we draw closer to winter and what is normally our quite period, it’s excitin...
Vicki’s PerspectiveSeeing a look of relief and trust on a stranger’s face andknowing that I was partially responsible and ...
Facebook                                                       Good News Stories        Official Facebook page has been op...
Thanks for Being There                                            VFAS Volunteers save a LifeDear St John team,           ...
Opthalmic Week October 10-16                                                     In 1948 Dr. Lawrence Craven, an American ...
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Circulation - VFAS May Newsletter


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The Monthly St John Ambulance (WA) Volunteer First Aid Service Newsletter

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Circulation - VFAS May Newsletter

  1. 1. May 2011From the General Manager…Hi folks, as we draw closer to winter and what is normally our quite period, it’s exciting to seethat there are still a number of large events on the calendar. Most of these are centred on theBurswood Dome, including; Kylie, The Dalai Lama and more. Ambulance Service Director, Executive Manager P.1Len Fiori and I were fortunate enough to attend the Justin Bieber concert to chat with themembers on duty that night. Well done to all for the night, as dealing with 15000 screaming Vicki’s Perspective P.1teenagers would test even the best of us. Burswood Dome has also announced they will host Uniform Update P.2Elton John for a concert in December. DM Meeting Notes P.2ANZAC day saw the launch of the new uniform and apart from a couple of minor issueseveryone looked fantastic. We have identified a couple of oversights regarding the uniform Dinner Dance P.3that we will be looking into over the coming weeks and making some small changes toaccommodate these issues. Please be patient while we review and please be mindful that Good News Stories P.3you are not permitted to alter the look of the uniform that conflicts from the VFAS state VFAS Facebook P.4uniform policy that is currently in place. Clinical Corner P.5April 29 was the start of the Cadet Camp which had almost 40 cadet participants. Specialthanks to Alex Treweek, Scott Russell, Amy Russell, Alan Davies, Sarena Hyland andStephanie Moss for their assistance with the camp. I believe a great time was had by all andthat Alex once again entertained the Camp with a sing along. I recently had the opportunity tohear her myself and was more then impressed!Phil Martin and I have also visited a number of Divisions over the last few weeks. Thanks to Glen Willan at Eastern Hills and ElenaDunn at Fremantle and all the members for entertaining us for a few hours. We appreciate you providing us the time to chat andthe receptive, cooperative nature in which you engaged with us. The chocolate biscuits and cake didn’t hurt either.Finally, as we get closer to the end of this financial year and we wrap up planning for the next, I am excited at the new initiativesand ideas we hope to implement in 2011/12 and beyond. Change is often hard to understand, but at times is an important part inour development and an opportunity to set new roads of discovery. It is also important for St John Ambulance to remain the leaderwherever possible in the event services arena, to do this we must ‘change with the times’.Over the next month and beyond your Divisional Managers will be kept well informed of all the new exciting happenings in VFAS,so don’t be afraid to ask questions.Ashley WilsonGeneral Manager, Volunteer First Aid Services Revised Circulation Welcome to the latest edition of Circulation. Circulation has moved to a monthly editorial and we have asked Divisional Mangers and their teams to be involved each month to run articles specific to their division. This month we have an article written by Vicki Oliver, Divisional Manager of Gosnells about what St John means to her. We ask that if any member has anything they would like to write about in Circulation, please feel free to send it in, after all, this is your newsletter. Managers will let their division know when it is time for submitting articles. You can be as creative as you feel, whether it be relating to a duty, an experience, your thoughts on volunteering or a training session, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit any photos you wish to include to help bring the story to life. Update 1
  2. 2. Vicki’s PerspectiveSeeing a look of relief and trust on a stranger’s face andknowing that I was partially responsible and accountable.A sense of pride and accomplishment in doing the things thatwe do so well.Nothing is more special to me than a simple smile and thatlittle word which so many of us take for granted, ‘thank you’. Itmay not seem like much but it means the world to me andkeeps me coming back.Being part of the St John family is an interesting experience. Ihave met some wonderful and pretty special people. We areall so very different and we relish these differences. We comefrom all over the world united in this one great cause ‘For theService of Humanity’. office and exchange the items. Members must quote theWhile first aid is the reason we are all part of VFAS, it’s also a delivery docket number when speaking with YAKKA andbonus to attend concerts and events that you otherwise may members must specify they are from VFAS. Any exchange willnever have had the opportunity to attend. definitely result in a delay, due to high demand for items,Like all families we squabble, we laugh, we learn, we cry YAKKA have very little stock. If members have received nametogether and we are always there for one another. A special badges with incorrect spelling or qualifications please contactpart of St John is that there is always room for one more. We YAKKA and also let us know as soon as possible.are committed to growing our family. YAKKA have work boots available for purchase, these areI have the honour of being a Divisional Manager in my small optional purchases and must be paid for by members usingworld. Like most, I have the assistance of a brilliant, either cash or debit/credit cards over the counter at YAKKA.motivated, enthusiastic and talented team of volunteers that Just a reminder, that new and existing uniforms are not to beforms our management committee. My job is to ensure that all worn as a mixed uniform. The new uniform policy has beenmy members are happy, their training is top rate and up to written to accommodate the new uniform style, there are a fewdate and that they wear the St John uniform with pride. small issues that have arisen and will be amended. PleaseWhile this on occasions, feels like a chore there are some very ensure you read the policy and familiarise yourself with therewarding aspects. I see timid and sometimes insecure guidelines. The uniform policy can be located atpeople walk through the door. I watch their expressions as are quickly absorbed into the division. I can see the relief If members have not yet placed an order for the new uniform,on their faces as they are accepted into the group. I feel a they should do so now. There will be a six to eight week waitsense of pride as I watch their confidence grow. Like a for new orders to be processed. New volunteers will place theirmother hen letting her chicks out into the big wide world, order at Induction with their membership application.knowing they are ready and able to concur the world if theychoose. Members will receive the uniform delivered to their home address unless specified otherwise on the uniform order. If aThey develop that swagger, that sense of accomplishment postal address wasn’t specified, please speak with yourand you can see the glow in their faces. I see them take these Divisional Manager who will contact the office on behalf of thequalities into their private lives, watch them blossom into division as a whole.confident young men and women. They in turn help the nextperson lucky enough to come through our door. For we areone and that’s the way it should be, and one of the many Chief Commissioner’s Newsreasons why I’m still there. You can view an electronic version of the ChiefVicki Oliver Commissioner’s News by clicking this link Manager, Gosnells sionersnews/2011/ccnmay11.pdf You are also able to register to receive the ChiefUniform Update Commissioner’s News and other National newsletters straightThe launch date for the new uniform was ANZAC Day 25 April to your inbox by visiting the link and subscribing with yourit was fantastic to see you all wearing the new uniform. details the initial roll out of uniform items, members will receive a sioners&ordering=&searchphrase=all&Itemid=25&option=com_shirt, pants, belt and badges. Once the initial roll out has been searchcompleted a review of additional requirements will beundertaken, this will be actioned on a case by case basis. Atpresent affiliates will receive a polo shirt and trousers, this Divisional Managers Meetingmay be reviewed in the future. There are shortages, and as a The bullet points below are taken from the Divisionalresult members may not receive all their items at once. Manager’s meeting, to be disseminated back to all members.Unfortunately jackets are further delayed and we are hoping to For further clarification on these issues, please speak with yoursee them arriving early next month. Manager.If members receive incorrect sizes or items, please contactYAKKA directly on 9373 0000, to arrange a time to visit their Update 2
  3. 3. Facebook Good News Stories Official Facebook page has been opened. Quite often we receive little snippets from newspapers or letters thanking our volunteers for their assistance or To communicate good news stories and general commending them for their contributions. We received so many discussions. fantastic stories this month, we couldn’t include them all. Enjoy. For current members only. St John Volunteers Praise the New UniformVFAS Training ‘St John Ambulance Volunteers in Gosnells are boasting a new As of the 1 July 2011, all VFAS member training will uniform, which is designed to be more comfortable, durable be coordinated by the college of pre-hospital care. and practical. Bulk of VFAS training will be coordinated during the The volunteers wore the new bottle-green uniforms, which are quieter time of the year away from busier summer in keeping with paramedic and ambulance officer uniforms, for months. the first time while on duty on Anzac Day. Induction courses will still be conducted all year The shirts of the new uniform are of a more durable fabric, with round. better airflow designed to release trapped heat during summer. Stage 1 and 2 books can only be signed by a Cert IV Cargo pants have also been added to the uniform so trainer. volunteers can carry a greater range of equipment with them.Reimbursements Reflective striping and name badges will improve the safety of volunteers, who frequently work in the dark. Reimbursements will only paid up to 60 days post event. Gosnells Volunteer First Aid Service divisional manager Vicki Oliver said a visible presence was important in emergency Looking to move away from reimbursement forms, situations, especially if working in the dark or near a roadside. avoiding overload of paperwork. "Safety is our number one priority and anything that we can do Auto re-imburse for meals according to DTR’s. to improve our safety and visibility is welcomed," she said. Due to commence in 2011/2012 financial year. "We have been looking forward to receiving the new uniform and member feedback has been positive.Items for Actioning They feel more comfortable and enjoy the practicality of the Major events – equipment needs to be returned to design." the vehicles they belong to. Gosnells volunteer Lynne Fallows wasnt sold on the new look, Various building maintenance. but agreed with colleague Jen Oxford that the uniform had many practical improvements, including padding on the knees, Include on next month’s ‘Circulation’ – process for plenty of pockets and was easier to keep clean due to its damaged vehicles. colour and durability’ Comment News, 26 April 2011Volunteer Story of the Month Outstanding Effort from EveryoneRecently Aaron Del Pino visited Cambodia to spread the wordof good health and hygiene. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your members for the wonderful effort in covering what was withoutAaron has been kind enough to share a few words and a doubt, our busiest 5 days in a long time. There was morephotographs with us. than 170 members needed to cover the duties over the 5 daysPlease see the document attached to the ‘Circulation’ email, of the long weekend, and only all but two positions wereit’s worth a read. It’s amazing to see just how many ways covered.VFAS members help out, not only with their local community, This is an outstanding effort. Thank you!but also nationally and internationally. Well done Aaron. I would like also to give a special mention to those that braved the early morning on Anzac Day at the many locations around2011 Dinner Dance the metropolitan area. For those that I was fortunate enough toWith the 2010 Dinner Dance proving to be a HUGE success, see on the day, you all looked fantastic in the new uniform. Wethe 2011 Dinner Dance promises to be bigger and better! have taken lots of photos and hope to send them around as soon as possible.SAVE THE DATE! Saturday 27th August 2011, PerthConvention and Exhibition Centre. More details to follow Lastly may I congratulate the Cadets, The Cadet Managerssoon! For any immediate Dinner Dance queries please contact and Leaders who very proudly joined the Anzac day march.Tahlia Simmonds on 9334 6787 or You all looked great and I believe out numbered many of other cadet units taking place in the march. Well done to you all. Ashley Wilson, Email to DM’s, 27 April 2011 Update 3
  4. 4. Thanks for Being There VFAS Volunteers save a LifeDear St John team, On Sunday 1 May, two of our VFAS Members were on duty at the Golden Oldies Rugby in Rockingham.On behalf of the RSL andthe veteran community we Pat Hawkins and David Ashill both from Rockingham Division,would like to express our had just finished treating a casualty when they were called to asincere thanks to you all for middle aged man having a seizure.being a part of ANZAC Day2011. Once the casualty stopped fitting Pat and David completed the St John Action Plan and found the casualty had no respirationsAs you may be aware, the and no pulse, Pat immediately commenced CPR with theANZAC Day Dawn Service assistance of a doctor from the crowd while David called for theand March are the most Ambulance.significant commemorativeevents held in Western After just one shock Pat and David managed to get a return ofAustralia each year. The spontaneous circulation and respirations. In fact by the time theDawn service is one of the Ambulance arrived the patient was on his hands and kneesbiggest in the world and the trying to get up and get back to watching the Rugby.march through the city grows each year. The casualty was transported to Fremantle Hospital where heEach event attracts enormous numbers who turn out to pay was thrombolised and had stents fitted.their respects to Australia’s service men and women, past and Thanks to the rapid and professional response by our VFASpresent. With this comes the responsibility to ensure their members the patient had no neurological deficits and thesafety and service and to make sure they are all honored with patient made a full recovery.the dignity and respect they so richly deserve. This job serves as a timely reminder that the most definitiveWe could not do this without the support, advice and great treatment that we have to treat cardiac arrest is defibrillation,work from the St John team. while CPR buys the patient time by maintaining perfusion toPlease pass on our personal thanks to everyone who gave the brain and essential organs, defib can revert thetheir time and energy so willingly to ensure a great outcome dysrhythmia and hopefully restore normal cardiac function.for ANZAC Day 2011. We look forward to working with you As they say in training “Nothing Delays Defib”, get the shock inagain next year. as soon as possible. Well done Pat and David on the greatWith best wishes and much gratitude, result.The RSL ANZAC Day Team The organisers of the Golden Oldies Rugby Emailed the office to thank Pam and David for their efforts.Reward for Decade of St John Service “We have one member that is extremely lucky that yourA Midland resident has been recognised for exceptional services were on site prepared and available… A HUGEservice to the St John Ambulance Volunteer First Aid Service. thanks is in order for their help, the patient is alive and doing well. A result that may well not be the case without St John”Glenn Willan has been admitted as a Member to the Order ofSt John for his dedication to the service for more than 10 Mike Butler, SCRUM Secretaryyears.He has taken on various roles within St John and is currently a VFAS FacebookDivisional Manager, providing for the care of volunteers and We have created an official St John Ambulance VFAS WAtheir well-being. Facebook Group.Glenn has served many divisions, primarily with the adult division and more recently with the EasternHills division based in Kalamunda. Keep in touch with what’s happening in the St John Ambulance WA Volunteer First Aid Service.He is used to putting his leadership skills to use and makingmembers feel completely at ease. The group is a discussion board for members to communicate news and info about your division and for Head Office toGlenn has previously received a commendation for his efforts communicate directly with assisting in the Bali bombing disaster. He also attended theCommonwealth Games in 2006. This site will not in any way replace the normal chain of communication via DM’s. While all feedback is appreciated weGlenn senses when members need his help and works with aim to keep the group for good news stories and not a forum tothem. "I am very proud and it is an honour to receive this air grievances.medal," he said. Any inappropriate comments and/or images will be removedSt John Ambulance commends its volunteers for their from the group.commitment. The group is only open to current VFAS members.Hills Gazette, 30 April 2011 Update 4
  5. 5. Opthalmic Week October 10-16 In 1948 Dr. Lawrence Craven, an American GP, noticed that the 400 men he prescribed aspirinOur first ever National St John Ophthalmic Week will take to hadn’t suffered any heart attacks. However itplace from 10-16 October, 2011. During this week we are wasn’t until 1971 that Professor John Vaneasking St John members to donate a gold coin to provide discovered how aspirin works, he later won thecritical support for the St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem. Nobel prize for Medicine.The Eye Hospital in Jerusalem is a vital part of the St John Today we consume 100 billion aspirin tablets, world-family and needs funding to continue the amazing, life wide every year. It has been estimated that aspirinchanging work that its staff provides to the people of saves more than 110,000 lives world-wide each yearJerusalem. They are counting on us! by helping combat cardiovascular disease.So get involved in this inaugural event and start spreading theword! Just a gold coin donation from every member will help Feedback for Incentives Surveyprovide the critical funding that is required. Your divisioncould save sight and change the life of someone in need. Would you support incentives like the one on offer for the AFL ?In the lead up to and during Ophthalmic Week in October,there will be a number of materials, resources and activities Yes 77%provided. Divisions are encouraged to use these prepared No 23%materials to enjoy Ophthalmic Week and raise as many fundsas possible. It is a chance to learn about eyes, first aid foreyes and the support that St John provides to the Eye Hospitalin Jerusalem. Which would you prefer an incentive for?Find out more by logging in to the St John Member website: Particular event Achieving a number of events 65%Find out more about the St John Eye Hospital at Neither 2%Clinical Corner Has this incentive encourage you to do AFL fixtures?Each month we will provide information on a clinical skill, adrug or an interesting fact relevant to first aid. Yes 32%Drug of the Month No 68%ASPIRIN (Acetyl-Salicylic Acid)Indication – Chest pain, of presumed cardiac origin. Has this incentive discouraged you from doing AFLDose – 300mg once only, even if the patient is already taking Events?Aspirin. Yes 8%Contraindications No 92%Don’t forget to ask the triple A’s; Are you allergic to ASPRIN? If you had a choice of incentives would you prefer? Are you taking any other ANTICOAGULANT? Gift card 75% Are you ASTHMATIC? Only give to asthmatics that have had Aspirin in the past without any problems. A Gift 7%Too nauseated to swallow. Neither 17%Doctor has stated patient should never take Aspirin.Not to be given to children. Sample size 90 (17%) of possible 529Pharmacology and Action: Mild anti-clotting agent. Inhibitsprostaglandin synthesis. Reduces aggregation and adhesionof platelets, hence prevents extension of clots. Shown toreduce mortality significantly in Acute Myocardial Infarction.Did you know??? Volunteer First Aid Services Ancient Egyptians took an infusion of dried myrtle St John Ambulance Australia (Western Australia) Inc. leaves to treat muscle pain, while Hippocrates, the 209 Great Eastern Highway, Belmont, WA 6104 father of modern medicine, prescribed willow bark tea for the pain of childbirth (to the relief of expectant mothers we now have far stronger analgesia for childbirth). The active ingredient of both these Volunteer First Aid Service remedies is salicylic acid - aspirins active ingredient. T. 08 9334 1310 F. 08 9334 1330 Update 5