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  • Welcome to Zoom Mobile ‐ the company that pays YOU to use your cell phone!
    Thank you ‐ for taking the time to learn how to earn up to 64 paychecks a year in an industry with unprecedented growth that features cutting edge technology and products.
    Zoom Mobile has the phones and services that people need and want and the opportunity to turn your cell phone bill into a paycheck.
    Hello everyone, this presentation will be a brief general overview. Please eliminate any distractions, you will want to be focused.
    This opportunity could change your life if you take action.
    There are over 4 billion cell phone users worldwide and that figure grows exponentially on a daily basis. Wireless is 1 trillion dollar industry . That’s a one with twelve zeros.
  • The timing is right!
    The cell phone industry is booming and it is recession proof.
    Every product we sell offers the same “Get 3 and Maintain 3 and your service is free” business model.
    Now in order to fully appreciate what Zoom Mobile has to offer, you may want to know more about our business strategies and the founder of the company.
  • Our company was founded by George Burton a 14‐year military veteran.
    He was the CEO and successful producer of Primoris Records.
    We are headquartered in Savannah, Georgia.
    Zoom Mobile proudly supports the United States Military!
  • Our CEO, George Burton, and all business consultants share the Zoom Mobile Vision which states that:
    •Our program will be easy to participate in and simple to understand.
    • We will provide the tools and training for our consultants to be successful.
    • We will operate with the highest integrity.
    • We will be the largest mobile wireless direct sales company in the world.
  • On the Zoom Mobile network you have 3 coverage choices.
    First, we have our CDMA Coverage S plan with Unlimited nationwide calling for only $39.99 per month.
    Second, we have the same calling plan with unlimited texting at $49.99
    Third, is our unlimited voice, text, and data, plan for only $59.99
    Finally our amazing all inclusive plan at only $79.99 covers all of the above, but we add tethering between your phone and your computer.
    This will enable your Zoom cell phone to become Wi-Fi hot spot.
    * All of our plans include Caller ID, call waiting, voicemail and include all taxes and fees.
  • The Zoom Mobile network has CDMA Coverage V with Unlimited nationwide Talk and Text for $79.99.
  • Our GSM coverage T everything plan includes voice, text, data and tethering for $89.99 per month
    Our Zoom GSM phone plans allow you to take any existing unlocked GSM phone and activate on the Zoom Mobile network by purchasing a sim card for $24.99, Pay the $19.99 activation and chose any of the GSM phone plans.
  • Using your internet connection to make and receive phone calls is known as Voice over IP or VoIP and it is projected to be a $32 billion industry by 2013.
    Zoom Mobile is positioned itself to be in the forefront of this explosive growth segment with a highly competitive package.
    Our VoIP is mobile where many of our competitors offer VOIP service only from a landline.
    You will need to download the free app to an internet capable cell phone.
    There is a onetime activation fee and then it is only $29.99 per month and you’re ready for Unlimited calling to 20 countries. Now this same plan can be upgraded to cover over 175 countries and 600 regions.
    This is a standalone product that you can market to anyone with a cell phone who calls internationally for business or personal. Start exploring the culturally diverse communities where you live ‐ they need and want Voice
    over IP.
  • Zoom Mobile is more than just a cell phone company. Our MiFi is a wireless modem that you can literally carry in your pocket or purse.
    It creates a Wi-Fi bubble that surrounds you allowing up to 5 devices to connect to the internet. Avoid hotel internet charges when you travel.
    Our MiFi is a hot spot in your pocket.
  • OK, we've told you about the company, our Zoom Mobile services, and our branded products.
    But there's more... Besides offering you free cellular service as a customer when you bring in and maintain 3 others –Zoom Mobile also offers you an income opportunity.
    Three Business enrollment packages give you options for every budget.
    Starting as an Consultant for $124.99 plus the monthly marketing fee of $24.99 you receive our basic option for starting your new virtual business.
    This level includes our professionally replicated website, splash page, and access to the Zoom Mobile Marketing Site.
    You’ll also receive free activation, free shipping, and free service for your first month. So when you get your three in the first 30 days, you will never see a cell phone bill.
  • Also included in the Consultant package is your choice of 3 devices or services.
    First you might select our Sanyo S1 which is activated on the Sprint Coverage with unlimited Talk, Text and Data for $59.99.
    As mentioned before, activation, shipping and service for the first month is included.
  • If you already have an unlocked GMS phone, you can select our sim card activated on Coverage T with Unlimited Talk and Text for $59.99. This plane can be upgraded to include data and tethering for $89.99 per month. If you chose to upgrade, Zoom will credit your first month $50 so that you that you only pay $39.99.
  • For those who call internationally, we provide a third choice. If you have an existing smart device, you can download our VoIP application for unlimited talk to 20 countries.
    The download, activation, and service for the first month is included.
    You may also upgrade this plan to include over 175 countries for only $69.99 per month. You’ll receive a credit of $20 when you upgrade.
  • Our Manager Business Enrollment Package is our better value for $299.99. You receive the same online materials and website, free shipping and activation, and but you also auto‐qualify level 1 on our Matching Bonuses.
  • With the Manager Package, you have two service options on your brand new HTD Shadow phone.
    You may select cellular service with Coverage T with voice, text and data.
    With both, shipping, activation, and first month of service is included.
  • Or, you can activate our 20 country VoIP and use the Shadow as a WiFi Phone.
    With both, shipping, activation, and first month of service is included.
  • Our $499 Director Business Package is our best value. This package comes with many more service and device options.
    In addition to the marketing websites marketing samples, you can select from 6 included options.
    You will also auto-qualify for the Matching Bonus Levels 1 & 2.
    In the very near future, a Direct Wholesale Business Site will be available only to those who enroll at this level.
    So let’s look at these hot devices.
  • We have a device for every coverage. On our Coverage S you will receive a Samsung Seek with unlimited talk, text, and data for $59.99 per month.
    And remember, the shipping, activation, and service for the first month is Free.
  • On our Coverage V you’ll receive the Palm Treo Pro with unlimited Talk and Text for $79.99 per month.
  • The Nokia E63 completes our basic cell phone options on Coverage T with unlimited talk ,text and data for $89.99.
    You can include data and tethering for $89.99 with a $50 credit for the first month.
  • If the MiFi I discussed earlier caught your attention, then eliminate your internet bill by selecting our MiFi device on Coverage S for $69.99 per month.
  • If you only need a basic VoIP solution, we’ll ship you an iPod Touch pre-loaded with the Zoom Mobile application.
    Receive unlimited talk to 20 countries for $29.99 or upgrade to over 175 countries for $69.99 per month and you still receive a $20 credit towards your first month.
  • Need a smarter device, serf the net and make unlimited VoIP calls on Zooms answer to the iPad, the Zoom Pad.
    This is 3 “ screen wi-fi pocket computer pre-loaded with the 20 country VoIP for $29.99 per month. As with the other plans, you may upgrade your talk to 175 countries.
    Need a really big screen?
  • Our Zoom Pad is available in a 10” screen model. Pay just $100 more to upgrade. You receive the same services, and free shipping and activation.
  • You might also prefer our flagship phone the HTC Hero. Nearly all of our State Managers and Regional Managers carry this phone.
    For only $200 to upgrade, you receive this powerful phone that also can be a MiFi and we’ll pay your first month of service for unlimited talk, text, data and tethering.
  • I talked about our nationwide services and products, but we are so, so much more.
    Zoom Mobile also offers you an opportunity for 5 separate income streams.
  • Your Zoom Mobile opportunity is built on the number 3. The power of three begins its leverage from our Fast Start Bonus payments.
    Each time you enroll an associate, you will receive a bonus check that week for $10, $50 or $100 dollars, based on the level at which those people enrolled. The only requirement to receive Fast Start Bonuses is to be in Good Standing with the company which includes being subscribed to at least one service and payment of the Monthly Marketing Fee of $24.99. There is no other qualification.
    But we're just getting warmed up!
  • Our Leadership Bonus was established to reward those representatives who are actively building their businesses. Because this bonus is paid weekly, the qualification occurs weekly. To participate in this bonus, you must have personal sales volume of $499 or higher for that week.
    Here’s how the leadership bonus works.
    Every time a new Business Builder joins Zoom 3% of the package value is placed in the pool and the sponsor earns a set number of shares towards the pool. For example, when you enroll a Consultant 3% is placed in the cash pool and you earn 1 share towards the pool.
    At the end of the week, the total cash in pool is divided by the number of shares earned and then paid out to all the qualified Zoomers.
    So for example, if there is $500 in the pool and 100 shares then each share is worth $5 that week. If you had earned 10 shares, then you would receive $50 in Leadership Bonus that week.
  • Our Matching Bonus is very exciting because it rewards you for the activities by those you enrolled.
    There are two levels with Level 1 providing a 30% match and Level 2 20%.
    Managers receive a Level 1 match on the binary cycling checks earned by those they personally sponsored.
    Directors and Founders receive Levels 1 and 2 matches on the checks earned by those they personally sponsored AND those personally enrolled by them.
    Consultants do not auto-qualify for either level, but can qualify.
  • Consultants receive Level 1 Matching Bonus’ with a 1-time qualification of $3,000 in sales. Once and additional $2,000 in sales for a total of $5,000 is achieved then the Consultant is now a Director and receives both Levels 1 & 2.
    A Manager can also achieve Level 2 Matching Bonus’ with a 1-time qualification of $2,000 in sales.
  • Our binary compensation plan is hard to beat. You earn points on your right and left legs.
    Points are determined by the level of enrollment.
    After you accumulate 450 points with at least one‐third coming from one side, you complete a cycle. You may cycle up to 20 times per day. That’s up to $3,000 per day.
    To qualify for this binary compensation, you must enroll people at any of the three levels, Consultant, Manager. Or Director. When you personally sponsor and maintain 2 other Independent Reps ‐ one on your left side and one on your right side you are qualified. That’s a total of 3 which is You + those 2 reps.
    You also have to be in good standing by paying your monthly marketing fee of $24.99.
    Finally, if you qualify within 4 pay cycles of your original enrollment date, your points earned during that period will be held in reserve until you cycle. You will never lose them.
    Binary points don't just come from your personally sponsored reps. You get points trickling up from EVERY Rep in the downline whether you sponsored them or not and is unlimited in depth.
  • Loyalty Binary Points pay you for the monthly services paid by the representatives and customers in your downline. Every service is assigned a point value. These points combine with the points earned with enrollments to increase cycling.
  • Let’s recap the 5 ways to get paid.
    Our Fast Start Bonus pays fast cash for each personal you enroll.
    Our Leadership Bonus rewards those actively building with payments from a pool of cash each week.
    Our Matching Bonus pays you for the work of those you enroll.
    Our Binary Compensation pays you in cycles for points earned by your entire downline.
    And Loyalty Points pays you within the Binary cycling for the monthly services purchased by your downline.
  • Our company is new. A true ground floor opportunity.
    Our free service offer appeals to everyone.
    Our compensation plan is lucrative.
    So to recap ‐ We offer Immediate cash flow with powerful Fast Start Bonus.
    You can build your consultant base now and make money helping others save money.
    Our plans have no contract, no credit check, no deposits, no cancellation fees and the plan price to pick to fit your budget and lifestyle is the exact price you pay. No additional fees.
    Remember that in a binary plan, each person enrolled by you or your upline goes below.
    Those points must flow through someone. Why not you? Why not now?
    You can either be at the top today, (click) or further down tomorrow. (click)
  • Get back with the person that invited you to this webinar to get your specific questions answered.
    We invite you to join our team. Your dreams are waiting. Have a great night and thank you for attending.
  • Zoom Opportunity Protected 10 28 10 With Script

    1. 1. Maintain THREE, and your service is FREE!Maintain THREE, and your service is FREE!