Secrets of Networking Strategy & Skills


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Create your customized strategy to maximize your return on the time you invest networking. Know the secrets of what to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a networking event to turn new connections into referrals and value added relationships.

Secrets of Networking Strategy & Skills

  1. 1. The Secrets of Successful Networking<br />Networking Strategies for Busy Professionals Workshop<br />Jeff Richardson <br /><br /> (650)269-5395<br />Workshop Objective: Systematically evaluate and improve your networking beliefs & behaviors to achieve more results from your networking time investment.<br />Networking Objective: develop a mutually beneficial network of influential people in my profession & community<br />ActionReflectionIntegration Continuation<br />Networking Agreement <br />Be Interested<br />Concise Communication<br />Commit to Adding Value<br />Initiate Meaningful Conversations<br />List some of your current Networking Challenges?<br />The Most Important Fundamental<br />The Secret of <br />Successful <br />Networking…<br />… Give something of <br />value* so you’ll be <br />remembered & referred!<br />(Repeat)<br />Networking Portfolio Priorities (rank based on today’s needs)<br />Mapping Your NetworkYOUFormalNetworkingGroupsPeopleWho LikeYouInformalNetworkingGroupsInfluentialContacts<br />Analyzing Your Network<br /><ul><li>How often do I attend? How long have I been attending?
  2. 2. Who do I know that attends? How well do I know them? How influential are they?
  3. 3. How much value do I currently add? Get?</li></ul>The Secrets of Success Networking Process<br />Before<br /> Select the type of event<br /> Define your goals<br /> Identify the target audience<br /> Develop valued offerings<br />Target Audience<br />A specific characterization of people you’d like to connect with <br />Get REALLY clear on who you want to talk to. This focus helps make it easier for your contact to help you. Based on their knowledge, generalize your request to get one step closer to you target audience.<br />Example: Engineering directors at medical device startup in south bay<br />You might ask if they know someone who…<br />Is an engineering manager<br />Works at medical device company (company name)<br />Knows of any startups that received funding <br />South bay groups where this audience might network<br />Think about <br />Position / title (VP, Director, etc.)<br />Job functions (marketing, QA, etc.)<br />Technology ( cloud computing, Agile, ect.)<br />Industry (semiconductor, mobile devices, etc.)<br />Attribute (entrepreneurial, organized, etc.)<br />Location (Campbell, On the Peninsula, etc.)<br />Target Audience<br />Examples:<br />Company Division Dept. Project (Raytheon Missile Sys Mfg JSOW)<br />Function Discipline Role ( SW Engineering SW Test SQA Manager <br />Area Business Type Specialty ( Sunnyvale Mechanic Break repair)<br />Key Connections<br />Mavens - people we rely upon to connect us with new information <br />Connectors - people with a special gift for bringing the world together <br />Sales(wo)men – "persuaders“, charismatic people with powerful negotiation skills <br />Goal Setting<br />Lack of Goal Clarity is the #1 reason why individuals don’t accomplish their goals <br />SSpecific<br />MMeasurable<br />AAchievable<br />RRelevant<br />TTime Bounded<br />Great Goals to Go For…<br />Try something new to challenge yourself<br />Build rapport by finding commonality<br />Seek simple ways to add value to people <br />Make people feel more comfortable<br />Connect them with their “right” person<br />Provide critical or novel information <br />Work on how you say…<br />What position you are looking for<br />What referrals are you targeting<br />Questions to drive intriguing conversations<br />Examples:<br />Who to meet:<br /><ul><li>3 of the association’s leaders
  4. 4. 5 working professionals in high tech
  5. 5. 2 people who work at Cisco
  6. 6. The most influential person in the room</li></ul>How to add value<br /><ul><li>Introduce 2 sets of people during the event
  7. 7. Commit to emailing info to 5 people
  8. 8. Give away 10 topic white paper articles
  9. 9. Introduce myself to 3 people standing alone</li></ul>Goal Matrix<br />Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Connect with Biz cards collected Bc’s collected from M/C/S Bc’s from target audience Add Value ID value to follow up with Share value right now Connect them to their ‘right’ person in room Add Value to Leaders Help w/ setup/cleanup Listen for need & volunteer ID opportunity to use strength for groups benefit Present My Self/Biz Why I am here 10sec & 30sec elevator pitch to create intrigue Value in connecting with me is… Networking skill building Intros & exit statements Asking insightful questions ”Steering” the conversation <br />Circle one from each row as a target goal for upcoming event<br />Select an Event<br />Networking Associations in Silicon Valley<br /><br />Event Lists <br />Workit <br />MeetUp<br />Full <br />SFGirl<br />Professional Associations<br />InterFrench SiliconValley- French-speaking professionals<br />L'Executive Club French-speaking executives<br />American Marketing Association (AMA)<br />Silicon Valley Chapter<br />Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)<br />Silicon Valley Chapter<br />Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)<br />Association of Internet Professionals (AIP)<br />Silicon Valley Chapter<br />Financial Executives Institute (FEI)<br />-742950349885<br />Pre-Event Preparation <br />Who is your target audience (be specific):<br />Targeted event: _____________________<br />What will your goals be for the event?<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Intros <br />Who Am I? <br />Key Questions to Ask<br />What three things can you prepare ahead of time so that you can provide some value to people you meet?<br />a.<br />b.<br />c.<br />What can you do to enhance your role at the event?<br />The Secrets of Success Networking Process<br />During<br /> Keep your goals in mind<br /> Connect with your targets<br /> Find ways to engage<br /> Listen and add value<br /> Take notes & collect biz cards<br />Make a good TRUSTWOTHY 1st Impression<br />Keep Networking Agreements in mind <br />Be Interested<br />Concise Communication<br />Commit to Adding Value<br />Initiate Meaningful Conversations<br />Conversation Starters <br />Complement the other person<br />Be subtle<br />Be sincere<br />Be observant<br />Ask a conversation starting question that…<br />Is relevant to event/situation <br />Draws out person’s interests and/or needs <br />That YOU already have an answer to<br /> Short answer to “What do you do?” to create intrigue framed as “Who Am I?” <br />Adjective + professional title (Creative SW Engineer)<br />Career direction (“I’ve been a __, but I’d rather be __”) <br />Catchy title (Chief Transformational Engineer) <br />Who Am I?<br />___________________________________________________<br />___________________________________________________<br />___________________________________________________<br />List of my favorite questions to ask<br /><ul><li>What Energizes Them: What are you passionate about?
  10. 10. Solve Problems: What problems are you working on now?
  11. 11. Future Vision: What would you start if you knew you could not fail?
  12. 12. Understand Their Interests: What interests you about (topic)?
  13. 13. Focus the Conversation: What do you like most about _____?
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. </li></ul>Gravitate Toward the Group <br />Join the Crowd (to meet more people in less time) <br />Breaking in: “Hi, mind if I join the conversation? What are you talking about?”<br />Inviting others: “Would you like to join us ? “, then open a space in the circle<br />Identify the key individuals you want to meet<br />Mavens, Connectors & Sales(wo)men<br />Direct questions directly to them <br />Review names and repeat for retention<br />Leaving the Conversation <br />“Excuse me”(walk away with purpose)<br />“Do you have a card? I’d like to talk more about ____ when we have more time.”<br />“I’m going to mingle a little more to meet (target audience). Do you know anyone like that here?” <br />Reconnect with specific individuals AFTER the group breaks up to collect contact info for follow up<br />Connect on Common Ground<br />F – Family (you from this area? do you have kids?) <br />O – Occupation (what do you do?) <br />Role (what do you like best about…) <br />Future (where do you see yourself in 2 years?) <br />Experiences (what did you do before?) <br />R – Recreation (what do you do for fun) <br />M – Motivation (what are you most passionate about?) <br />Once you find the common bond, ask for contact info to follow up! <br />Take Notes - Back of Business Card<br />Met at Network Workshop 5/13/0319 years in consultingKnows people in SJ Chamber/high tech mfg.Get info on BRN’sHe needs contacts in bio tech.Call/email on 5/15<br />Information to track<br />Where & when you met<br />Unique characteristics<br />Opportunities to add value<br />Interests / passions<br />Commitment to follow up<br />Connecting “on the fly” is a SNAP<br />Smile – Nod – Ask - Probe<br />The Secrets of Success Networking Process<br />After<br /> Evaluate progress to goals<br /> Plan specific follow up steps<br /> Continue to provide value as a way to build relationships<br /> Make it easy for you to help others and them to help you<br />After Exercise<br /> What Worked? What Didn’t Work?<br /> <br />Prepackaged Emails<br />Subject: (Networking Event) Follow Thru <br /> Hi ________, <br /> It was a pleasure talking with you last night at (fill in the networking event).  I look forward to finding creative ways to help each other out. Last night we were discussing (insert topic), so I thought that I would pass along some information that might be of value for you. <br />  <br />VALUE ADDING OPPORTUNITIES <br />Personal contacts Links to critical information <br />Job opportunityEncouragement or Advice <br />I’m currently focused on (insert something that would be of value to you), if you know of any networking contacts or information sources that might be of value for me let me know. <br />Thanks for your help. Who are you looking to connect with? <br />Jeff Richardson <br /> / 650.269.5395<br />Network Tracking<br />Name Grouping M/C/S Company& PositionPhone Number Email Last connect Areas of interest <br />Tagging for Targeted Follow-Up<br />Event / Association you met at<br />Maven, Connector or Sales(wo)men<br />Areas of common interest<br />Their networking goals (job seek, sales, etc.)<br />Influencer?<br />Area of expertise<br /> <br /> <br />Write a Check-In Email<br />Subject: It's a New Year: Update from Susan Pilgrim<br />It’s a New Year, and I hope yours is off to a good start. Already we have been reminded of how fortunate we are regardless of our current circumstances.<br />What I’mUp ToI continue my search for that RIGHT career opportunity. My search activities include enhancing my relationships, expanding my network, attending business and association events, participating in professional forums, staying current with business and industry trends and research, uncovering hidden opportunities, applying for open positions, engaging in discussion, coaching others who are also in search, sharing my expertise with various organizations, and interviewing. <br />Thanks disguised as “how to help” <br />You have been most gracious in your efforts to assist me with this search. You have kept me in mind, sent job postings, introduced me to your colleagues, provided words of encouragement, made personal recommendations to hiring managers, and suggested companies to check out and activities to engage in. Please continue to provide whatever assistance you can. Your efforts are so appreciated.<br />As a reminder, here’s what I’m looking for: <br />What I’mLooking ForThe Role: The head of Learning & Organizational Development (L&OD) role in a small to mid-sized company or in a division or business unit of a large company. (I am certainly willing to consider other roles that would allow me to make significant contributions to an organization.)<br />The Company: A company that understands and acts in accordance with the intricate connection between developing one’s people and executing the business strategy.<br />The Location: Northern California, with a preference for the East Bay (Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon), South Bay (Santa Clara, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View), and the Financial District in San Francisco. <br />For a refresher on my accomplishments and competencies, check out my LinkedIn profile: <br />I continue to be ever grateful and humbled by every effort made on my behalf. And, I hope you’ll remember to call on me when I can be of assistance to you.<br />May 2010 be a year of revitalization, peace, and abundance for all.<br />With deep gratitude,<br />Susan<br />Up to Date Contact Info Susan Pilgrim, Ph.D.<br />Sr Learning & OD Leader<br />Business Strategy=People Strategy<br />925.223.7100<br /><br /><br />Skype: susan_pilgrim<br />Easy Ways to Add Value<br />Automate/outsource data entry<br />Identify reliable individuals & info sources <br />Actively promote your key contacts’ offers, events and specials<br />Let others know where quality networking<br />Schedule time in calendar for follow-ups (FYI – Mondays & Fridays are “time wasting” time)<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Networking Assurance Policy<br />Network it Works<br />Pick a buddy and hold each other accountable for your personalized plan<br />Put an action plan for things that you will do differently (what & when)<br />Do something different for a minimum of two weeks and evaluate the results and reward yourself – repeat<br />Interact with me and other attendees through LinkedIn group Secrets fo Successful Networking<br />Be honest with yourself. If your plan doesn’t work… re-plan and do it again.<br />Networking<br />Final Exam<br />Practicing Networking is… <br />DOING NETWORKING<br />(Now and Forever) <br />Networking Strategies into Action<br />Creating Your High Impact Networking Game Plan<br />Not satisfied with your networking ROI? Maybe you need a new approach? Research shows that only one in ten people is actually comfortable in striking up a relationship with a complete stranger. The Secrets to Successful Networking workshop will make meeting people easier, building relationships simpler and attending events more fun! Our “hands on” learning approach will allow you to apply key principles and strategies throughout the session to experience the difference for yourself. All the tools, tips and systems mean nothing without a customized strategy to keep activities aligned to maximize your networking ROI. We’ll evaluate your current network “map” and design a 90 day game plan to get you networking with more of the “right” people while spending less time. This fun and engaging workshop approach will rejuvenate your perspective on the value of the networking and allow you to be more comfortable and effective at any networking event. <br />Workshop Objectives:<br />Evaluate the impact of new networking principles on your networking activities<br />Understand key components of an effective networking process<br />Adapt new tools and techniques to create a personalized networking strategy<br />Workshop Content <br />Networking Principles for Real Results<br />Mapping Your Network for Strategic Alignment<br />The SSN Networking Process<br />BEFORE – prepare to make an impact at your next networking event<br />DURING – engage with individuals and add value<br />AFTER – follow-up with value and maintain relationships <br />Leveraging Online Tools for Efficient Follow-Up<br /><br /> / 650.269.5395<br />What others are saying… “I would highly recommend this training to any group that is looking to improve their networking skills in a meaningful way.  Your enthusiasm for your profession is apparent & refreshing.  It was great to get useful information that I can apply immediately!”  Eric @ Elite Construction<br />Jeff Richardson’s Bio<br />317560325Jeff Richardson has an unmatched passion for teamwork as demonstrated by his years of consulting/training experience with entrepreneurial startups, high tech companies.  He has been presenting Secrets of Successful Networking seminars for over 8 years for thousands of professionals while adapting the core message to meet the specific needs of the various organizations.   As an educator, Jeff designed/taught courses for Stanford’s Advanced Project Management Program, in addition to Boston University and UCSC – Extension as well as corporations like Cisco, Symantec, Intuit, Texas Instruments, Raytheon to name a few.   Mr. Richardson has BS ME and MS OD.<br />