SharePoint Saturday - Putting Paper to Work


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SharePoint’s next Billion Dollar Market -
Understanding How SharePoint and Paper Work Together.

SharePoint can handle paper very effectively.

SharePoint can be used as a repository for paper based assets. The design aspects can range from simple to complex and can scale from a few dozen pages to thousands of pages to millions of pages. The innate capabilities of the SharePoint platform are perfect for capturing, extracting data, launching workflow tasks and storing paper based assets.

This demo for this session shows the basics of Document Scanning and Data Extraction. It will also discuss and show One Touch scanning operations where paper is scanned and stored as Searchable PDF files within a SharePoint environment.

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SharePoint Saturday - Putting Paper to Work

  1. 1. SharePoint and Paper Working Together How Kodak and our partners are making the most of Microsoft SharePoint Jeff Shuey M: +1 425 922 8056 Twitter: @jshuey Web:
  2. 2. I love the Smell ofSharePoint in the Morning
  3. 3. Agenda• Getting Started• Paper is an Asset• RUBMCB• Kodak• What is a Document?• DEMO• Use Case Scenarios
  4. 4. Document Management for $1500ScanMate i1120 i1310/ i1320 Plus
  5. 5. Paper is an Asset Paper Reduction Represents a hugeProductivity and Environmental Opportunity
  6. 6. Paper is an Asset Manage it Wisely
  7. 7. RUBMCBWorkloads - How is SharePoint being used?1. Team Collaboration (60% of all SharePoint Sites) Create Business2. Document Management3. File Share Replacement Applications4. Portals5. Intranets Build Momentum Ramp Up
  8. 8. 5 Things You (May) Not Know about Kodak1. Kodak has been doing document scanning for 25 years – Microfilm & Microfiche for 87 years2. Kodak has 25,000 customers & 1500 Partners3. Kodak scanners have scanned 700 billion pages since 19904. Kodak Invented the Digital Camera (1975) – President Obama recently awarded Kodak engineer Steve Sasson the National Medal for Invention5. Kodak’s last roll of Kodachrome in 2010
  9. 9. What is a Document?• A document is a physical or digital representation of a body of information designed to communicate.• To document (verb) is to produce a document artifact by collecting and representing information.• A document is understood as a paper artifact, containing information in the form of ink marks. Increasingly documents are also understood as digital artifacts.
  10. 10. SharePoint Skills IT Professionals Developers Business• Stand up Servers • Create Web Services • Use Case• Licensing • Wiring together web • Business Logic• Managing Servers services • Work with end users • On Premise • UI / UX and developers • Hosted • Hybrid
  11. 11. Begin with the End in Mind
  12. 12. The Cake
  13. 13. The Cake
  14. 14. The Cake – How did we make it?
  15. 15. How did we make it?
  16. 16. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  17. 17. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  18. 18. ECM & Horizontal Solutions
  19. 19. ECM & Vertical Solutions
  20. 20. SharePoint is WIP Smart• FOSH
  21. 21. SharePoint is WIP Smart FOSH – Horizontal Solutions Finance Operations Sales Human Resources• Billing • Legal Discovery • Client Intake • Employee On-• Capital • Activity Contract Boarding Acquisition Management Renewal • Employee Exit• Collaborative • Claims • Customer Interview/Off- Budgeting Management Tracking Boarding • Contract • Proposal • Human Capital• Collections Management Management• Compliance Management • IT Service• Expense Management • Performance Approval Review• Internal Audit • Personnel Training• Purchase Request • Recruiting• Regulatory • Travel/Vacation Reporting Request• Travel Request
  22. 22. SharePoint is WIP Smart Vertical Solutions Government Healthcare & Financial (State, Local, Life Sciences Manufacturing Retail Services Federal, Defense & Education) (HLS)• Accounts • Citizen Access • Billing • Vendor • Store Payable • Public Safety • Claims Management Operations• Loan • Social Services Submission • Product Management Origination • Justice • Patient Management • Inventory• Closing • 311 / 911 Registration • Order Management• Post-Closing • FOIA Management • Merchandising• Credit • Homeland Life Sciences Management Processing Security • FDA • Inventory • Supply Chain• Credit Issuance • TSA Submission & Control Management Education Reporting • Shipping • Grand Opening • Student Access • Grant • Customs • Administration Management Management • Privacy and • Patient • ISO data protection Assistance Certification Programs • Regulatory & • Recall Quality Management Compliance
  23. 23. SharePoint Setup Wizard
  24. 24. Putting it all Together• Why Kodak? • Hardware / Software / Services• Why SharePoint? • It’s not ECM • It’s a platform for transforming your business• Why Kodak Partners • Subject Matter Expertise • Local Presence • Able to address YOUR business challenges – BONUS: Backed by Kodak globally
  25. 25. STANDARDIZATION Collaboration Applications Support Document i1840/ Hardware Imaging Platform i1860 Software # Servers i730/i750/ # Users i780 Ngenuity 9090/9125/9 150 i620 i4200/ i4600 Trūper 3210/3610 i1405/i1420/ScanMate Scan Station i1440 i1120 500 Sidekick i30/i40 1400u i1210/ i1310/ i1220 Plus i1320 Plus Note: Kodak supports ~160 Non-Kodak Scanners. Via TWAIN & ISIS Drivers
  26. 26. Document Management for $1500ScanMate i1120 i1310/ i1320 Plus
  27. 27. Document Imaging PlatformStandards that set the parameters for business growth Jeff Shuey M: +1 425 922 8056 Twitter: @jshuey Web: Find my Blog Posts Here: Kodak’s Grow Your Biz site - AIIM Capture Community - My personal blog -
  28. 28. Join us at 6:30 pm at The Daily Pint for a free drink, kindly provided by Rackspace! A great opportunity to network with other SharePoint Professionals!Please complete your Speaker Evaluation and turn it in before you leave. Drop off at the Community table or at the Cafeteria before closing.
  29. 29. Jeff ShueyJeffrey.Shuey@Kodak.comM: +1 425 922 8056Twitter: @jshueyWeb: my Blog Posts Here:Kodak’s Grow Your Biz site - Capture Community - personal blog -