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Ricardo miranda

  1. 1. SOCIAL STUDIES 2 Current Events: Colorado RampageHistoriography: Reading Primary Sources Physical Feature of Far East Asia
  2. 2. READING PRIMARY SOURCES Case of Gov. Ricardo Miranda
  3. 3. RICARDO MIRANDAAppointed Governor 1945-46
  4. 4. RICARDO MIRANDAELECTED Governor 1948-51 During the 3rd Republic
  5. 5. JAPANESE PERIOD•1942-1945• 15,000 Japanese in Davao• “Little Tokyo”
  6. 6. RICARDO MIRANDA President Osmena Appointed Governor 1945-46Oath was issued on January 10, 1947 ELECTED Governor 1948-51 During the 3rd Republic
  7. 7. RICARDO MIRANDA Won on January 1, 1947• The oath was issued on January 10, 1947 The oath taking on January 1, 1948• It became Notary to the Public December 31,1948 authenticate the execution of certain classes of documents Sta. Cruz - Formality
  8. 8. OATH TAKING• Declared winner on January 1, 1948 at 12 midnight• The oath taking on January 1, 1948 at 12:05
  9. 9. WHY WAS RELIEVED OF HIS DUTY IN1946? Issue: Driving away the Cebuanos and the Boholanos in Davao Region.
  10. 10. WHAT ELSE DO WE KNOW ABOUTRICARDO MIRANDA?• Loong Bohol• Documents during the post war rehabilitation of Davao• Region of Davao
  11. 11. PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIA• Letter dated August 5, 1957• To express his thanks of support to their party (Liberal Party) and hoping that they will win on November election.• Issue on government funds mis-used.
  14. 14. RECOGNITIONS (PAPER) 2_X• Gordo – Well written paper• Foronda – Detailed• Gaceta, Diamante, Lacanaria, Lao and Malate (Analysis)• Best Paper: Espanola – Concise and• Well written• Villanueva/Aclan for the cover page
  15. 15. RECOGNITIONS (PAPER) 2_B• Marcy: Well written paper• Yu- Detailed• Anor- Format• Emboscado-Interesting opening and closing parts- good writer• Doromal and Gallemit – Great Title• Domingo – good story teller• Pacheco – Great Historian• Doctolero – Detailed• Gallardo – effective use of quotation.
  16. 16. PointsSONA (STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS) • is an annual address by the President of the Philippines to the Congress of the Philippines. • It is required by 1987 Constitution of the Philippines and • must be delivered every fourth Monday of July at the Batasang Pambansa Complex in Batasan Hills, Quezon City.
  17. 17. Sona – state of the nation address
  18. 18. • 2012 – Report Kay Boss• 2011- Wang Wang• 2010 – Tuwid na Daan
  19. 19. SALIENT POINTS• Cited Economic achievements including $1 billion loan the Philippines granted to the Internationl Monetary Bank (IMF)• Free Education – 4.57 million students who could not go to school before due to poverty are now able to study.• 30,000 nurses deployed to over 36, 000 barangays.• Inherited 8% unemployment rate has reduced to 6.9%• AFP Modrenization
  20. 20. “Filipino made change possible, change comes from the citizenry.”
  21. 21. ARTICLE: DEVELOPMENT IS BREAKING THE CULTURE OF SILENCEPhysical poverty is really not serious asgreater poverty afflicts us andthis the poverty of the spirit. (Jose 2008)
  22. 22. APATHYI have a very strongfeeling that theopposite of love is nothate - its apathy. Itsnot giving a damn.- Leo Buscaglia
  23. 23. Apathy can be overcomeby enthusiasm, andenthusiasm can only bearoused by two things:first, an ideal, with takesthe imagination by storm,and second, a definiteintelligible plan forcarrying that ideal intopractice.- Arnold J. Toynbee
  24. 24. WHY FILIPINOS SO ARE POOR?F. Sionil Jose• Poor spirit• We tend to accept situation no matter how bad they are and do the least thing we could do.
  25. 25. PAULO FREIRE• Culture of Silence – System of dominant social relation that instills a negative, silenced and suppressed self-image into the oppressed.
  26. 26. Daniel lerner – vicious cycle of poverty
  27. 27. THINGS THAT WE CAN DO?• We can’t do this alone…the Government can’t do this alone. We need each other• 1st Start with ourselves…We need to change our attitudes, behaviors and values.• 2nd is to be informed. Know. We should always make informed decisions.
  28. 28. Explain and give ways on how you can help to attain this objective: “Social studies is, or at least should be, about helping students develop positive values that will lead them to make good decisions, do the right thing, and be decent, moral, caring, and involved citizens.”