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  • SharePoint is used for Intranets and Extranets. For customer, partner, and employee communications.A few examples of externally facing SharePoint sites are listed here: Ferrari, Hawaiian Air and Paul Mitchell See - Currently at ~1800 WSS/WSF sitesSharePoint is here. SharePoint is real. If you need to aggregate content SharePoint might be a valid option
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  • WIP not RIP
  • Financial Service –BillingCapital AcquisitionCollaborative BudgetingCollectionsCompliance for Financial ServicesExpense ApprovalInternal AuditPurchase RequestRegulatory ReportingTravel Request
  • This is not an indictment against SharePoint or Microsoft.Microsoft has wisely created SharePoint as a PlatformWhich allows partners to create solutions to address specific industry needsEach of these 5 points are available from many different partners in many different forms.This is the value and benefit of the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem (see the 1:3:5 ratio blog post for partnering with Microsoft here -
  • Kodak Invented the Digital Camera -’s last roll of film – via NPR -
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  • How does Document Scanning and Data Extraction Fit into the BIG ECM Picture?A. ECM is much more than just scanning paper and extracting information. Paper can be a critical element of an ECM solution. Kodak specializes in scanning documents, cleaning up the images, and extracting business critical information.
  • Q. Do you Believe it’s possible to have a Document Management solution in SharePoint for $1500?A. Believe it!
  • SharePoint Saturday - Bend, OR

    1. 1. Welcome to the First Annual SharePoint Saturday Bend
    2. 2. Jeff Shuey M: +1 425 922 8056 Twitter: @jshueyWeb: Bend
    3. 3. HousekeepingPlease remember to submit yoursession evaluation forms aftereach session you attend toincrease your chances at the raffle Live Tweet the event Hashtag: #spsbend Bend
    4. 4. Agenda• Getting Started• Paper is an Asset• RUBMCB & Workloads• Top 10 & 5 GAPS• What is a Document?• DEMO• Use Case Scenarios Bend
    5. 5. Bend
    6. 6. I love the Smellof SharePoint in the Morning
    7. 7. Bend
    8. 8. Bend
    9. 9. Is this your view of SharePoint? Bend
    10. 10. SharePoint can be MUCH more …SharePoint supportsIntranets & Extranets Bend
    11. 11. Document Management for $1500 Bend
    12. 12. Document Management for FREE? Bend
    13. 13. Bend
    14. 14. Bend
    15. 15. Bend
    16. 16. Paper is an Asset Manage it Wisely Bend
    17. 17. RUBMCBWorkloads - How is SharePoint being used?1. Team Collaboration (60% of all SharePoint Sites) Create Business2. Document Management3. File Share Replacement Applications4. Portals5. Intranets Build Momentum Ramp Up Bend
    18. 18. SharePoint is WIP SmartFOSH – Horizontal Solutions Human Finance Operations Sales Resources• Billing • Legal Discovery • Client Intake • Employee On-• Capital • Activity Contract Boarding Acquisition Management Renewal • Employee Exit• Collaborative • Claims • Customer Interview/Off- Budgeting Management Tracking Boarding • Contract • Proposal • Human Capital• Collections Management Management• Compliance Management • IT Service• Expense Management • Performance Approval Review• Internal Audit • Personnel Training• Purchase Request • Recruiting• Regulatory • Travel/Vacation Reporting Request• Travel Request Bend
    19. 19. SharePoint is WIP Smart Vertical Solutions Government Healthcare & Financial (State, Local, Life Sciences Manufacturing Retail Services Federal, Defense & Education) (HLS)• Accounts • Citizen Access • Billing • Vendor • Store Payable • Public Safety • Claims Management Operations• Loan • Social ServicesSubmission • Product Management Origination • Justice • Patient Management • Inventory• Closing • 311 / 911 Registration • Order Management• Post-Closing • FOIA Management • Merchandising• Credit • Homeland Life Sciences Management Processing Security • FDA • Inventory • Supply Chain• Credit • TSA Submission & Control Management Issuance Reporting • Shipping • Grand Education • Grant • Customs Opening • Student Access Management Management • Administratio • Patient • ISO n Assistance Certification • Privacy and Programs • Regulatory & data • Recall Quality protection Management Compliance Bend
    20. 20. SharePoint Top 10ECM capabilities in SharePoint 2010 Document Sets BLOB Storage BCS Audit Trail Document ID Content Organization Managed Metadata List Validations Large List Optimization Search Bend
    21. 21. 5 Things You (STILL) will not find in SharePoint 2010Records Management (RM)Digital Asset Management (DAM)Vertical & Horizontal SolutionsStorage (External)Capture Bend
    22. 22. What is a Document?A document is a physical or digital representation of a bodyof information designed to communicate.To document (verb) is to produce a document artifact bycollecting and representing information.A document is understood as a paper artifact, containinginformation in the form of ink marks. Increasingly documentsare also understood as digital artifacts. Bend
    23. 23. The Cake Bend
    24. 24. The Cake – How did we make it? Bend
    25. 25. How did we make it? Bend
    26. 26. Scan to SharePointKodak Capture ProKodak Scan and View Bend
    27. 27. Bend
    28. 28. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Bend
    29. 29. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Bend
    30. 30. SharePoint Setup Wizard Bend
    31. 31. Scenario 1Large Retailer – Big Box Store Hiring Seasonal Help Drivers, Floor Sales, Warehouse, Customer Service Everyone fills out an application Some jobs require additional information capture Drivers – Additional paperwork approving background checks Scanning Drivers License and other associated documents If Approved for the Next Step Kicks off a Workflow Process Which includes Document Management, BPM and Storage Bend
    32. 32. Scenario 2Human Resources – Onboarding Employees New Hire – Day One Processes Insurance Forms, Tax Forms, Personal Information Everyone is required to complete each step Not necessarily in order Both Paper and Electronic Documents are processed Steps are checked & approved manually and with automated processes Kicks off a Workflow Process Which includes Document Management, BPM and Storage Bend
    33. 33. Scenario 3Lease Agreements – Inbound Lease Agreements The Old Way – Paper documents, stored in one place, accessed by one person in one location. The New Way – Everything is scanned in Dual Stream mode (TIF and Searchable PDF), Full Text Search, Accessible by anyone, anyplace, anytime. Leases and Associated Notes can be assigned as workflow tasks in SharePoint Storage and Legal Holds can be managed effectively Bend
    34. 34. Bend
    35. 35. Document Management for $1500 Bend
    36. 36. Document Management for FREE? Bend
    37. 37. Putting it all TogetherWhy SharePoint? • It’s not ECM • It’s a platform for transforming your businessWhy Partners? • Subject Matter Expertise • Local Presence • Able to address YOUR business challenges Bend
    38. 38. i1840 / i1860 i5200 / i5600 Ngenuity 9090 / 9125 / 9150 i730 / i750 / i780 i4200 / i4600 Trūper 3210 Trūper 3610 i1405 / i1420 / i1440ScanMate Scan Station i1120 500 i2400 i2600 / i2800 Kodak Capture Pro Software supports more than 160 non-Kodak document scanners via TWAIN and ISIS drivers. Bend
    39. 39. Document Imaging PlatformStandards that set the parameters for business growth Jeff Shuey M: +1 425 922 8056 Twitter: @jshuey Web: Find my Blog Posts Here: Kodak’s Grow Your Biz site - AIIM Capture Community - My personal blog - 45 Bend
    40. 40. Join us at 6:00 pm at Fox’s for a free drink! A great opportunity to network with other SharePoint Professionals!Don’t forget to fill out your bingo cards and surveys to be eligible for GREAT end of day raffles!
    41. 41. Reference InformationGetting Started on SharePoint Benefits of Start Here: SharePoint Benefits of SharePoint 2010 as a Product Platform (34 pages) Link: on Three Will’s site For more detailed information: SharePoint 2010 Walk Thru Guide (110 pages) Microsoft TechNet Bend
    42. 42. Reference Information - TrainingTrainingAIIM SharePoint Specialist Course (Online) nt_Specialist_Course.pdfKollabria - SharePoint Business Professional Business.html Bend