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A portfolio of work which I have completed pursuing a Masters of Architecture at Clemson University.

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A Portfolio jeff treitz

  2. 2. DIGITAL VEGETAL Group Project With Josh AtriaDigital Vegetal is the re imagining of Lexington Ave., a popular and energetic street in Asheville, NC. We soughtto incorporate the technologically savvy and nature respecting attitudes of the public into the urban fabric. Thebasic concept was to repurpose Lexington Ave. through the contrasting lenses of technology and vegetation. The street and sidewalk were completely resurfaced with colored concrete pavers, creating zones of color through the avenue. Close-up Intersection Plan View2
  3. 3. The walls of the buildings werecovered in metal grids on whichvegetation could freely grow imprint-ing a pixelated pattern simply byvarying the species of plant life fromgrid to grid. Vertical Garden Detail 3
  4. 4. PLACA DE LA GARDUNYA Group Project With Josh AtriaThe Placa De La Gardunya as it stands today is, in essence, a parking lot behind the world famous BoqueriaMarket in Barcelona, Spain. We aimed to revitalize this space by putting installing a plaza, that was completelywater centric. Barcelona lives in constant fear of water shortages so at its core, the new plaza is a celebrationof water and water conservationThe ground of the plaza would be transformed into a mosaic through the deformation of the hexagon, the mo-lecular shape of water. These colored stone hexagons would be stepped up and down, creating elevated zonesand pool zones that would be filled with water when it is available.4
  5. 5. The main features of the plaza would be the three enormous towers, which collected, filtered and stored rain water that could then be recycled throughout the plaza year round WATER VAPOR SALT AQUA SCIENCES TECHNOLOGY POTABLE WATER ELEVATOR CARS ICE IN TRUCKS IN PIPE TO MARKET 5W ELEVATION AND SECTION THROUGH PARKING GARAGE
  6. 6. THE BOX 3D Modeling - Digital Fabrication - RenderingAn exploration of the transformation from the cartesian “outside” to an organic “inside” by the intersection of twovoids in a rectangular box.6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. The model is made of model airplaneplywood and some old cherry veneertape. The pieces were cut by laserwith small notches, allowing them tobe assembled by snapping into place.8
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  10. 10. LINEAR DISRUPTION Kunsthal - New York CityThis kunsthal is meant to be a point of intersection between the regularity of Manhattan’s gridded streets and themeandering path of the Highline. While the outside of the building follows the strict rectilinear form of the L-shaped site the interior seeks to set up a zone of conflict by skewing its main axis towards the west. 20th STREET 20th STREET 19th STREET10
  11. 11. The interior and roof top of the Kunsthal isa series of ascending landscapes with rampsthat lead the patron through a series of exhi-bition spaces whose volumes intrude into oneanother. The East facade, facing the Highline,is an all glass curtain wall which providesvisitors with the unique experience of viewingart while being viewed by pedestrians on theHighline. 11
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  13. 13. The massive ground floor, which is open to the floors above and three stories tall in some places, is reminiscent of the interiors of the warehouses and meatpacking plants of the neighborhood. Suspended walkways which connect with the main circulation path of the exhibition spaces reminds one of the impres- eck sive covered walkways which connect some coat ch STAGE buildings throughout the city STAGE SECURITY WORKSHOP CLASSROOM Y LOBB MEETING RM 2 OFFICE OFFICE MEETING RM 1 MEETING RM 3 OFFICE OFFICE CAFE OFFICE OFFICE RECEPTION OFFICE STORAGE OFFICESUB-GROUND FLOOR GROUND FLOOR 1/16" = 1 1/16" = 1 13
  14. 14. THE EPIPHYTE OF ASHEVILLE BB&T ReinventionThe Epiphyte is a type of plant which grows on a tree or host plant but, unlike a parasite, does not take nutrientsaway from that host. This is the basic concept behind the reinvention of Asheville’s only skyscraper, the BB&Tbuilding on Lexington Ave. The intervention involves stripping off almost 3/4’s of the existing facade and creatinga space where crops can be grown and people that have been hit hard by the recession can take up temporary hous-ing. A modular living space was designed for housing those who suddenly found themselves without a place to live because of the economic reces- sion. The bucket orchid is a type of epiphyte whose hanging form was an inspiration for the living units.14
  15. 15. The module is structurally held together by steel tubes which are bent and welded into form. Theyare attached to the girders of the building through an armature which locks it into place 15
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