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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization is a very commonly mentioned term in the field of Internet marketing. It is said that the great popularity of the Internet is due to nothing but search engine optimization. It is most usually abbreviated as SEO. Basically, it is a process by which you can make your website get ranked in the search results of the search engines used by various Internet users all over the world. Search engines gather information from websites with the help of applications known as web spiders. This is stored in a database that the search engines have and is updated regularly. Now, when a user searches for particular information, the search engines will use specific algorithms to decide which the most suitable websites are for the user's search. Search engine optimization is the process of making a website in such a manner that they are better 'crawled' by the search engine spiders. When this is done, the chances of the website coming up on the search engine results increases. Hence, SEO is considered like type of Internet advertising and marketing. The only drawback of SEO is that it is difficult for the author of the website to know whether the website and its products are reaching to the users or not when they search the related keywords.
  2. 2. The only way with which you can optimize your website is by putting appropriate content in it. SEO also has helped in improving the quality of the content on the Internet. As everyone wants their websites to get high ranking, everyone tries to put the best content so that search engines search their website when anyone asks for related data. It is also useful to add keywords among the content so that the website gets selected by the search engines. Due to SEO, most of the websites undergo redesigning so as to get better ranking in the search engines. The earlier websites that were made in Flash are out of business as SEO cannot read the data from the Flash files. There are certain disadvantages of SEO also, like there are certain websites that use immoral ways to get higher ranking in the search engines. Many websites try to put most used keywords in their content but the actual website turns out to be something else. This is known as keyword stuffing, one of the websites tried to fool the search engines. But with moving times, the search engines are getting smarter to find out the difference between genuine websites and the
  3. 3. fake websites. Hence, search engines are using some different criteria to rank the websites. Those websites that stuff keywords in their content can straightaway get rejected. Thus, SEO plays an important role for both users of the Internet and those who have their own website business. If you want to know more about SEO and its role in Internet marketing, you can search for SEO itself in your favorite search engine and you will be surprised to find the number of searches you will get for this single keyword. It will help you a lot if you will study each minute detail about search engine optimization and how the websites get ranked by the search engines. If you have your own website then it will help you in knowing how you can create the content on your website so that it gets better ranking. And if you are an Internet user then it will help you in selecting the good websites for knowing things of your interest.