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Cfs company & product overview retail - comm - healthcare


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Cfs company & product overview retail - comm - healthcare

  1. 1. Business & Financial Solutions For The Retail, Commercial & Healthcare Industry
  2. 2. Capital Financial Solutions – Company OverviewCapital Financial Solutions is an organization that specializes in providing business and financial solutions within the healthcare, commercial & retail sectors.As a developer and facilitator of creative finance programs, Capital Financial Solutions has the experience and ability to customize programs to fill a wide range of commercial and consumer credit risks by offering custom rate plans for a wide spectrum of industries. Capital Financial Solutions is sure to be a natural fit for your business environment.Capital Financial Solutions over the years has developed a large network of finance companies, banks, hedge funds, private equity & investment groups, factoring, equipment leasing, servicing companies, debt buying groups, and collection agencies that we utilize to help our clients get the most out of each and every program.Capital Financial Solutions works closely with you to create the best plan of action and truly manage your Custom programs so that you get the best price, creative structure, service, and most importantly the best results that your business will come to expect in working with the professional team at Capital Financial.With our ability to provide immediate programs through our alliance network of funding & debt buying sources, the financing of business and consumer accounts as well as the incorporation of a full service receivables management system provides your company with the tools required to grow your business year after year.
  3. 3. Marquee Lending & Transactional Relationships
  4. 4. Financial Products & ServicesCapital Financial Solutions offers the most inclusive, versatile, and unique consumer finance programsand receivable management tools available to small and large businesses. We specialize in establishingfinancing and funding solutions that meet your business needs & requirements. Working withCapital Financial, your business will have incredible access to additional capital letting you focus on what youdo best. Youre not a bank, so why try to act like one? What Types of Financial Services Does Capital Financial Offer? Consumer A/R Bulk Revolving & Finance Purchase w/ Installment Receivables A/R Billing & Programs Ongoing Contract Management Servicing Prime & Non Flow Financing Prime Programs Equipment Bad Debt Invoice Purchase Merchant Leasing & Collections Factoring Order Bank Card Working Programs Financing Services Capital
  5. 5. Consumer Finance ProgramsCapital Financial Solutions is proud to offer the most inclusive, versatile, and unique consumerfinance programs and receivable management tools available to the commercial, retail elective medicalindustry. We specialize in establishing financing and funding solutions that meet your business needs &requirements. Working with Capital Financial, your business will have incredible access to a vast array ofconsumer finance programs and promotions that are designed to generate high approval rates whileminimizing costs to your practice. We get your customers financed so you can focus on what you do best. Consumer Finance Solutions for All Credit Levels Summary of all 3 Programs  Revolving Line of Credit  No terminals or hardware required in the  Installment Loan provider office  Credit Limit: $500-$30,000  Affordable monthly payments  Instant on-line credit  No prepayment penalty charges decisions 24/7  Same as Cash Programs - Up to 24 months  Interest Rates:* As low as 0%*  On-line Account Management and Bill Pay  24 to 72 Month Payment Terms  Second Look / Sub-prime Programs Available  Service to Purchase Programs Available *(rates and discounts vary with consumer credit risk)
  6. 6. Most Consumers Can’t Become Your Customers Because…• Less than 10% of consumers use cash or check for purchases over $1,000.00.• 32% of consumers don’t own a credit card and 68% of US credit card holders are within less than 5% of their available credit limit!• Only 33% of US consumers are considered prime credit risks possessing credit scores of 690 or greater, 67% of consumers are considered near prime and sub-prime credit risks.Solution… If the average cost of your product or service is over $1,000, an affordable payment plan that covers prime, near prime and sub-prime credit risks can help you increase your direct and incremental sales by 40-50%. *Data from “The Survey of Consumer Payment Choice”, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, January 2011 *
  7. 7. Consumer Debt Receivables PurchasingUnlike most finance companies in our arena, Capital’s strategic partner is funded by a private investment pool which gives our management team complete authority to make client funding decisions. This gives our partner an underwriting flexibility unmatched in the industry.So, Why Choose Capital Financial for Your Cash flow Needs? Many of our clients came to us because they wanted to sell a large portfolio of receivables to raise needed cash, but were previously forced to deal with multiple funding sources to do so as no single lender had the capacity or the underwriting flexibility to purchase all the receivables they wanted to sell. Not so with Capital Financial Solutions. Our Comprehensive Consumer Finance Program Includes the Following Services: Consumer Debt Receivable Flexible Consumer Purchasing Finance Program Cash Flow Design & Factoring (Bulk and Ongoing Implementation Flow) Collection Agency Consumer A/R Billing & Servicing (Bad Debt) Recovery Services
  8. 8. Contact Information Capital Financial Solutions, LLC. Jeffrey Kohoutek Managing Director p/ 360.350.1086 Ext 104 ■ f/ 360.350.1087