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Social Faces Presentation

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Social faces Facebook Presentation

  1. 1. SocialFaces Jeffrey Mclean Wanda Nelson Eddie Ortiz Kaitlyn Royer
  2. 2. Company Overview Facebook is the world's largest online social network ! Created as a means to network and connect individuals ! Currently utilized by over 1.3 billion users ! Products lines are primarily service based ! Focuses on value proposition for advertisers and marketers
  3. 3. Organizational Strengths And Weaknesses Strengths Unprecedented and un rivaled reach. ! Available in 70 languages Used by 51 % of Internet population. ! Competitive advantage creates an appeal for developers and marketers. Weaknesses Slowly losing ability to monetize from advertising. ! Companies making use of free offerings in lieu of paid advertising campaigns. ! Dependence on third party developers.
  4. 4. Challenges Rival social networks. ! Competing networks have their own unique features and respective subscriber bases. ! Twitter built on short direct messages. ! Pinterest tailors it services towards women's interests. ! Google channels subscribers into Google+. ! All sites provide audio and video links pointing to YouTube, recently purchased by Google
  5. 5. Effects On The Company Operations
  6. 6. Effects On Sales And Marketing
  7. 7. Advertising To The Consumer
  8. 8. Legal And Ethical Factors Existing contracts with current third parties is a factor that we must consider. There are many current apps that are available exclusively on Facebook. These apps both mobile and internet based will need to be handled with care to not upset the fan base first and foremost, but also the relation ship between creators and Facebook. The question of right and wrong is always front and center here at Facebook. In our specific case it’s removing new third parties entities to help secure the site, and to add to our revenue from advertisements.
  9. 9. Cost Revenues
  10. 10. Cost Revenues
  11. 11. Cost Revenues
  12. 12. Timeline Strategically implementing our plan in to the workings of Facebook is very important to the success of this plan. The timing of gathering the development team and giving them time to work in what will be the “next big app” is crucial. Then that App needs to be released properly, then that success duplicated.
  13. 13. Summation In order to evaluate the progress and eventual success of this proposed change, we need to identify what needs to be looked at. ! As outlined previously our goals are as follows: ! Make Facebook more secure by only using in house apps. Add to the revenue stream via advertisements. Make certain that said apps are accessible across all medias. ! By measuring the number of security breaches that can be linked to apps, we can track the progress the project we’re making. By year 2 of the project, we can track revenues from advertisements seeing growth. By tracking application use by how often it is accessed, on what device, geographical location, and the demographic of the user, we can track our progress, and use that same information in future projects.