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Ignoring mobile market


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Ignoring mobile market
by Innovators and Authority of Social Media in Cairns.

The Cairns Local Marketing movement believes in helping our Cairns City adapt in the rapid change of the digital marketing age.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ignoring mobile market

  1. 1. Are You IgnoringThe Mobile Market?
  2. 2. Are You Ignoring the Mobile Market?It’s time to start paying attention!The mobile market is huge and it’s only growing.Sales of mobile devices are skyrocketing and some experts predict the mobileweb may become THE web of the future.Unfortunately, lots of businesses are ignoring this trend and paying the price.Are you one of them?
  3. 3. Let’s Look at Some StatsAccording to the firm Gartner Inc., mobile purchases will increase by 70% bythe end of 2012.Late last year, reported that as many as 70% of smallbusinesses still don’t have a mobile site.This means a staggering number of businesses havent caught on yet.
  4. 4. My Site’s Not The Mobile TypeIn the past, everybody thought that only certain types of sites needed amobile version.If you were offering location-based services or services people use when they’reon the go, you need a mobile site.Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.But now mobile web surfing for all kinds of services is increasing and peopleare using their mobiles for everything they do online.
  5. 5. My Site’s Not The Mobile TypePeople have always used mobiles to find key information like where to getlunch or how much a purse is selling for online.Now they’re digesting web content like articles and videos, shopping for all kindsof goods, and interacting with friends on social media.There’s nothing they DON’T do on mobiles, which means every business shouldhave a mobile site.
  6. 6. Building a Mobile Site is a Pain!While creating a mobile site requires some investment on your part, it’s nottough at all.There are lots of online tools to help you transform your PC site into a mobileversion.You can check out your site on places like to seehow it looks and works on a mobile device.
  7. 7. Building a Mobile Site is a Pain!You could even argue that building a mobile site is easier than a PC site.The design should be minimal, with less text and smaller images.Navigation is simple, with everything being a page or two away from the frontpage.Mobile design is about minimalism and doing more with less.
  8. 8. Where Do You Get Started?If you’re clueless and intimidated, here’s a great way to get started on yourmobile journey – buy and use your own mobile device.Once you start surfing the web from a handheld screen, you’ll see how it’sdifferent.You’ll understand quickly how your site needs to be designed.
  9. 9. Where Do You Get Started?You’ll also learn about how your customers use their devices.For example, when you’re on a PC, you’re likely to be multitasking.You’re sitting at your desk with the TV on, and you come and go.When you’re on your smartphone, you’re much more focused.Your attention is on getting it done.You’re looking for key information and once you find it,you’re on to something else.
  10. 10. Are You Ignoring the Mobile Market? The mobile revolution isn’t something to fear. It’s something to embrace.And if the stat is accurate, there’s a good chance yourcompetitors haven’t gotten started yet on their mobile site.That means it’s a great window of opportunity for you if you get started andbeat them to the punch.