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A Sales Tool that says Thank You!


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ZigaVite is a cloud based sales engagement application designed to increase the rate and speed of engagement with cold to slightly warm lead generated prospects for any sales organization.

ZigaVite addresses the gap between a lead and the time and effort involved in having a sales representative establish communication with that lead.

The mission of ZigaVite is to be the best tool for sales professionals to speed engagement and to schedule a sales activity with a given prospect or existing customer using incentive items attached to a message.

ZigaVite turns cold leads into warm conversations.

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A Sales Tool that says Thank You!

  1. 1. ZigaVite Turn cold leads into warm conversations
  2. 2. “The Gap” The effort to obtain the first communication with a lead. Typically, the most expensive, difficult and time consuming aspect of the sales process. Time Effort Network Channels Messaging Customer Sales Person Money
  3. 3. The Problem When leads do not respond…   This costs you money, because sales teams Lose motivation Waste time calling & emailing Quit or are fired "Lost productivity, time wasted chasing leads, and high turnover costs your company 40% of its sales budget every year"
  4. 4. The Sales Setup Lead generation activities produce prospects of varying quality. Sales must engage leads by getting them to a specific sales activity: phone call workshop face to face meeting webinar
  5. 5. When sales leads do not respond.... Sales Management •  Turn over & training cost is high •  Opportunity cost for not engaging leads faster •  Engagement strategies are quickly exhausted
  6. 6. When prospect feels stalked Prospect •  Low conversion rate from prospect feeling stalked/being defensive •  Cost of tarnished brand image by pressure selling
  7. 7. ZigaVite "Why do leads not respond?" Too many competing messages to get noticed or opened. Your brand does not stand out. Lead can easily dismiss method (call or email) “I’ll do this on my time, when I’m ready”
  8. 8. The Solution ZigaVite ZigaVite gets email messages Noticed Opened Engaged
  9. 9. Every ZigaVite says ‘Thank You’ ZigaVite With an incentive item (a service or experience) that is included in the ZigaVite email and is delivered to the Prospect upon attending the requested activity. ‘Thank You’ items get:   ● Emails noticed ● Get to Yes faster     Take the business phrase "Can I buy you lunch" to a new level.
  10. 10. How does it work?
  11. 11. Why ZigaVite? ZigaVite saves you time and money by getting you to "Yes" or “Not interested” faster ZigaVite Sales Team More apt to follow up on leads Higher Job Satisfaction More feedback from leads Easier appointment scheduling
  12. 12. ZigaVite Sales Management New strategy to get leads engaged faster Shorten sales cycle Lower turn over Lower cost of lead conversion Brand preservation
  13. 13. ZigaVite Prospect Greater confidence engaging with your company Appreciation of time Enjoy easy scheduling Open vs. Defensive Warmer
  14. 14.         Learn more! Contact ZigaVite: Create a ZigaVite yourself: ZigaVite