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Secrets of Conference Networking


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Maximize your time and financial investments at a professional conference by having a focused networking plan to meet more of the right people in less time.

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Secrets of Conference Networking

  1. 1. The Secrets of SuccessfulNetworkingJeff RichardsonChief Transformational EngineerEmpowered (650) 269-5395
  2. 2. Secrets of Successful Networking Conference NetworkingWorkshop Objective: Develop a plan to meet more of the “right” people at the AEE conference by systematically trying new techniques and evaluating results.Networking Objective: develop a mutually beneficial network of influential people in my profession & community
  3. 3. Networking AgreementsBe InterestedConcise CommunicationCommit to Adding ValueInitiate Meaningful ConversationsHow would the use of these agreements impact networking experience?
  4. 4. The Experiential Learning Linkage Copyright Empowered Alliances Pg 4
  5. 5. What’s Your Networking Style? The Loner The Loner The Socializer The Socializer• Likes to do most things by themselves • Tries to make a friend of everyone they (because they do it faster or better) meet• Doesn’t want to bother or worry other people • Tends to know people’s names and faces• Feels that their knowledge and skills are often but not what they do superior to most people • Is not usually systematic or ordered• Only asks for help as a last resort (and when it about follow-up – contact is random may be too late) • May not listen too deeply and is quick to move on The User The User The Builder The Builder• Is likely to collect business cards without • Has a ‘giving’ disposition or abundance really connecting with people mentally• Tries to make ‘sales’ or ‘pitches’ on the first • Is generally happy to ask others for help or encounter guidance• Talks and focuses on own agenda rather • Listens and learns about people carefully than together information • Is regularly on the look-out for useful• Has superficial interactions information for which others can also benefit• Keeps score when giving favors • Has a well-ordered and organized networking system
  6. 6. You’re Only 1-2 Connections Away 1- YOU How will this connection REFLECT ON ME ?
  7. 7. TRUSTSincerity ReliabilityCare CompetenceHow are you building trust within your Network?
  8. 8. The Secret of Successful Networking……Give something of value* so you’ll beremembered and referred! (Repeat)
  9. 9. Three Phases of the Networking ProcessBefore a conferencePlan how to maximize networking results1. Select the conference2. Define your networking goals3. Decide who you want to meet4. Identify ways to add value
  10. 10. Great Goals to Go For… Try something new to challenge yourself ◦ Initiate conversations with influencers ◦ Break into group / Break away from conversation ◦ Be bold by doing something to get noticed* Seek simple ways to add value to people ◦ Make people feel more comfortable ◦ Connect them with their “right” person ◦ Provide critical or novel information Work on how you say… ◦ Your introduction to create intrigue ◦ What types of people you are looking to meet ◦ Questions to drive intriguing conversations
  11. 11. Target Audience Defined Title Function Expertise Company Location
  12. 12. Three Phases of the Networking ProcessDuring a networking eventRelax, meet people and build new relationships Keep your goals in mind Connect with key experts Find ways to engage Listen for ways to add value
  13. 13. Conversation Starters1. Compliment the other person ◦ Be subtle ◦ Be sincere ◦ Be observant
  14. 14. Conversation Starters1. Compliment the other person2. Ask a conversation starting question that… Is relevant to event/situation Draws out person’s interests and/or needs That YOU already have an answer to
  15. 15. Conversation Starting Questions What interests you about (topic)? What are you passionate about? What workshop(s) are What do you hope to getyou looking forward to? from the conference? What do you like most about ______?
  16. 16. Conversation Starters1. Compliment the other person2. Ask a conversation starting question3. Short answer to “What do you do?” to create intrigue framed as “Who Am I?” Adjective + professional title (Creative SW Engineer) Career direction (“I’ve been a __, but I’d rather be __”) Catchy title (Chief Transformational Engineer)
  17. 17. Three Phases of the Networking ProcessAfter a networking eventFollow-up and build longer-term relationships Evaluate progress to goals Plan specific follow-up steps Continue to provide value as a way to build relationships Make it easy for YOU to help others and for others to help you
  18. 18. Let’s Keep Networking…Jeff@EmpoweredAlliances.com650-269-5395 in Silicon Valley Facebook - ◦ Social happenings and AEE’s West region page LinkedIn - ◦ Professional networking tool of choice ◦ Join the Secrets of Successful Networking LinkedIn group Twitter – ◦ Still trying to figure it all out :)