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  1. 1. Professional Experience
  2. 2. REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT | ACQUISITIONDevelopment | Finance | Leasing | Operation | RestructuringAn accomplished real estate executive with more than 17 years ofexperience leading the investment, development, and operation of morethan 4.5 million square feet of retail, commercial and multifamily propertylocated throughout the country. An excellent deal maker with extensiveexpertise in complex real estate transactions. A skilled and meticulousnegotiator; known for achieving optimum structure and terms in multimilliondollar acquisitions, dispositions and joint venture transactions. Olathe Pointe Areas of Expertise Include: ● Joint Ventures ● Financial Modeling ● Debt & Equity Structuring ● Development/Construction ● Anchor/Big Box Leasing ● Due Diligence/Site Selection ● Entitlements & Zoning ● Asset Management ● Asset Acquisition & Disposition KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Identified 24 real estate investment opportunities, formed investment groups and ultimately raised $500 million in capital for the development and construction of major shopping centers, land, and multifamily housing developments.• Managed a large, complex commercial real estate portfolio valued at $700 million.• Expertly structured a variety of Joint Ventures including: Private Equity, REIT and Pension Funds. Sourced and structured $125 million of equity.• Successfully negotiated department store anchor agreements with retailers such as JC Penney, Target, Kohl’s, Whole Foods, Von Maur and Lowe’s. Many of these agreements included easements and restrictive covenants.• Negotiated, managed and executed more than 300 leases with big box, national and local tenants.• Directly closed $325 million in shopping center, multifamily and land parcel asset sales.
  3. 3. Investment Analysis | Finance | Joint Ventures | Equity | Debt
  4. 4. Structured $500 million in capital for the investment in shopping centers, land, multifamily and office properties. Negotiated Joint Venture partnerships with Pension Funds, REIT’s and Private Equity.Financial Analysis Public FinanceExperienced in complex financial modeling Experienced in approval and monetization ofrelating to acquisition of “in-place” income and Governmental and quasi-governmentalmulti-phase development/construction projects. development incentives and districts, includingSensitivity analysis relating to releasing rates, TIF’s (sales tax and ad valorem), Tax Abatement,improvement costs, absorption and exit Transportation Development Districts, CIDs,capitalization rates. SIDs and Metro Districts. Successfully engaged and co-underwrote with bond underwriters to maximize bond terms and sizes.Debt/EquitySuccessful in attracting capital to real estateinvestments across a broad spectrum of asset Construction Financeclasses. Experience in “roadshow” presentations Successful in presenting detailed loanfor institutional advisors and REIT’s. presentations to lenders. Negotiating key loan covenants, including: interest rate floors/caps, LTV’s, interest rate SWAP agreements,Ownership Structures/Partnership preleasing covenants, bonding requirements,Structures and loan conversions.Experience in negotiating partnership agreements Negotiation of loan modifications, renewal,(Limited Partnerships, LLC’s) for investments. restructurings and forbearance agreements.Limitations on manager or general partner, controlissues relating to financing, sale or key decisions. Permanent Finance Experienced in procuring and closing long termJoint Ventures financing with insurance companies. Negotiated key terms relating to: ReserveExperienced as both a limited partner (equity Requirements, Lock Box Arrangements,provider) and general partner (active developer). Reporting Requirements and YieldSuccessfully closed partnerships with REIT’s, Maintenance.Pension Funds, Private Equity and Developers.Document negotiation as it relates to key control Tax Considerationsissues, defined project costs,”waterfall” structures, Extensive experience working with Taxadditional capital contributions, financing, default, Attorneys and Accountants on issues relating toequity partner rights to assign to a third party. taxation issues related to :Institutional level reporting and communication as Capital Gains vs. Ordinary Incomerequired by Equity provider. 1031 Exchange and Deferred Gain Depreciation Recapture.
  5. 5. Development Site Control | Site Analysis | Entitlements | Site Construction
  6. 6. Type to enter text Extensive experience in pre-acquisition due diligence, entitlements and site construction. Directly oversaw the acquisition and improvement of 20 properties totaling 1,200 acres of land. Acquired $120 million in land and managed $60 million in site work. Consultant Selection/ Site Analysis Management Extensive experience in performing Managed, coordinated and selected site and property due diligence. civil engineers, land planners and Working knowledge of ALTA architects appropriate for specific Surveys, Title Work (Schedule B projects. Exceptions), Geotechnical Reports, Phase I & II Environmental Reports and Traffic Studies. Regulatory Agencies Complete knowledge of site design Experience in permitting process criteria relating to retail and with State and Federal agencies shopping center site planning. relating to: Historical Artifacts, Worked with land planners on Wetlands, Waters of the US and master planning large tract Endangered Species. development, retail site planning, office, multifamily and single family developments. Entitlements W orked extensively with municipalities (Planning and Public Works) on major re-zoning and Site Construction development projects. Including Development Agreements, Major Significant understanding and Amendments to Master Plans, working knowledge of civil Architectural Design Criteria, On-Site engineering concepts, relating to: and Off-Site Improvements and City site grading/topography, storm Development Incentives. water management, site utilities and paving. Extensive experience in contract Pro-Forma Budgeting negotiations with grading, utility and paving contractors. Significant experience in financial modeling and budgeting related to city fee’s, consultant fees, permit costs and site costs.
  7. 7. Leasing Anchor | Big Box | Ground Lease | Reciprocal Easement Agreements |Site Development Agreements
  8. 8. Cultivated and maintained relationships with tenants, retailers and brokers nationwide. These relationships not only created a pipeline of projects and tenant representation assignments, they assisted in conflict resolution between owner and tenant.Anchor TenantsDocument NegotiationNegotiated and executed all key documents relating toAnchor/Key Tenant transactions.Purchase AgreementNegotiated initial price for acquisition and requirementsto close, construct and open store on a set date.Site Development AgreementNegotiated scopes of work, letter of credit requirements,Anchor reimbursements, construction standards,delivery timeframes, and owner penalties.Reciprocal Easement AgreementsNegotiated definitions of shopping center, scope ofcommon areas, reimbursable expenses, parking ratios,exclusive and prohibited uses, building areas/heights,and design covenants.Separate AgreementsNegotiated Anchor and Department Store financialincentives, operating covenants, “go-dark” provisions,and re-use/sublet provisions.Committee PresentationCoordinated efforts of consultants to prepare CPR booksconsistent with current design and developmentstandards for each Anchor.
  9. 9. Executed 300 leases and sales transactions with anchor, big box, national and local tenants.Big-Box RetailersDocument NegotiationNegotiated terms of all Big-Box tenants tomaximize return, leasability, and long termviability of properties.Term/RentOpening DateDelivery DatePenaltiesBlack-out DatesRent CommencementUse of PremiseTenant’s Exclusive UseProhibited UseInitial/On-Going TenancyGo-Dark ProvisionsLandlord’s Scope of WorkTenant Improvement AllowanceParking RequirementsScope and Definition of CAM
  10. 10. Construction Budgeting | Design | Contractor Selection | Contract Negotiation | Management
  11. 11. Type to enter text Managed and oversaw the construction of 4.5 million square feet of retail, multifamily and offices space in seven states.Architect & Engineer Contractor Selection &Extensive experience in selection of Negotiationproject architects and engineers for a Experienced in understanding awide array of construction projects. projects scope of work and selectingNegotiation of AIA contract documents contractors with the skill set andbetween owner and consultant. experience to perform quality work, onWorking knowledge and understanding time and on budget.of architectural drawings and Experienced in negotiating AIAengineering plans relating to building construction contracts: GMP and Costconstruction. Plus documents.Managed project budgets by controllingarchitects design intent, materialselections and construction methods.Pre-Construction BudgetingWorked extensively with assembling pre-construction budgets from both generalcontractors and directly fromsubcontractors.Construction Timing/Scheduling Construction ManagementUnderstanding of construction schedules,construction timings and required Extensive working knowledge ofconstruction lead times for key building construction methods andmaterials. understanding of trade skills and responsibilities associated with buildingManaged delivery turnover to tenants to construction.avoid late penalties and black out periodsfor tenants. Experienced in conflict resolution relating to owner and contractor.
  12. 12. Asset Management Allocation | Acquisition | Performance | Reporting | Renewals | Disposition
  13. 13. Managed a complex real estate portfolio with a market value of over $700 million. Oversaw strategic planning of asset allocation, financial performance and reporting. Sold $325 million of assets.Strategic Business Plans Property Hold/SellDeveloped and implemented strategic Reviewed property hold/sell and valuationbusiness plans for each asset that governed analyses in order to formulate and identifyits daily operation, position in the market and exit strategies.ultimately disposition. Evaluate the local markets to identify changesPro-actively identified property issues and and trends and the related impact on realworked with property-level teams to create estate values and investment strategies.asset plan strategies in order to address Negotiated complex asset sales transactionsissues and optimize performance with REIT’s and Private Investors. Structuring transactions in a manner to preserve capital gains/1031 treatment for theFinancial and Operational equity owner.PerformanceOversaw the financial and operational Reportingperformance of all assets.Maximized property value through effective Reviewed and managed the reportingrevenue management and identification of process for investors and lenders, including:operating expense efficiencies. REIT’s, Pension Funds and national lenders.Managed capital improvements strategiesand processes, including oversight of Market Relationshipsconstruction management activities.Prepared detailed property-level forecasts for Maintained market relationships and cultivated new transaction sources.both operations and capital expenditures. Understanding of geographic markets,Monitored financial performance of each industry trends and macro-economic forcesasset relative to internal forecasts and debt that impact the real estate industry andrequirements. various asset classes.Formulated and implemented debt strategiesin conjunction with overall investmentstrategy.
  14. 14. Company Operation Accounting | Capital Markets | Property Management | Construction | Leasing | Marketing
  15. 15. Built a full service, real estate company to lease, develop, build, operate and manage investments in multiple asset classes across seven states.Capital Markets Sales and LeasingDesigned in-house financial models for Built a team of five in-house leasingcomplex and multi-phased projects. Focused brokers to prospect for sales and leasing.on IRR and ROE. Standardized LOI’s and Landlord’s WorkIntegrated pro-forma construction and Letter.leasing budgets with monthly changes from Lease Coordinator tracked changes fromConstruction and actual leasing activity on a LOI to Lease Execution, including exhibits.monthly basis to monitor “actual vsproforma”. Designed a proprietary “DealTracker” software program. Dashboard basedManaged Joint Venture and Partnership system that organized leasing materialsdocumentation and reporting. and opportunities by project. DetailedCommenced implementation of Loan physical attributes on a “by Space” basis.Tracker to monitor: loan expirations, interest Tracked potential tenants from Prospect torates, capitalized interest balances and Executed Lease. Customizable reports andreporting requirements. follow-up.Managed relationships with Lenders andhandled loan originations and renewals. Marketing Implemented a corporate position andConstruction identity for the company. Oversaw andImplemented use of E-Builder system to approved all corporate materials andshare engineering and architectural drawing brochures.and documents between consultants, In-house layout and design of marketingcontractors and tenants. for properties, including: brochures,Utilized detailed schedule system to track reports, advertisements, site plans, aerials,design, permitting, construction timeframes, leasing plans and LOD’ set pace for contractor’s and estimate Organized industry trade show booth andDelivery Dates for tenants. private events to entertain clients, retailers,Streamlined interaction between partners, lenders and brokers.Construction and Accounting by interfacing Drafted all presentation materials forthe construction budgeting software with the “Road Shows” with potential JV Partnersaccounting system. (REIT’s, Fund Advisor’s and High NetStandardized delivery standards for Worth Individuals.outparcels and shop space.
  16. 16. At the company’s peak, employed a staff of 20 people that were detailed and focused, while being dynamic and entrepreneurial.Accounting Property ManagementBuilt an accounting department staff of Built a property management staff of 4four to oversee the day to day operation to oversee the management of retail,of 24 asset entities. Performed basic multifamily and office properties.functions relating to accounts payable Implemented the use of Yardiand accounts receivable. Reconciliation Enterprise to integrate and standardizeof accounts on a monthly basis. routine processes for setting upProvided financial statements for the properties, vendors and tenants.entities on semi-annually. Responsible for monthly billings andPerformed all “pre-tax return” collection of tenant rents, as well asdocumentation to accountants for tax reviewing and approving monthlypreparation. expenses for assigned properties.Performed all construction draws for Created a monthly and annualsubmittal to lenders, on a monthly maintenance schedule for eachbasis. Administered loan property. Bid routine maintenancedisbursements to contractors and and service contracts on an annualconsultants. basis to ensure competitive pricing.Updated and “dated down” Provided monthly property operatingconstruction budgets on a monthly statements, as well as annual operatingbasis to provide to Capital Markets and budgets.Construction groups for review andmonitoring.
  17. 17. Completed Projects Shopping Centers | Office | Multifamily | Land
  18. 18. Shops at Chauncey Ranch - Scottsdale, AZ Project Size: 175,000 s.f. Project Type: Grocery Anchored Project Value: $67.5 mmStructured a Joint Venture with a developer in the Role: Acquisition, JVSouthwest for the purpose of constructing a Whole Structuring, Equity,Foods anchored property. Initially, acquired the Construction Financing,site as a ground lease to the Venture toaccommodate a 1031 transaction for the equity Asset Salepartner. Prior to land acquisition, conductedcomplete due diligence on the site, including: siteconditions, entitlements, budget costs, and anchortenant agreements. Provided both the equity anddebt for development in 60 days. Oversaw,construction costs, TI budgets, construction draws,and leasing for the equity partner.
  19. 19. Lakeport Commons - Sioux City, IA Project Size: 550,000 sf Project Type: Regional, Open Air Project Value: $70 mmAssembly of a regional, 55 acre property, throughthe acquisition of 32 individual property owners. Role: Acquisition,Negotiated with the City for TIF during zoning Development, Leasing,process. Developed a site design to maximize Finance, Construction,GLA and tenant mix. Coordinated leasing and Management, Asset Saleconstruction efforts to deliver space 12 monthsfrom demolition. Operated center for two yearsand sold to a REIT. Negotiated a complex REITtransaction that had both an earn out and masterlease feature.
  20. 20. Corbin Park - Overland Park, KS Project Size: 1,100,000 s.f. Project Type: Regional, Department Store Anchored Open Air Project Value: TBDAcquired 97 acre site from A.G. Spanos Companiesfor $23.5 million. Oversaw significant concept and Role: Acquisition,site planning to accommodate a mix of department Entitlement, Sitestores, big box and traditional retailers. Handled Development, Anchorall entitlements and negotiation of development Documents, Leasing, JVagreement with the City. Negotiated a $30 mmTDD overlay district to defray extensive off-site Structuring, Financingimprovement costs. Executed and negotiated and Constructioncomplex REA and operating covenant amongst Managementthree national anchors. Simultaneously, closed aJoint Venture with a Pension Fund andConstruction Financing for a total of $160 mm.
  21. 21. Stateline Station - Kansas City, MO Project Size: 575,000 s.f. Project Type: Power Center Project Value: $62 mmNegotiated with landowner a multi-phase Role: Acquisition,acquisition of 100 acre parcel to accommodatethe development and construction of a Target Entitlements, Development,anchored power center. Oversaw all aspects Leasing, Finance,of due diligence, site work, construction, Construction, Assetleasing, finance and operation. Formed a Management, Asset SaleTDD and district issued $9.8 mm in bonds toreimburse ownership for allowable costs.Entered into and closed asset sale viacomplex REIT transaction.
  22. 22. Lowe’s Center - Omaha, Ne Project Size: 225,000 s.f. Project Type: Home Improvement Anchored Project Value: $30 MMAcquired site through a 160 acre raw land Role: Acquisition,purchase. Oversaw due diligence, land Partnership Structuring,planning, entitlements, site development and Development, Leasing,construction. Additionally, managed all lease Financing, Construction,negotiations, including a ground lease, SDA Asset Management, Assetand OEA with Lowe’s. Buy-out and Salerestructure of partnership. Managed propertyand sold asset.
  23. 23. L Street Marketplace - Omaha, NE Project Size: 525,000 s.f. Project Type: Power Center, Office Project Value: $ 65 MMAcquired a 60 acre in-fill site from a majorindustrial corporation. Significant restrictive Role: Acquisition,covenants and easements existed on property, Entitlements, Leasing,as well as major off-site and on-site storm Joint Venture,water retainage requirements. Negotiated Development,development agreement and rezoning with Construction, AssetCity to allow for development. Amended Managementrestrictive covenant with Wal-Mart to allow forconstruction of a Target store. Sold property tothe GSA for a Dept of Homeland SecurityOffice. Negotiated a Joint Venture with a REITfor the construction of the shopping center.
  24. 24. Shadow Creek Marketplace - Las Vegas, NV Project Size: 100,000 s.f. Project Type: Grocery Anchored Center Project Value: $16 MMNegotiated a Joint Venture with an operating Role: Joint Venture, Assetpartner to acquire and develop a Smith’s anchored Management, Partnershipcenter in Las Vegas. On behalf of the equity Restructuringpartner, executed all leases, reviewed constructiondraws, refinancing and monitored constructionbudget. Restructured partnership waterfall’s as arefinance required additional capital due tochanging conditions in the financial markets.
  25. 25. Type to enter textOlathe Pointe - Olathe, KS Property Size: 425,000 s.f. Property Type: Power Center Property Value: $55 MMOversaw and negotiated all leasing anddevelopment on behalf of the owner. Role: Leasing,Additionally, conducted interviews and selected Development,consultants, including: legal, engineering, Consultant Selectionarchitect and contractor. Provided substantialreporting to owner on a weekly basis.
  26. 26. Perry Creek Plaza - Sioux City, IA Project Size: 125,000 s.f Project Type: Grocery Anchored, Shopping Center Project Value: $10 MMAcquired in-fill site through the acquisition Role: Leasing, Development,of nineteen individual parcels. Negotiated Finance, Construction,development agreement and Tax Abatement Property Management, Assetwith the City. Entered into lease with Super- ManagementValu and responsible for leasing balance ofcenter. General Contracted shopping centerand tenant improvements. Asset managedand property managed the center for fifteenyears.
  27. 27. Sunnybrook Plaza - Sioux City, IA Project Size: 120 Acres Project Type: Land Investment Land Development Project Value (Land Sales): $35 MM Managed the entitlement and improvement of Role: Leasing, Site a 120 acre land parcel. Negotiated a Development, Financing, substantial TIF Agreement with the City. Worked with the Army Corp. of Engineers to Entitlement and Sales “box” a half mile of creek bed to enable the development of the property. Negotiated a “large parcel” sale to a national developer for the construction of the anchor stores.
  28. 28. Autumn Grove Apartments - Omaha, NE Project Size: 264 units Project Type: Multi-Family Project Value: $18.5 MM Role: Construction,Restructured original partnership entity. Partnership Restructure,Secured and closed permanent financing. Finance, PropertyResponsible for Asset and directly Property Management, AssetManaged for a period of nine years. Management, Asset SaleConsistently maintained, at or above, marketrents and occupancy. Negotiated with lenderto reduce Yield Maintenance Penalty and soldthe asset.
  29. 29. Legacy - Omaha, NE Project Size: 225 Acres Project Type: Multiple Use Land - Retail, Office, Single Family, Multi-Family Project Value (Total Sales): $60 MMAcquired high profile development Role: Acquisition, Land Useproperty through a sealed bid process. and Planning, EntitlementsSuccessfully closed $14.5 mm acquisition in and Zoning, Development,60 days. Responsible for assembling team Land Sales, Leasing,of land planners, engineers, architects and Partnership Reporting,attorneys. Negotiated all development Partnership Restructuringagreements, sale contracts and leaseagreements on behalf of the partnership.
  30. 30. Grayhawk - Omaha, NE Project Size: 160 Acres Project Type: Multi-Use Land - Residential, Retail, Office, Multifamily Project Value (Land Sales): $15 MMAcquired the 160 acre parcel from the estate oflandowner. Masterplanned, entitled and zonedthe property for multiple land uses.Negotiated and received approval from the Role: Due Diligence,Army Corp of Engineers to relocate a Waters of Partnership Structuring,the US for the development of the retail portion Acquisition, Financing,of the property. Managed all the civil Development, Leasing,engineering, off-site and site improvement Construction, Land Sales,work. Restructured the land partnership Restructuringseveral times. Developed and sold parcels forretail, office, multifamily and single familyuses.
  31. 31. West Dodge Station - Omaha, NE Project Size: 365 Acres Project Type: Land Investment, Land Development - Retail, Office, Multi-Family, Single Family Project Value (Land Sales): $22 MMAcquired a 365 acre parcel in a multiphasecontract from the land owners. Negotiatedsubstantial off-site improvements with the Role: Due Diligence, LandCity and state DOT during the entitlement Planning, Entitlements,process. Developed 360 single family Partnership Structuring,house lots and implemented a “Builder Financing, Site Construction,Program”. Site infrastructure work and Land Salesland sales to accommodate the constructionof 300,000 s.f. of office space.
  32. 32. Forest Trace - Aurora, CO Project Size: 76 acres Project Type: Land Investment Project Value: $14 MMAcquired a 76 acre parcel adjacent to a 1.5million square foot regional, shopping center.Negotiated entitlements with the City of Aurora,including: zoning, tree mitigation, wildlife Role: Due Diligence,management plan and off-site improvements. Acquisition, Financing,Negotiated approval of Metro District Overlay to Entitlements, Asset Saleallow for additional property tax mil levy forowner reimbursement. Negotiated property saleto private surgical center.
  33. 33. Shops At Tule Springs - Las Vegas, NV Project Size: 9 acres Project Type: Retail Land Project Value: $8.0 MM Role: Due Diligence, Provided capital to a operating partner in the Acquisition, JV Southwest to acquire a developed 9 acre parcel Structuring, Financing, from Albertson’s. Performed all due diligence Restructuring prior to closing the Joint Venture. Oversaw investment and construction budgeting for the equity owner. Restructured the partnership as more capital was required from the Lender.
  34. 34. Prescott Gateway - Prescott, AZ Project Size: 7 Acres Project Type: Retail Land Project Value: $6.0 MM Role: Acquisition, Due Formed a partnership with a developer in the Diligence, JV Structuring, Southwest to acquire a seven acre parcel in Restructuring front of an existing regional mall. Performed all financial and site due diligence for the equity partner prior to closing. Oversaw leasing activity, construction budgeting and financing. Restructured the partnership as lender required more capital during loan renewal.
  35. 35. 17101 Fairway Circle | Omaha, NE 68136 | Ph: 402-990-5142 | Email: