ENERGY STAR for New Homes as Code Compliance


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Pauline Lip
Key changes to Part 9 – energy efficiency levels in low-rise construction and the role of certified energy advisors

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ENERGY STAR for New Homes as Code Compliance

  1. 1. ®2012 Green Building FestivalOctober 12, 2012
  2. 2. ABOUT ENERQUALITY PROGRAMSFounded in 1998, EnerQuality is a Certificationpartnership between the OHBA and the Third-party, government-backedCanadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and performance-tested labeling(CEEA). programs.Mission TrainingTransform Ontario’s housing into the Practical education for builders,most energy efficient and sustainable renovators, trades andin the world. professionals.Mandate ConsultingDevelop programs for the residential Initiatives that develop cost-construction industry. effective strategies to improve building performance.
  3. 3. Market Transformation: A Model  Voluntary building programs inform the building code  They are designed to build capacity and give participants a marketing advantage R-2000/ ENERGY OBC LEED STAR
  4. 4. Key Changes ENERGY STAR® for New Homes has set the provincial standard for energy efficiency levels in low-rise construction:  OBC Jan. 1, 2012: every house in Ontario is now assumed to be EnerGuide 80  Dec. 1, 2012: ENERGY STAR for New Homes is to be 20% better than Code  The EnerGuide scale is changing as well – from 0-100 rating to a GJ-based energy consumption scale
  5. 5. The Path of Continuous Improvement ERS 95+ ~20-25% Net Zero Improvements ERS 88 “Net-Zero Ready” ERS 86 R-2000 ERS 83 ENERGY Every 3-5 years ERS 80 STAR Jan. 1, 2012 OBC
  6. 6. OBC Energy Efficiency CompliancePaths SB-12 SB-12 ENERGY EnerGuide 80 Prescriptive Performance STAR• Predefined • Energy • Predefined • CEA packages for modelling to packages for performs envelope and compare to envelope and energy mechanicals prescriptive mechanicals modeling to• No 3rd party package • Min. 400 kWh show homes testing, but (annual electrical meet ERS 80 prescriptive energy use) credits • As-built CEA air barrier • No 3rd party • As-built CEA Inspection & requirements testing, but Inspection & air test prescriptive air test air barrier requirements
  7. 7. Role of Certified Energy Advisors (CEAs) • Contracted with licensed Service Organizations under Natural Resources Canada • Provide consulting services and technical support to builders • Advise builders on how best to meet technical requirements of EnerGuide 80, ENERGY STAR for New Homes (and SB-12) • Conduct on-site inspections and air leakage tests
  8. 8. Role of Certified Energy Advisors (CEAs)
  9. 9. Questions?
  10. 10. Contact Us Pauline Lip, Program Director EnerQuality Corporation t. 416.447.0077 e. Websites: For Consumers and Marketing: For Builder Information: