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Job redesign


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Job redesign

  1. 1. Redesigning Broker Position• To Increase Productivity• To Increase Job Satisfaction
  2. 2. Four Approaches to Job Design• Mechanistic• Motivational• Biological• Perceptual
  3. 3. Advantages• Easy to Train• High ProductivityPossible Shortfalls• Less Job Satisfaction• Less Motivation
  4. 4. Advantages• Lower Absenteeism• High Job SatisfactionPossible Shortfalls• Can Be Expensive• Can Reduce Motivation
  5. 5. Advantages• Lower Stress• Low Training CostsPossible Shortfalls• Lowered Job Satisfaction• Can Reduce Motivation
  6. 6. Focuses on Needs and AchievementMotivates Positive EmotionsProvides FeedbackPromotes Job SatisfactionIncreases Productivity
  7. 7. Assess Needs• Set Goals RegularlySet Goals to:• Make the Goal Specific• Make the Goal Achievable• Make the Goal Realistic
  8. 8. • Design The Job• Locate Temp Agencies• Approve Temp Service Plan• Remain Persistent
  9. 9. The Motivational Approach to Job Design• Creates Higher Job Satisfaction• Encourages Motivation• Promotes Greater Productivity
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