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A visual component to be used with Episode 12 of Rob Monaco's Pocast History of the World.

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Egypt podcastchpt12

  1. 1. Episode 12: The Hyksos J. Marshall 2013
  2. 2. BCE/CE
  3. 3. Hyksos invaders• Egypt got complacent (lazy)Hit Lower and Middle EgyptBRONZE weapons +Chariots Egyptians gave up; they didn’t die(like mobile artillery) fighting.
  4. 4. Egyptian Chariot
  5. 5. (Hutwaret)– Capital of Egypt under the Hyksos• SOME say it wasn’t a violent invasion• But really a combo of immigration and invasion
  6. 6. • Town after town gave up – they moved to Thebes• The Hyksos created trade alliances with Kush – leaving the Egyptians at Thebes out (the Egyptians lost Nubian gold this way).
  7. 7. Upper Egypt gets weak
  8. 8. Apepi• Hyksos ruler of the lower Kingdom• Thebes revolts against Apepi, but their king, SeqenenreTaa the Brave, dies.
  9. 9. Seqenenre
  10. 10. Seqenenre
  11. 11. KamoseStela• Kamose, takes over at Thebes• Hyksos used propaganda – pay a tax = get free land• Kamose attacks Kushites (gets Nubian support).
  12. 12. Kush:thekingdom southNubia, south ofEgyptApepi wants the people of Kush to help him fight and destroy Kamose and the Egyptians at Thebes
  13. 13. Kamose• Kush never sent its army down stream to help Apepi.• Kamose dies before he can give full defeat to Apepi.
  14. 14. Ahmose • Just 10 years old • Encircled the Hyksos capital, captured it, then killed and looted all.
  15. 15. Upper Nile Region Abu /
  16. 16. Ahmose chased the Ahmose took theHyksos for 3 years. crown of Upper and LowerTeddy the Kingdom and theisHandsome rose begins the Newanew in Nubia. Kingdom.Ahmose went southand broke the This gives birth torebels. a new EMPIRE in Egypt.
  17. 17. fin