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Troubleshooting Car Engine Problem


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Car engine is a much complex part if you see, as a lot of components are there inside it. Hence the engine problems are inevitable. And are deadly too. The problems could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Want to know the reasons which take toll of the engine? Go through the slides to know and learn how to troubleshoot the problems effectively.

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Troubleshooting Car Engine Problem

  1. 1. Engine compresses the air and fuel then ignite the mixture to create energy that helps to move the car…
  2. 2. Make sure to check with the service point for resolving the issue..
  3. 3. Bad Fuel Mix :
  4. 4. This problem happens due to the presence of certain impurities in the fuel.
  5. 5. If the spark doesn't happen in time then it will produce less energy and makes the vehicle stall.
  6. 6. If the spark plug or the leading wire gets worn out or torn then no spark happens..
  7. 7. Vehicle Overheating : The cooling system prevents the engine from over heating…
  8. 8.   
  9. 9. You should always follow owners manual for oil grade and type selection.
  10. 10. If you use the wrong grade of oil then the moisture and dirt in the oil can hamper the performance of engine….
  11. 11. Most of the problem happen due to  Worn out or clogged car parts….
  12. 12. Damaged seals and valves consume more fuel to burn…….
  13. 13. Engine must be checked regularly to avoid any of these problems….
  14. 14. The clogged and unclean parts of engine that reduce the fuel flow and hamper the efficiency..
  15. 15. One must read and follow the owners manual before changing any parts or if planning for any service and maintenance….