Keeping it Real


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Making marketing personal in a distracted world. Make your online and offline marketing be the most effective it can be with a mix of advertising, marketing PR, and social media.

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Keeping it Real

  1. 1. Keeping It Real Staying personal in a distracted world Jeff Bunch, Brand + Digital Strategist |
  2. 2. Walking The Walk: About Me Jeff Bunch, Brand + Digital Strategist •  Former Journalist, Digital Editor •  Marketer on Agency, Client Side •  Worked in Both B2B/B2C Sectors •  Clients have included: Heathman Hotel, Cupcake Wines, Music & Arts •  Business Partner of Marketing EQ
  3. 3. The marketing landscape !  Today’s world isn’t just about the latest shiny object !  Marketing, PR, Advertising, Direct Mail, have roles !  All campaigns need to be coordinated, integrated !  Strategies, tactics are unique to every business !  Key is which ones work best for your brand !  There is no template for what you need to do !  Tailor to industry, segment, audience (B2B or B2C)
  4. 4. It’s about people Source:
  5. 5. The fundamental shift !  The marketplace is relationally more intimate !  Social media and digital isn’t all about technology !  Consumers have more information, trust peers !  Simply blasting out a message doesn’t work !  They want real conversations with real people !  You need to understand your business !  In relation to the customer, market, prospects !  Customer retention should be a marketing priority
  6. 6. Some things don’t change !  Be honest about your company & employees !  How do you see your customers, treat them? !  Today, your brand is what they say about you !  Good marketing can’t remedy business flaws !  Fix any broken systems, employee morale issues !  Customers, employees are brand ambassadors !  No marketing is free, traditional or digital
  7. 7. Take a closer look: What do you see now?
  8. 8. Start with a brand story !  It’s all about telling your story in authentic way, reaching the right audience !  What is your brand story? !  What differentiates your company? !  What problem are you solving for the market? !  The answers to the foregoing dictate strategy !  It’s not about you, it’s about your customers
  9. 9. The 3-step process EVALUATION PLANNING DECIDE
  10. 10. Reaching your objective !  You need to have a goal, plan for everything !  Acquire new customers, retain or both? !  Each may require different strategy, tactics !  Core messages and value propositions universal !  Create pieces that can be utilized cross-channel !  Map out a strategy and assign budgets !  Determine KPI’s, measure ROI, adjust in real-time
  11. 11. Look within, look around !  Start with an assessment of current efforts !  Sales figures, business goals !  Internal marketing spend !  Traditional, digital efforts !  Make decisions based on strategy, data !  What is/isn’t working (based on results)? !  Adjust strategy accordingly, be nimble
  12. 12. Thinking it through Audience Message Medium Call to Action FrequencyBudget Source: Julie Gorham, Chief Marketing Architect, |
  13. 13. Mixing mediums !  Who are you? It affects your marketing strategy. !  Online merchant: Can you incorporate offline? !  Brick & mortar: What about an online campaign? !  Professional: How do you best target your efforts? !  Manufacturer: How do you make your story exciting? !  Retail: Attract new customers or reward existing ones? !  Diversify – A good marketing mix (offline/online)
  14. 14. The Marketing Matrix Cost Reach CPM Value Advertising Medium Relative Value Source: Julie Gorham, Chief Marketing Architect, |
  15. 15. Navigating new media !  Paid media is only half of the story !  Includes offline ads (e.g. newspapers, publications) !  Includes online ads (e.g. Google paid listings) !  Earned media is currency in today’s market !  Brands are publishers and content marketing is key !  Once you create content, publish it out to the world !  Encourage your advocates to share your brand story
  16. 16. Where to focus !  You can’t be on every platform, so be strategic !  Include social media, but it isn’t one-size-fits-all !  If you are B2C, go where you can find consumers !  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube !  If you are B2C, go where the decision-makers are !  Advertising, Industry Events, Business Media !  Your website is your best resource in a digital world
  17. 17. Thank You! |