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The Social Media Entrepreneur by Jeff Ramson


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Learn how entrepreneur's can utilize social media to the best of their ability, in this presentation by IR expert Jeff Ramson.

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The Social Media Entrepreneur by Jeff Ramson

  1. 1. 5 Social Media Websites all Entrepreneurs NEED to be on
  2. 2. Social media offers much more than frivolous conversations and games. An entrepreneur must take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them on social media. There are people to meet and new ideas to learn. You can become a recognized name in your industry in all parts of the world thanks to social media. These five websites offer the most opportunities for entrepreneurs.
  3. 3. LinkedIn LinkedIn opens up a professional network that you can't find anywhere else. You can begin by finding an alumni group from your university. You will be able to contact alumni and build important professional relationships within your industry. LinkedIn can introduce you to people in your industry that can help you find new jobs and professional services. Be sure to post in the discussion groups that interest you within your industry.
  4. 4. Facebook Facebook is far less formal than LinkedIn, but it still has many merits. You candevelop more communicative relationships with people on Facebook. Facebook is also a good avenue for adding new people to your existing network. You are likely to get more attention more quickly on Facebook than LinkedIn. Just be careful about what you post on Facebook. It's easy to get caught up in the informal banter.
  5. 5. Twitter Twitter is perfect for entrepreneurs. You can craft quick-hitting messages that alert people to your beliefs and business practices. You can also focus your tweets toward specific audiences with the use of hash tags. You can filter your Twitter search results by hash tags, location, and current buzzwords. Twitter is a great place for an entrepreneur to get noticed.
  6. 6. YouTube YouTube gives you a platform to express yourself and your business ideas. It's always good for people to put a face to your online presence. They will get to hear your voice as you confidently discuss your business and what it can do for others. You can also share your YouTube videos on the other social media sites for more exposure. You can't go wrong with a quality YouTube video.
  7. 7. Instagram Instagram lends itself to artistic ability. A good picture can tell a lot about you when other people browse your Instagram account. You could take a picture of your business logo or of something your business sells. A picture is worth a thousand words, so tell people what they want to hear by showing them. A quality Instagram account can take you far in your career.
  8. 8. Jeff Ramson is the CEO of PCG Advisory Group and a Investor Relations and Social Media expert.