SharePoint 2010 - What's New, What's Possible and What's (still) Missing


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This presentation was developed for and delivered at the ImageSource Nexus conference on Nov 4 2010. The focus is on the Business Aspects of making a SharePoint decision. There is plenty of Technical Information out there.

Download the file for the notes.

I may need to create this with no "builds" to help tell the story a little more clearly. if you download the file you can see my notes and make more sense of each slide.

Feel free to use this PPT and the content within --- please use proper attribution back to me ... the author. Thank You.

If you have comments or questions please ping me on e-mail or Twitter.

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  • Can you hear the train coming down the tracks?
  • If you missed it … the trains have arrived. They are modern, fast, and ready to serve.
    SharePoint 2010 is here. SharePoint by the numbers.
    There is a SharePoint in your future.

    Image Source:
  • At the end of FY11
    200M Desktops
    $2B in sales
    100,000 Servers
  • SharePoint is used for Intranets and Extranets. For customer, partner, and employee communications.

    A few examples of externally facing SharePoint sites are listed here: Ferrari, Hawaiian Air and Paul Mitchell

    See - Currently at ~1800 WSS/WSF sites
    SharePoint is here. SharePoint is real.
    If you need to aggregate content SharePoint might be a valid option

  • Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010
  • A few nuggets --- 5 bites each … and Would you like Fries with that?

    Partners are the key here … Partners are the Special Sauce.
    Partners are the subject matter experts.
    Partners are local to your business
    Partners are able to work with you to drive your business forward
  • ECM is important and will continue to be important.
    However, SharePoint opens up the market far beyond traditional ECM.
    The future of SharePoint will be to drive Business Applications.
    Those business applications will generate and consume ECM information.
    Which is why ECM is a critical part of the SharePoint ecosystem and why ECM will be critical for the overall success of a SharePoint deployment.
  • SharePoint is moving UP market. Next Stop … BizApps!
    SharePoint started in the ECM space. This was the right place for SharePoint to begin.
    SharePoint quickly (over 10 years) expanded into and beyond the traditional ECM world.
  • HIDDEN Slide
    This is the SharePoint Wheel
    ECM has elements related to all of the categories. However, the most accurate category is the Composite segment.
    Composite Apps include mashups and collections of various ECM components.

    ECM also involves Communities, Content, Sites, Search and Insights.
  • This is not an indictment against SharePoint or Microsoft.
    Microsoft has wisely created SharePoint as a Platform
    Which allows partners to create solutions to address specific industry needs
    Each of these 5 points are available from many different partners in many different forms.
    This is the value and benefit of the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem (see the 1:3:5 ratio blog post for partnering with Microsoft here -
  • Putting all the pieces together is where internal IT teams and Partners work together.
    Internal IT and departments identify the issues and procedural requirements
    Partners help automate the processes and to identify the tools (HW & SW)
  • Kodak Invented the Digital Camera -

    Kodak’s last roll of film – via NPR -
  • SharePoint 2010 - What's New, What's Possible and What's (still) Missing

    1. 1. SharePoint 2010 What's New and What's Possible Jeff Shuey Director of Business Development Eastman Kodak twitter: @JShuey Blog:
    2. 2. Can you hear it?
    3. 3. The Trains have arrived
    4. 4. SharePoint by the Numbers Microsoft will sell $10M in SharePoint TODAY!
    5. 5. SharePoint supports Intranets & Extranets
    6. 6. What are CIO’s asking for? Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010 1. Cloud Computing 2. Advanced Analytics 3. Client Computing 4. IT for Green 5. Reshaping the Data Center 6. Social Computing 7. Security – Activity Monitoring 8. Flash Memory 9. Virtualization for Availability 10. Mobile Applications Source: Gartner IT Symposium – Oct 2010
    7. 7. Addressable Market Business Applications Business Applications Documents are part of a business process SharePoint SharePoint Documents are part of a Collaborative Effort ECM ECM Documents for the sake of Documents The Market Source:
    8. 8. Business Applications Business Applications Documents are part of a business process SharePoint is moving Beyond ECM
    9. 9. 5 Tips - ECM in SharePoint 2010 › Document Sets › Paper is just another object › BLOB Storage › Still not perfect, but better › Business Connectivity Services (BCS) › For Business Applications this is critical › Audit Trail › Important for Records Management, Auditing, & Compliance › Document ID › Declare a “record” without moving the object into the records center. “In Place” records management
    10. 10. 5 More Tips - ECM in SharePoint 2010 › Content Organization › Drop Off Libraries, Folder Partitioning, Metadata Foldering, Prevention of Duplicate Submissions › Managed Metadata › External data stores can populate SharePoint Lists › List Validations › Excel-like field validation formulas. Reduces custom code needs › Large List Optimization › Up to 50 million items. Throttle & Control Queries › Search › Native, FAST and with Partners
    11. 11. 5 Things You (STILL) will not find in SharePoint 2010 › Records Management (RM) › Digital Asset Management (DAM) › Vertical & Horizontal Solutions › Storage (External) ›Capture
    12. 12. Putting it all Together › Healthcare › Clinical Trials › New Drug Approvals › HR › Onboarding New Employees › Change in Insurance Status › CRM › Customer Service Centers › Creating New Customer Accounts › Case Management › Legal, HR, AP/AR, Service Centers › eGov Initiatives › Citizen Access
    13. 13. 5 Things You (May) Not Know about Kodak 1. Kodak has been doing document scanning for 25 years › Microfilm & Microfiche for 87 years 2. Kodak has 25,000 customers 3. Kodak has 1500 Partners 4. Kodak Invented the Digital Camera (1975) › President Obama just awarded Steve Sasson the National Medal for Invention 5. Kodak’s last roll of Kodachrome in 2010
    14. 14. Reference Information › Start Here: › Benefits of SharePoint 2010 as a Product Platform (34 pages) › For more detailed information: › SharePoint 2010 Walk Thru Guide (110 pages) › › › › Microsoft TechNet › Benefits of SharePoint
    15. 15. 20 Jeff Shuey M: +1 425 922 8056 Twitter: @jshuey Web: