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Building High Performance Web Applications


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In a world where Google search results load instantly and hand held devices get more powerful by the day, the bar for website performance is at unprecedented levels. It isn't enough that an application has cool features. It has to be fast.

Really fast.

If you plan on working in the software industry, you need to understand the basic principles of performance on the web and how to utilize tools and techniques to ensure the products you create will meet customer expectations for speed. In this presentation, Jeff will introduce the high level concepts, get into some real world examples, go over the process of optimization and provide a vision for high performance web applications of the future.

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Building High Performance Web Applications

  1. 1. Building HighPerformance Web Applications Twitter: #BCFast Jeff Whelpley CTO | MESH01
  2. 2. Relentless
  3. 3. 250 Milliseconds
  4. 4. Speed isOverrated
  5. 5. M.V.P.
  6. 6. Testing for Speed
  7. 7. Category 1Cache Early,Cache Often
  8. 8. Category 2Talk LessFrequently
  9. 9. Category 3Think Small
  10. 10. Category 4OptimizeYour Code
  11. 11. Category 5OptimizeYour Data
  12. 12. Category 6Get Bigger
  13. 13. Category 7Distributethe Workload
  14. 14. Building forthe Future
  15. 15. Landing Pages vs Single Page App
  16. 16. Logical vsPhysical
  17. 17. API isKing
  18. 18. Prediction:The End of Apps
  19. 19. twitter: @MESH01Inc wear testing: blog: Jeff Whelpley CTO | MESH01twitter: @jeffwhelpley | blog: email: