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Current Projects

  1. 1. Southern CaliforniaSouthern California Milano ApartmentsMilano Apartments Torrance, CATorrance, CA Emerald Terrace ApartmentsEmerald Terrace Apartments Los Angeles, CALos Angeles, CA
  2. 2. Milano ApartmentsMilano Apartments Torrance, CATorrance, CA Garage Structural RepairsGarage Structural Repairs Roof Structural RepairsRoof Structural Repairs
  3. 3. Garage Structural DamageGarage Structural Damage  Steel beams &Steel beams & columns severelycolumns severely corroded.corroded.  Structural integrityStructural integrity has beenhas been compromised.compromised.  Water intrusion fromWater intrusion from expansion joints overexpansion joints over several years.several years.
  4. 4. Garage AsbestosGarage Asbestos AbatementAbatement  Existing fireproofing &Existing fireproofing & stucco containingstucco containing asbestos to beasbestos to be removed beforeremoved before repairs.repairs.  Steel beams &Steel beams & columns to becolumns to be sandblasted tosandblasted to remove rust andremove rust and corrosion.corrosion.
  5. 5. Garage Structural RepairsGarage Structural Repairs  Shoring of each damagedShoring of each damaged section.section.  Excavation of footing toExcavation of footing to inspect any potentialinspect any potential damage.damage.  Welding of new steel toWelding of new steel to repair failing failing beams.  All repairs completed perAll repairs completed per structural engineerstructural engineer specifications.specifications.  New fireproofing installedNew fireproofing installed per fire code.per fire code.
  6. 6. Roof Structural DamageRoof Structural Damage  Wood beamsWood beams damaged due todamaged due to termite & dryrot.termite & dryrot.  Structural integrityStructural integrity has beenhas been compromised.compromised.  Poor drainage on flatPoor drainage on flat roof contributed toroof contributed to structural failure.structural failure.
  7. 7. Roof Structural RepairsRoof Structural Repairs  Roofing repairsRoofing repairs were completedwere completed to certifiedto certified engineerengineer specifications.specifications.  Scaffolding andScaffolding and pedestrianpedestrian walkway installedwalkway installed to completeto complete repairs.repairs.
  8. 8. Emerald TerraceEmerald Terrace Apartments Los Angeles,Apartments Los Angeles, CACA Plumbing Retrofit (CPVCPlumbing Retrofit (CPVC Complete Re-Pipe)Complete Re-Pipe)
  9. 9. Existing Galvanized WaterExisting Galvanized Water SystemSystem  Existing galvanizedExisting galvanized water system cloggedwater system clogged with scale restrictingwith scale restricting water pressure.water pressure.  Existing galvanizedExisting galvanized pipe failing causingpipe failing causing leaks within the entireleaks within the entire system.system.
  10. 10. Asbestos Abatement ForAsbestos Abatement For Re-PipeRe-Pipe  Existing 1970’sExisting 1970’s construction utilizedconstruction utilized asbestos in drywallasbestos in drywall  All drywallAll drywall penetrations neededpenetrations needed for re-pipe must befor re-pipe must be abated prior toabated prior to  Certified hygienist toCertified hygienist to certify air clearance.certify air clearance.
  11. 11. CPVC Re-PipeCPVC Re-Pipe  Replacing all existingReplacing all existing hot/cold galvanizedhot/cold galvanized water distributionwater distribution system.system.  Install new scheduleInstall new schedule 80 Corzan CPVC pipe.80 Corzan CPVC pipe.  Install all new showerInstall all new shower valves & watervalves & water stops/supply lines.stops/supply lines.
  12. 12. ArizonaArizona Versante ApartmentsVersante Apartments Tempe, AZTempe, AZ
  13. 13. Versante ApartmentsVersante Apartments Tempe, AZTempe, AZ HVAC RetrofitHVAC Retrofit Sub MeteringSub Metering
  14. 14. HVAC RetrofitHVAC Retrofit  Removal of existingRemoval of existing fan coil units & chillerfan coil units & chiller waterlines.waterlines.  Installation ofInstallation of individual A/C &individual A/C & heating systems.heating systems.  Removal andRemoval and dismantlement of olddismantlement of old chiller system.chiller system.
  15. 15. Sub MeteringSub Metering  Installed 480Installed 480 electrical meters toelectrical meters to monitor usage in eachmonitor usage in each unit.unit.  Installed 240 metersInstalled 240 meters to monitor HVACto monitor HVAC usage.usage.