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Using Video for Data Visualization Presentation for Los Angeles DataViz meetup group.

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  • Brene Brown Quote
  • Sad tragic story to start.
  • Sad tragic story to start.
  • Sad tragic story to start.
  • Zog and Margo
  • My company is Chocolate Covered Focus Groups. I’d like people to Begin to think differently about Focus Groups. With Twitter, Facebook, etc.We are all being focus grouped all the time.
  • MentionSzrliard’s code. FIT THE DATA TO THE MODELThat’s you. And that looks like you.We now have the ability to abstract and compress people and their Data in some fantastic and useful ways. I believe video lets you Uncompress and un-abstract that data.
  • We can chart a social media graph for this event.So I scraped some images from the DataViz meetup group and Built a hypothetical one.
  • And of course, there are those people who didn’t get chocolate.And THEIR social reaction.A new businesspitch for a mobile and wireless company. Our research showed that small business owners really get annoyed At how companies like ATT limit their data each month and then start to send them text and emails warning them that are About to go over their limit. And this interrupts the workflow of their business. Now we could’ve done a great chart for this.But video has the ability to bring data and information to life. To put flesh on the bone of dry data.
  • I shoot and light and interview myself, sometimes with one assistant. So it’s very affordable. But it’s also very intimate. There aren’t 10 crew members around. It’s very intimate exploratory research.
  • Poet Maya Angelou said, “People may forget what you said, but they will long remember how you made them feel.”As I mentioned, my company is named Chocolate Covered Focus Groups but I want to greatly expand what the notion of a focus group is.You know for a long time, Ethnographic researchers have gone out into the world to gather information. So let’s say you’re marketing a new beer, insteadOf having a bunch of people sit in a sterile room, you might go out to a bar and talk to people about it. And that’s a lot of what I’m about. This next piece I’m about to show you is for a company named Hannah’s Kittens. And we did a focus group on this huge mansion we rented.These little kittens cost $125 a piece. So they’re a fashion item. So we did a big photoshoot. And a lot of graphics. And that’s the chocolate part of chocolate covered focus groups.
  • SUBSIDIZE THE COST OF RESEARCHTalk over this about how we uncovered information AND AN ENTIRELY NEW MARKET SEGMENT during this exploratory research with video.
  • This content can then be used iteratively to show consumers, and get further feedback.So you’re doing exploratory data mining, confirming it in video. Confirming it with consumers in an intertive loop.A lot of advertiser are finding that their audience is really fragmented. Think of netfilx. 2 to 80.This lets you research and advertise at the same time.
  • Great for documentary filmmakers and data scientist.
  • Next piece for a marriage counselor who was doing and ebook and he had this really interesting piece of data.
  • I didn’t do this spot but you can see how verylitteraly Advertising, often the best advertising, is a form of data visualization.
  • All movies are now shot on video
  • Data visualization using video 11 20-13

    1. 1. Video_Viz With Jeff Weakley “A story is just data with a soul.” - Brene Brown
    2. 2. Stuff about me. • EntrepreNERD • Launching companies: Chocolate Covered Focus Groups & • Advertising Copywriter / Creative Director in Los Angeles for over 25 years • Even won an Emmy for my work
    3. 3. Stuff about me. • Graduated UCLA Cinematography extension • Own a small studio worth of cameras, lights, sound equipment, green screen, etc. • I edit in Final Cut and After Effects • Coding professionally in English language for over 25 years • Programming Python for about 2 years (very interested in Natural Language Processing Toolkit) • Studying R, intensely, for about 4 months • I have SO MUCH to learn
    4. 4. My Mission
    5. 5. My Mission
    6. 6. My Mission
    7. 7. Poor Communication == Death
    8. 8. Data Visualization has two purposes: • 1) Exploring data and trying to extract a story from it. • 2) Communicating that insight to an audience. Bringing it to life for them. Video is AWESOME for both .
    9. 9. Chocolate Giveaway
    10. 10. How does it feel to be coerced into a matrix?
    11. 11. And the winner is Row=3, Col=8
    12. 12. Charting the Social Media Graph
    13. 13. Sample approximates ~ Population
    14. 14. Video brings EMOTION to Visualization. Video lets you “scrape” the real world.
    15. 15. Adobe Premiere editing software == text searchable - NoSQL BLOB Database?
    16. 16. Big Tools NOT Necessary • iPhone and Android shoot amazing video • You can edit on your phone or in iMovie • R lets you output your charts as image files • And Quicktime 7 “Image Sequence” command lets you turn multiple images into video
    17. 17. “I'm not going to get married again, I think I'll just find a woman that hates me, and buy her a house.” -- Willie Nelson
    18. 18. Video IS… BIG DATA Every movie shoot has a “Data Wrangler”.
    19. 19. Answer Anybody?
    20. 20. library(shitload) require(shitload)
    21. 21. We all remember the words of Preacher Bayes.
    22. 22. Bayes Paraphrased • People have a PRIOR BELIEF • They gain INFORMATION and insight and UPDATE that Belief • People then have a POSTERIOR BELIEF
    23. 23. Every Advertising Creative Brief for the last 30 years. • What belief does the consumer have now? (PRIOR BELIEF) • What INFORMATION can we tell them about the product or service? • What belief do we want them to have? (POSTERIOR BELIEF)
    24. 24. Good data/Information/Writing/Video is SPECIFIC • “3 people walk into someplace” does NOT lead to funny.
    25. 25. • Isaac Newton, Pierre de Fermat and René Descartes walk into a bar. The bartender asks them if they want a beer.
    26. 26. Descartes says "I think not”. And he disappears.
    27. 27. • I would love to work with Data Scientist, Tech Companies, Strategic Planners, Ad agencies… • Most tech companies could really use somebody to translate their brilliance into “Human”. • I work in that language. • You name it, I’ve done it. TV, Print, Radio, Direct Response, email, interactive, social And, of course, Video. Let’s talk.