Commercial Nuclear Brochure (2009)


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An overview of our commercial nuclear power capabilities

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Commercial Nuclear Brochure (2009)

  1. 1. DRS Consolidated Controls: A Premier Supplier to the Commercial Nuclear Industry DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc. (DRS-CCI) has been a supporting our customers for the life of the plant. Our premier supplier of Class 1E and non-1E Instrumentation and products are designed using a robust obsolescence Control (I&C) systems to the Nuclear Industry for more than management philosophy that ultimately extends product life fifty years. Our commitment to long term product support and reduces the cost of redesign if it becomes necessary. includes installation, training, start-up, field service, spare components and assemblies, and commercial grade DRS-CCI offers products and services to keep nuclear power dedication programs. DRS-CCI designs, qualifies, and plants operating safely and competitively worldwide. Our manufactures both safety critical and non-safety I&C 90,000 square ft. facility in Danbury, CT has an experienced systems for commercial nuclear power plants around the and talented workforce of over 235 employees, executing world. For the past 55 years, our reactor and plant control product development, manufacturing and test in-house. systems have been installed worldwide in more than thirty Our extensive engineering and test capabilities support commercial nuclear power plants. DRS-CCI is an ISO-9001 design engineering, obsolescence redesign, design certified facility and has continuously maintained a 10 consulting and qualification of single components or entire CFR Part 50 Appendix B Nuclear Quality Assurance program systems. We have a field service organization that provides since 1974. global service and support for our installed systems. DRS-CCI’s global installed base of I&C systems include analog control systems, discrete logic systems, and microprocessor based systems. These systems have proven track records of performance, reliability and quality, resulting in a high degree of satisfaction among DRS-CCI’s nuclear utility customers. DRS-CCI has a long standing tradition of
  2. 2. Company History DRS Consolidated Controls has a 55 year history in nuclear instrumentation and controls. While our name has changed throughout the years our business focus and commitment to the commercial nuclear industry has remained unchanged. | DRS purchased Eaton | Manning, Maxwell 2002 Navy Controls Division 1953 & Moore provides Nuclear Controls and formed DRS Power & Control Technologies for USS Nautilus 1986 |Acquired by Eaton Corporation 2008 | Acquired by Finmeccanica | and changed name to DRS Consolidated Controls 1958 Consolidated Controls Corporation is Founded 1995 | Formed Eaton Navy Controls Division DRS-CCI was established in 1953 when Manning, Maxwell & Moore provided nuclear controls for early plant applications. In 1958, the nuclear controls group became Consolidated Controls Corporation, a subsidiary of Condec Corporation. In 1986 Consolidated Controls Corporation was acquired by Eaton and operated as Eaton Navy Controls Division. In 2002, DRS Technologies acquired the division and it was operated as DRS Power & Control Technologies. In 2008 DRS Technologies, Inc. was acquired by Finmeccanica, S.p.A.. As a result of the acquisition, and in order to highlight our controls business focus and strengthen the legacy of the Consolidated ControlsTM brand name, we are now known as DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc. Instrumentation and Control System Capabilities DRS Consolidated Controls has the skills to meet all of your I&C design and development needs. A staff of more than 100 engineers and designers, across multiple disciplines have been developing safety applications for the commercial nuclear market for more than 55 years. Whether you need a circuit card design, a power supply upgrade or a complete control system replacement, Consolidated Controls has the personnel, processes, and tools in place to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. System Upgrade Solutions Consolidated Controls offers a variety of solutions when a system upgrade is required and has the capabilities to re-engineer older designs to provide a form, fit, and function replacement that can be supported for decades. If a new system is desired, Consolidated Controls offers solutions ranging from open-architecture PLC designs, for non-safety applications, up to our PLμS 32TM safety rated Distributed Control System. Our engineers work side by side with our customers to ensure that the final system provided meets or exceeds all design criteria.
  3. 3. PLµS 32TM Distributed Control System PLμS 32TM is an integrated control system designed specifically for the commercial nuclear power industry. PLμS 32TM provides a complete spectrum of functions including loop control, logic, analog and sequential control, and data acquisition and management. The hardware and software modularity of PLμS 32TM provides flexible solutions that adapt to existing architectures and can be scaled to control a single sub-system, a complete Engineered Safety Features (ESF) system or Balance of Plant (BOP) application. PLμS 32TM uses the same set of hardware and software building blocks and design procedures for all applications. PLμS 32TM is based upon a fault-tolerant architecture featuring PERFORM NetTM that provides redundancy for all data paths and a dedicated microprocessor for each control loop. The system can be configured to be highly distributed with I/O and control functions located in the field, or highly centralized with all I/O and control functions located in one area without degradation in performance. The PLμS 32TM system provides operator interfaces ranging from traditional push buttons, indicators, and auto/manual stations to a state of the art Class 1E safety rated Video Display Unit (VDU) providing select and confirm touch screen control for all plant operations. The VDU provides the operator with real- time access to critical operating information through an advanced display management system. Custom control and status screens can easily be generated to meet specific customer requirements. DRS-CCI can meet all of your static or touch screen display needs. Commercial Sensors and Transmitters DRS Consolidated Controls manufactures a broad line of transmitters, sensors and detectors to monitor pressure, flow, level, temperature, speed and position for severe environment applications. DRS-CCI has a long history of providing Instrumentation and Control equipment for numerous applications. DRS-CCI has designed, qualified and manufactured components and systems for some of the most critical control applications around the world. DRS-CCI sensors and transmitters are designed and qualified to operate in extremely adverse environmental conditions encountered in both primary and secondary plant applications. DRS-CCI sensors and detectors are highly accurate and will operate continuously for decades in critical applications. Longer life corresponds directly to lower overall operating costs through the elimination or reduction of periodic transmitter replacement due to high temperature or radiation degradation over the life of the plant.
  4. 4. DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc., Danbury, CT Obsolescence Management / Lifetime Support The Consolidated Controls field service organization is DRS Consolidated Controls has a long standing tradition of available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer on-site supporting our legacy installations for the life of the plant maintenance response times of 24 hours in the US and 48 and does not terminate support due to a product family hours for international customers. Contracted maintenance upgrade. As a result, we have extensive experience in plans can reduce the response time to as few as two hours performing module redesigns for our customers to solve in the US. obsolescence issues. Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA) Program We offer the following obsolescence management services: Consolidated Controls has been a supplier to the • Commercial dedication adhering to EPRI TR-106439, EPRI Commercial Nuclear industry for over 35 years and NP-5652, EPRI NP-6406, and NRC Generic Letters 89-02 continuously maintained a 10 CFR Part 50 Appendix B NQA and 91-05 program. The initial NQA program was developed in • Technology refresh programs compliance with ANSI N45.2, 1971, ''Quality Assurance • Re-qualification testing Program Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants", and has • Form, fit, and function component redesign been updated throughout the years to meet the changing • Legacy part redesign quality requirements. With the implementation of Appendix B, ''Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants and Field Service Support Fuel Reprocessing Plants," to 10 CFR Part 50, "Licensing of DRS Consolidated Controls has provided field service to the Production and Utilization Facilities", Consolidated Controls power generation market for more than thirty years. has continually updated its NQA program and has been in Whether you are adding control features, retrofitting a compliance with these requirements since that time. control system or installing a control system at a new power plant, we can supply the support services you request. We are dedicated to supporting your project schedules from manufacturing through plant start-up. We strive to ensure long-term satisfaction for our customers by providing technical training, start-up support and 24/7 maintenance coverage. Information included herein has been determined to NOT contain any controlled technology as defined under either the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). This document is not subject to U.S. Export Controls. Technical elaboration is not permitted for release without prior review and separate release. DRS Consolidated Controls Inc. 071409 21 South Street, Danbury, CT 06810 Tel. +1.203.798.3068